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A sad day

Well it's a sad day.....

I ate the rest of my "Ron Paul Chocolate Bars" and cleaned off the "Ron Paul Bumper Stickers" of my girlfriend's and my vehicles :~(

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Ive still got a case of 2008.

Of unopened Ron Paul pure cane cola . I wonder if its worth anything?

as I parked my car

I looked at the Ron Paul 2008 bumper sticker still fresh as a daisy on it.

As I turned around 2 cars behind me had Ron Paul bumper stickers also.

I have NEVER EVER seen a car with a Romney bumper sticker. Not once.

Sounds like you need a new bumper sticker.

Here are a few suggestions:

I told you so.
Humankind & Liberty is Not an oxymoron
It just feels that way!
Ron Paul didn't lose
It's been nice
knowing ya!

No the best one is..

" Don't Complain, you voted for Romney/Obama"

I'm partial to.

Ron Paul didn't lose

Bumper sticker: Ron Paul didn't lose. YOU DID.

I'm partial to that one, too! It's wonderful!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I imagine people will

soon start to understand that message. Of course they are still dumb enough to take it out on the person that slaps that on their bumper.

I'd be willing to deal with that. I want that bumper sticker!

I'd be willing to deal with that. I want that bumper sticker!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I want one that says:

You WILL remember RON PAUL

Yeah he's pretty big.

I hate to see what the revisionists will do though.


I still have my 2007 sticker for Ron Paul on my car. Next to my 2012 sticker. Never taking them off :)

Took off the bumper stickers?

Took off the bumper stickers? Blasphemy! LOL My car died after the convention and I had to get a new/used one. I carefully peeled my sticker off my dead car so that I could put it on my new beater. That new/used car just wasn't right without my Ron Paul 2012 sticker. When this car dies, I'll try to put it on the next one too. :)

Blessings )o(


I tried to eat the chocolate bars but I just couldn't. I tried before as well but something held me back.
However I did remove the bumper stickers.
I have to laugh at all the "down votes" but hey, I'm Canadian! lol

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!



Let's Fight the Good Fight

Why did you take off the

Why did you take off the bumper stickers? I've left my magnets own as an act of vehicular advertising defiance.

Southern Agrarian


I would love to have had magnets!
Anyway, just cause I took off the bumper stickers of, "Ron Paul 2012" doesn't mean I won't put on something more "timely" and forward thinking....

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!


Sad, indeed.

Liberty lives on.


Keep those RP chocolate bar wrappers!!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Isn't keeping one enough?

I still have a 6 pack of Jones Ron Paul cola and a few chocolate bars.

I see.

So it's just that easy for you to just throw RP into the trash.

I didn't know about the cola thingys so I don't have that :-(

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


My God Mother told me, "You love Ron Paul more than Jesus." I asked, "Why do you say that?" She says, "You house, inside and outside, your car, your clothes, everthing, even your chickens you make wear Ron Raul things. You have put Ron Paul before Jesus and you should be ashamed!"

I happen to have a Ron Paul chocolate bar wrapper up on my wall here, and wished they had put more then one message so I had an excuse to put more up on the wall.

I still have more bars, so tell you what, I'll put ProudAmericanFirst on the wrapper and up on my wall for your honor.


I do feel honored!

Granger, I will likewise include your profile photo to my r3VOLution scrapbook. I could never forget you, but still will include it anyway :-)

I do have a question for you:

If Ron Paul does show up on your ballot, slim chance as that may be, will you vote for him or are you still going with romney?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

He won't

Romney ran his campaign out of CA, so the Sec of State put his name up as THE GOP nominee June 6TH. I wrote to Debra Bowen, the Sec of State, and asked her, "How is it possible before the RNC?". I never received an answer. So I can only assume, because Romney ran his campaign from CA, and won the primary 75%, she put him up as THE GOP nominee to give the CAGOP the backup they needed to use the by-laws section C REMOVAL from committee, to help them out us before the RNC.

You have to KNOW they don't want us to have those seats.


LP is to what I was referring.

