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Investing in gold and silver

I'm buying some gold and silver this week and I'm wondering what I should be buying as far as bars or coins and what percentage of gold to silver I should pickup? The investment will be pretty between $25 and $50K. Any advice would be helpful. I'm thinking of buying from Apmex.

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I have had good success and customer service with


I have taken delivery from them several times over the past 3 years. They have a variety of options not available from other outlets.

I have also used Northwest Territory Mint. They have good customer service, but their mark-up is greater.

I lean toward silver and gold eagles because they are easy to sell and widely recognized.

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I have used GoldShark for my most recent purchases.


It will help you find and compare online coin and bullion dealers based on price (before or after shipping), better business bureau ratings, etc..

Gainesville coins had the best combo of price and reliability when I last checked, but the good thing is you don't have to take my word for it.

ratio depends on your plans, specific coins/bars irrelevant

Bar go for cheaper, but sell for less. Coins have a higher subconcious value for some reason. I bought and sold U.S. Eagles, foriegn coins (Mexican, Austrian, Canadian, Chinese), and private mint coins (AOCS, and even old Liberty Dollars). I got the same price for them all when I sold them. So it's just up to you.

I like coins. But I'd also like a big bar of Gold. I had a kilo bar of copper. That was pretty impressive even.

The ratio depends on how long you want to save.

Buy Gold to Save longer, Buy silver to sell/trade high in order to get tangible goods (tools, machines, land, seeds, trees, animals, etc.).

Silver will play with $100 soon enough, but then drop down back to $50 (if it follows the previous spike/dip trend), Gold will close in on $2000 but settle not to far away from there.

So, I personally would buy 3/4 Silver and 1/4 Gold. Buy mostly U.S. and Foriegn Mints, but buy some private stuff you like for fun and to support private mints. Or buy all private if you are hardcore libertarian.

Jack Wagner

Eagles have a high premium.

But, if you are going to ever sell, in my experience eagles are the easiest to offload. This is taking the premium into account. When you are ready to sell, most likely, you will be selling small amounts. Americans can recognize eagles readily. This is from first hand experience. Uncle does not need to know about it.

I would use these guys.


They're cheap and honest. If you buy with them they charge no premium to sell. If you love uncle and his misdeeds you can sell this way.

Gold will go up steady, silver is more volatile. I think silver has more upside. If you like risk, silver is your friend. If you are older and merely want an inflation hedge, gold is better. IMHO!!

Always maintain parity.

1/3 in gold, 1/3 in silver, 1/3 in FRNs. Don't time the market. When you have extra cash, add to whichever pile is of lesser value at that time. If you have space, add copper and nickel to the mix.

I would reccomend buying bars or rounds

you dont need Eagles because they have a higher premium.

I dunno if this is true,

for the tax code changes more than Mitt's policies, but if you purchase silver eagles / gold eagles isn't it tax free when you sell at a profit?

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in South Carolina

buying and selling at a profit is tax free


but I am talking about the federal tax code, not state tax. From what I have read, you can buy or sell any US minted silver/gold Eagle, Canadian silver/gold Maple Leaf, and silver/gold English oz, and when you profit you don't have to pay the federal govt 28% capital gains tax.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James


I sent you an email via your contact info.

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