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What if... Ron Paul Wins 2012! (Mental exercise)

I think I would like to start posting some mental exercises to help increase the general level of thought and understanding that occurs. If you find them useful, please let me know. If you do not, please tell me why.

Headline: Ron Paul Wins 2012 To Become The Next POTUS!

Day 1 - Issues orders withdrawing troops from all over the world.
Day 2 - Pardons all non-violent "offenders".
Day 3 - Cancels various executive orders (we all know which ones).
Day 4 - Creates a team to research implementing a metals standard.
Day 5 - Starts restricting spending through the power of the VETO to force department shutdowns of non-vital agencies.
Day 6 - Has a nice dinner with Carol and goes for a bike ride.
Day 7 - Rests (he is a Christian after all).

Day 8-Year 8 (assuming re-election) - Congress stalls.

Now... In the interim most activists have stopped being as active since they "won". Your average citizen who voted for Ron Paul, never really understood why and has of course been listening to the Left/Right news for 8 years during his time as POTUS.

The US is once again faced with Left/Right choice. Without having a proper understanding of why Ron Paul was better. Within the first year of the new corporate owned POTUS, we see a complete reversal to Day 1-7, and the country resumes it's course as it was, as if Ron Paul had never existed. (Andrew Jackson vs. The Banks is a key example).

Do you see why voting and elections are short term stop gaps and not solutions? Education is the only legitimate long term solution.

(This thought exercise was inspired by one of the GJ posts which emphasized the importance of elections.)

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But this is not going to happen. and there are so many crazies running around here - thinking (seriously) that Ron Paul can win with a write-in campaign.

He ISN'T even a nominated candidate and he has given not even a HINT that he wants us writing his name in.

Help Ron achieve the goal of an alternative voice. We have ONE party right now (the War Party) with two candidates.

Vote Libertarian and get the 5% that will give an alternative voice a future.

Something to consider,


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Why Do People Resist Exercising...Mentally?

Somehow, I missed this post and would have liked very much to be offered more "mental exercises" to stimulate critical (and logical) thinking especially in these critical times.

If you see this post and attempt at revival OP, is there a 1% (what percentage would you put on it) of people who understand that although it is a gradual fix, teaching people to think logically and critically by presenting "real time" examples like yours above is the only route toward real change? Might add that while your example hardly bringgs about peace of mind, it restores sanity to what increasingly appears to be an insane world.

If the plantation owners represent only 1%, do we have even 1% left who are willing to take their choices to logical conclusions or is reality too difficult of a pill to swallow?

The lack of response to this post on this blog is disheartening to me. And, yet, every day I recognize more and more real thinkers (some upfront and many who remain semi-anonymous) who have the knowledge, background and commitment to dedicate much of their careers to educating the masses. You are probably one of them. Is there a belief in a critical mass level if enough rafters are shaken?

I for one would appreciate more mental exercises. At some point for all awakened survivors, there is no choice but reality. The next choice becomes clearly what you have indicated or to live in anger and bow to futility. Perhaps we have to look at a yardstick beyond the blink of our lifetimes and work toward a continuum through education in a positive direction.


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Thank you very much for your kind words...

It was a tad disheartening for me as well, so I never followed up with more. Some of the exercises I was thinking through were more optimistic as well. :)

I do spend most of time trying to learn and educate. As the years go by, I get a little frustrated sometimes, and wonder if the population as a whole has become too domesticated to make even a minor stand.

Here on the DailyPaul, it seems to be more fertile ground than most, but too often, the wins are short lived. I think that a truly educated 20% of the population would be enough for critical mass. the funny thing is, more than 20% of people probably already agree with the libertarian philosophy, but because they are unaware of the principles involved, they can be pulled back into statism relatively easily. The trick is to catch and teach them while they are receptive (hence my time on the DailyPaul... :) ).

I have a quick post for people to think through, I'll throw that up and it is relatively timely.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Please Do...Either Here

...or a new thread.


Thank you, wolfe, and fonta, too, for sticking around.

I think the "wins" seem short lived because of the excessive trolling. As long as some people are given free reign to disrupt our cause, the message and information will fade into the background and we will continue to lose the best and brightest minds we once had here.

Please continue to post your thoughts and maybe we can get some serious discussions going strong again.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I do understand why you posted this, wolfe.

I did not want to encourage the Xtroll/stalkerX on that other thread, so I did not comment on it. I just wanted to warn you about feeding vs. ignoring.

You don't have to be religious or Christian to understand Matthew, Chap. 7, Verse 6. (Look it up or google it.) I suggest using that Matt. 7:6 reference or the Frederick Ewing "I Libertine" one (given to us by Danton) to give a troll alert to those of us who have been paying attention.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

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I am familiar with the reference...

And believe it has wisdom... :)

I will debate/discuss even people who seem on the edge of that behavior until they show a complete disregard for real discussion.

So far, in his current incarnation, he has been more reasonable than other similar incarnations so I have engaged him. If he turns unreasonable, I will, as you suggest, simply ignore him... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Wow! You're right!

John Ashman lives! Or is it that idiot, Trevor again?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

why are you so negative?

Sometimes I get very negative about life and possiblities of evil. But we are all called to do whatever we can in order to do good in this world.

I think of the Gandhi, the Mother Teresa, the mothers and fathers of disabled children (I have a disabled child). We could all give up and say it's pointless, or do what we can to try to do good.

It's called hope.

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This isn't negative.

It is reality. To ignore reality is to choose based on fantasy.

If instead of the above scenario, you spent 8 years educating people, even as an individual, you would make much greater gains toward a better end. Further, living your principles would make you a happier person.

You kinda missed the point of the exercise. Please try again. The point of it is that I gave you a very real outcome, so now it is up to you to think through how to achieve better results than the above.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I Did A Similar Exercise

...with an article where from my perspective I carried through a "what if" Gary got 90 million. I may have based it on false premises, however I tend to always go in the direction of "what ifs."

I don't have the talent of writing succinctly and making the strongest case for my points plus my limited (but growing) knowledge base may sometimes take me in erroneous directions. You seem to cut to the quick...why was there so little response to "your" post?

Seems to me lately that if you counter any choice, that disgusting meme "hater" is applied. If you try to challenge the ability to reason of the masses through mental stimulation, comments are labeled drivel.

Do you have any thoughts? I feel I am in a catch-22.


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Human nature.

That will never change because it is hard for people to change and truly self evaluate, so typically they just lash out when confronted with something that invalidates their current belief system.

But, stick with it, have a thick skin, and enjoy the wins. And what is truly amazing is that even when you "lose", it causes an eventual win. There have been many, here as well, that will fight the truth viciously, but when the ideas are allowed to sit with them for a while, they come back with a better understanding.

I find people like yourself very encouraging, and the reason I still take the time... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

And I will Learn to be More Succinct

...now and move in the direction of cutting to the quick. I am a student of great posts. I am grateful that there are still some here.

I try to remember when I go around the block in a post that I like this:

"The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained."

And, I try to remember when discouraged:
" Sometimes the planting of a seed necessitates its death, the death of your fondest hopes, before it can be reborn to bear the fruits of new life and new opportunity."

Thank you for your wise response. I will take it to heart.