So, will you or won't you?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


What I believe you, and many here, FAIL to understand, is the POWER that seat holds. No one gave me that seat, I worked HARD, VERY HARD, to get that seat because I wanted to be a National Delegate for Ron Paul.

NO ONE helped me, the committee did NOT want me seated.

That seat represents THOUSANDS of voters in my county. Do you understand? It's why they make us take loyalty to party oaths.

So for me to break with my party, a party I freely joined, a oath I freely took, just because 10 fat men in a back room selected Romney, would be risking my losing that seat, and what GOOD does that do for me, the rEVOLution in the RepubliCAN Party, or the liberty movement?

Now some folks go on about my vote being private.

Two things, One is my ballot is mailed to me with two envelopes, one which I sign my name to, and the other that I put that signed envelope into, and sent to the county clerk's registrar's office.

One woman on my committee, who works as an election inspector, admits she looks at the ballots. So what makes me think she would NOT look, or even search to look, at mine?

The other, and what's most important to me, is I am open and honest. So for me to break with my party, knowing I signed a loyalty oath, and I broke it, I could not sleep.

I will not drop my seat KNOWING all those people in my county supported me KNOWING I was a Ron Paul RepubliCAN. How would that look? Like I'm pretty weak.

And what's more, is that Ron Paul ARMED US WITH THE CONSTITUTION, which we also take a loyalty oath.

You better believe, as I have already disscussed this with other constitutional committee members, WE WILL HOLD THE GOP TO THE LOYALTY OATHS THEY TOOK TO THE CONSTITUTION. The oaths we took to the constitution are FAR more important than to the party.

At least I think so.

In addition, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate I would vote FOR. I'm not a fan of any other candidate. They are all CRAP. So why would I break my oath for someone who to me is not better than any other?

I have a two year committment to my seat and I fully intend to spend the next two years voting FOR the constitution and NO against anything and everyone that isn't constitutionally sound.

Romney is someone I can hold to the Constitution. ALL Ron Paul Republicans can hold him to the constitution and do to him what Hillary Clinton's committee seats do to Obama. Obama has no one on the committees, that's why he's a liar. he's doing HER agenda.

I will NOT give up the power I have to fight for restoring America to constitutional government, to GJ, who WILL return to the GOP when he's done protecting the GOP from those of us who don't understand how our government keeps us marginalized and out of power.


First, if you know that someone is breaking the law by looking at how people voted, and especially if she's using that knowledge about how people voted to apply pressure to people like yourself who don't vote the way she thinks is right, wouldn't that be a good thing to try to put a stop to? You talk about the power you have on the committee, but it's not even enough power to enforce a secret ballot in your own precinct?

Second, how do you imagine you're going to hold Romney accountable by being on that committee? First, you're not in a position of power to do anything of the sort. Second, just a week ago Romney shit all over the Revolution by denying Ron Paul the opportunity that Ron Paul *earned* fair and square. If you're going to turn around and help Romney get elected and give him your vote I wonder what you think "holding them accountable" means.

Third, no oath can obligate you to do something *wrong*. I'm sure you signed that oath in good faith, and there was probably a time when it looked like a good idea, but if they're now going to use that oath, and someone who is going to illegally check up on how you vote, to get you to do something *wrong*, it's time to rethink.

Finally: "someone who to me is not better than any other"?

Gary Johnson isn't ideal, but are you going to try to say with a straight face that you don't think Gary Johnson would be a better President than Romney or Obama?

The only thing the RNC fears at this point is losing in November. They've re-written the rules (even though they have proven they have the power to ignore the rules at will) so that the delegate strategy isn't feasible. But even if they hadn't changed those rules, November is all they're looking at right at this moment.

If they win in November, they'll have won by shitting all over the Revolution. No third party is going to win the White House (except in the slim chance that RP runs third party). But if we organize, we can do to Mitt what Nader did to Gore. That's the only way to send them the message that you can't shit on the Revolution and expect to win elections that way.

