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Judge Jim Gray? Just say no. Why I have changed my mind on Paul for VP

Anyone who knows me knows that I truly believe Gary Johnson does have what it takes to be a great President. My preferences were Ron Paul first, Gary Johnson second, and Passport third. In the past, I said that I like Johnson's running mate, Judge Jim Gray, and indeed there is plenty to like about him. However, having looked deeper into his positions, I'm surprised to find myself among the small group here pushing hard to encourage Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party to resolve to replace Jim Gray for the VP slot.

In fact, I encourage the LP to pursue the "for cause" justification and request a special assembly of the LNC to do it the right way.

What made me change my mind on this? Jim Gray likes to meddle. Here's his issues page: http://www.judgejimgray.com/grayprimaryissues.php

I'll summarize them here:

1. Require a 7 year sunset law on any new Federal Agency. (That sounds nice, but it doesn't solve anything, and it's not constitutional.)

2. Repeal the war on drugs (yay!) and restrict the federal government's role to helping the states enforce their own laws (boo!).

3. Get the Federal Government out of education and health care. (Excellent!)

4. His position on immigration is slightly odd, and I'm not sure I understand it.

5. He is for the establishment of national car insurance standards and requirements. (Boo!)

6. Retired Judges draw district lines (meh), and repeal maximum contribution amounts (yay).

7. Synchronize our traffic signals. (Meddling.)

8. Sponsor a program to educate parents on the fats in foods kids eat. (Meddling.)

9. Phase in the metric system. (I'm not sure.)

10. Open trade with Cuba. (Yay!)

11. Increase nuclear power. (Yay! I know many on DP are anti-nuke...I'm sorry, but you're wrong.)

12. Replace Income Tax with the Flat Tax, FAIR Tax, or a National Sales Tax. (Ehh, it's better, but not perfect.)

13. Continue separating church and state. (Yay.)

Maybe the reason Gary Johnson encouraged Jim Gray to publicly disagree with Gary Johnson was in order to force Jim Gray to re-evaluate his positions on everything very fast.