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Did it ever occur to you?

That Dr. Paul doesn't want this and it's a BAD PLAN?

Fbi_exposer---thanks for your usual rude and derogatory

comments. Of course it has occurred to me.

I have to conclude that you find it mentally stimulating to be rude and derogatory toward others for no obvious reason.

I am a smart cookie ---since you asked, I am very much able to see both sides. ..In fact, that's how I have managed to successfully cross the road without getting run over so many times.....by looking both ways.

You, however are not so bright....thinking that you know Dr. Paul's inner thoughts. Perhaps a book or class on meditation could open your thought processes up to knowing that you are not "all knowing".

Dr. Paul may not like the idea, but I am sure he doesn't need to have you speaking his opinion for him.


Is it rude to consider what RP wants though?

I don't think so.

Is it rude to point out that someone else may be being thoughtless? I don't think so.

Do you require that RP sacrifice himself to make his intentions clear.

Don't bother trying to do a fake-out here. You intentionally

phrase things to be derogatory toward me. You know that is what I am referring to.

Your purpose is not to discuss whether I have thought about Dr. Paul's intentions. It is to put me down and be derogatory in doing so.

I expect that in a moment or two, your collegue whose first inital is "D" will be stepping forth to defend you.


Try to marshall your emotions.

Just because someone disagrees with you and points out facts contrary to your emotional state does not mean you should lash out so violently as a result of the resulting cognitive dissonance you experience.

THAT'S rude.

I have no idea who "D" is. Why don't you tell me?

Same thing happened to me when I called Victoria office

They told me to call 1-800-766-7285 and they had a recording and told me to call another number, but they read it so fast I couldn't write it down and they didn't repeat it.