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Ending Tyranny

This is an excerpt from an article entitled "Ending Tyranny without Violence" by Murray Rothbard posted on Lew Rockwell.com. Please read the entire piece there as this it is very important in understanding how we got to this tyrannical place in America.

......."Why do people continue to give their consent to despotism? Why do they permit tyranny to continue? This is especially puzzling if tyranny (defined at least as all personal power) must rest on mass consent, and if the way to overthrow tyranny is therefore for the people to withdraw that consent. The remainder of La Boétie's treatise is devoted to this crucial problem, and his discussion here is as seminal and profound as it is in the earlier part of the work.

The establishment of tyranny, La Boétie points out, is most difficult at the outset, when it is first imposed. For generally, if given a free choice, people will vote to be free rather than to be slaves: "There can be no doubt that they would much prefer to be guided by reason itself than to be ordered about by the whims of a single man."[29] A possible exception was the voluntary choice by the Israelites to imitate other nations in choosing a king (Saul). Apart from that, tyranny can only be initially imposed by conquest or by deception. The conquest may be either by foreign armies or by an internal factional coup. The deception occurs in cases where the people, during wartime emergencies, select certain persons as dictators, thus providing the occasion for these individuals to fasten their power permanently upon the public. Once begun, however, the maintenance of tyranny is permitted and bolstered by the insidious throes of habit, which quickly accustom the people to enslavement.

It is true that in the beginning men submit under constraint and by force; but those who come after them obey without regret and perform willingly what their predecessors had done because they had to. This is why men born under the yoke and then nourished and reared in slavery are content, without further effort, to live in their native circumstance, unaware of any other state or right, and considering as quite natural the condition into which they are born ... the powerful influence of custom is in no respect more compelling than in this, namely, habituation to subjection.[30]

Thus, humanity's natural drive for liberty is finally overpowered by the force of custom, for the reason that native endowment, no matter how good, is dissipated unless encouraged, whereas environment always shapes us in its own way, whatever that might be in spite of nature's gifts.[31] Therefore, those who are born enslaved should be pitied and forgiven, "since they have not seen even the shadow of liberty, and being quite unaware of it, cannot perceive the evil endured through their own slavery...." While, in short, "it is truly the nature of man to be free and to wish to be so," yet a person's character "instinctively follows the tendencies that his training gives him..." La Boétie concludes that "custom becomes the first reason for voluntary servitude." People will

grow accustomed to the idea that they have always been in subjection, that their fathers lived in the same way; they will think they are obliged to suffer this evil, and will persuade themselves by example and imitation of others, finally investing those who order them around with proprietary rights, based on the idea that it has always been that way.[32] [33]

Consent is also actively encouraged and engineered by the rulers; and this is another major reason for the persistence of civil obedience. Various devices are used by rulers to induce such consent. One method is by providing the masses with circuses, with entertaining diversions:

Plays, farces, spectacles, gladiators, strange beasts, medals, pictures, and other such opiates, these were.......

Does this also explain why some have witnessed UN troops, not pledged to the Constitution, n American soil?

see rest of article at Lew Rockwell.com. I don't know how to add the link to the article. Please feel free to add it.

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The link I think

http://www.lewrockwell.com/rothbard/rothbard78.html. If this is not the link you can do a search.