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Video where Ron Paul crunches the numbers

Video where Ron Paul
crunches the numbers
I'd like to see a video with some charts
and graphs where someone
gets very specific.
For example, How much money could be saved --
1)Ending the drug war -- there must be some
good estimates.
a)reduction of police force due to high
percentage of drug related crimes
b)less people in prison at cost of blank dollars per year
c)reduction of court time and sentencing costs.
2)By closing all of our overseas military bases.
Specifics on the operating costs of 1 or 2 bases.
then total up the figure for all 130.
3)Foreign aid
4)Department of education
5)Department of homeland security
6)Reduction of IRS staff - I say reduction
because there are still corporate income taxes.
7)Farm subsidies
What else would Paul cut? There must be
many more. Please let's add it all up. make estimates with documented sources and
then either us or Paul will make a video out of it.

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Yes and No

Simplified charts will work; detailed economic analysis will not.
KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid!
Americans do not have the attention span to understand in-depth analysis.
Sound-bites work.
FACT: We are in a reccession.
FACT: You may lose your job
FACT: Inflation is sky high; everything costs more.
FACT: It is because the Federal Reserve has failed.
FACT: Lower interest rates are not helping most Americans anymore.
WHY? Dollar is worthless.
WHY? Nothing "real" to back it up, like GOLD!
FACT: Gold prices are SOARING!
FACT: We are borrowing money to stay in this War.
FACT: It is YOUR money, America!
FACT: None of the candidates are talking about this.
FACT: Ron Paul is!
FACT: Only Ron Paul is facing the truth that most Americans are feeling.
FACT: The Democrats want to tax you more.
FACT: The Republicans want to borrow more from China.
FACT: NONE of this is good for YOU, the American Citizens.
FACT: Only Ron Paul cares about We, the American People!


I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

maybe there is alot more important then numbers?

you are 1000% right but i will see what we can whip up,but the families of the incarcerated on the war on drugs,soldiers families when they dont come home or at least not all the way or the redeployment without breaks in between. he wants to unite people not send them into a hundred years of war !this hits home with americans it does with me!the principles that the DR. speaks of would make great images all by themselves i think.If you want my thoughts we need to make people feel as uncomfortable as possible with the fact and lives destroyed for lies this is the common thread that binds us right now we no longer stand for freedom or liberty ,show them why show them how our society is closing into corpitism show pictures of our brave soldier that came home without even a mentionaall the dead and disabled pictures msm doesnt show!!!Nobody talks about the tough issues like poverty,usa level of education,the brutal dictators we enable stop tring to make everyone feel good and show what the pallistinians are dealing with or in africa in darfur or how we have a history of genocide and false flag attacks juliannie is basing his whole campaign on another terrorist attack that scares the hell out of me!trust me if i knew how i would bombard this beach!the truth is outthere

Yes, I've been waiting to see this

He needs to get specific, give details, discuss $ amounts

I would be careful with the Farm Subsidies one - unless he focuses on the fact that this helps *corporations*, not the local family farmers

I'm sure RP supporters could do some research and come up with the chart! include sources then pass along?

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