Maybe the few who have signed their loyalty away are obligated to vote for Mitt. But the vast majority of us are not and voting third-party this November is not in any way in conflict with your "working from the inside" loyalty oath strategy. So why do you and the others who have signed RNC loyalty oaths fight so hard against this strategy? It's not about winning the White House, if RP isn't on the ticket. It's about sending a message to the RNC: you can't shit on the Revolution and expect to get away with it.

Nader the bastards in November. After we hold them accountable for what they did to Ron Paul just one week ago and show them in the only way they'll understand that they can't do that and get away with it, then you can go back to trying to convince people to sign those loyalty oaths and sit on those committees that the ten fat men find so quaintly amusing.

1. Not by myself

When she informed me that she looked at ballots, I was alone on the committee. Now I am not, and since the Palin people are doing what Ron Paul ASKED ALL of us to do, and taking those seats, that will help me, to expose her, as I will not be alone. Committees take votes of the majority, unless the rules are changed by the fat men, but I am not, and since they never wanted me on the committee, they have made it hard for me, but I am no longer alone, and as you could read, I have not forgotten what she said, nor do I intend to forget, but next election, in Novemeber, I will make an effort to spend more time at her polling station and asking questions, like how many envelopes she opened, and where are those ballots.

2. I am not alone on the committee, and there are many committees that have Ron Paul Republicans who believe exactly like I do. Romney represents corporations who are taking our power away before our eyes. Last meeting, our committee did not rubber stamp the CA GOP recommendations, we voted on them, and the State lost where we saw breaches in the constitution. One committee is not going to stop Romney, but many committees can, just as Hillary's committees stop Obama from his campaign promises.

3. I am doing nothing wrong. I don't like any of the candidates NONE OF THEM.. GJ is not better to me. He's Crap. Disagree with me all you like, he's NOT my guy. Ron Paul is. Ron Paul will not be on my ballot so I am voting FOR what suits ME, and that is Romney for Ron Paul Republicans.

GJ is Obama. GJ is protecting the GOP by dividing Ron Paul republiCAN support. I'm in the GOP because I did what Ron Paul ASKED all of us to do. I DID IT, and it's a two year committment I intend to keep.

As a person who worked for Ralph Nader for three elections, Nader didn't do xhit to Gore. GORE won the election and backed down. Nader's 576 votes did not stop Gore. MSM LIES. I had 10K uncounted votes in the back of my car, as I was a precinct inspector for 8 years in LA County, with hundreds of headlights behind me when I heard on the radio announced that Clinton had won. STOLEN ELECTION! And that is WHY Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Reform Partiers, Peace and Freedomers, Green Party, Socialists Party, Communist Party ALL went Indy, joined Ralph Nader( got 15%) and fought for ballot access and open debates for three elections/ four actually, but many of us turned to Ron Paul. MSM LIED, CHEATED, about Ralph Nader. They censored him and stalked us, broke arms, noses, vandalized our cars and homes, false arrests, and MSM never said a word. NOT ONE WORD.

Trust me, Ron Paul has made this a cake walk by comparison to what we went through, and why WE KNOW, third party and Indy IS NOT THE WAY.

To me, the elections are RIGGED, and unless you get in a MAJOR PARTY and do something to fix it, they will remain rigged. You don't have my back or any Ron Paul RepubliCAN's back. Your vote is for you, and if you think that voting for someone who isn't your ideal is better than backing the people who did what Ron Paul asked all of us to do, BUT NOT YOU, I don't think you have very deep morals to tell me about conscience, after all, you want me to break my loyalty poath for a guy you admit isn't idea. BUT HEY Do what you want. I am.

You can send a message to the RNC by showing up to YOUR local GOP central committee, that puts issues on YOUR ballot and telling them. THAT is the ONLY way you will send them a message because THEY DON"t CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR MESSAGE. They gave us GJ to get YOU out of the way. GO!!!! Do what they want. Vote for GJ. I won't. I'm keeping my seat armed with the constitution and plan to use it.


I love this post :-)

Granger, I suggest that you read it. 3 times. Think long and hard about "good faith".

Your vote is YOUR vote. Unless you *give or sell* it away. IMO, that so-called loyalty oath belongs in Hades. From what you have indicated, it stands for NOTHING this country was founded.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul