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Tom Woods: The Euro In One Lesson - Outstanding Video

A new video from his Liberty Classroom series, a short, clear explanation review of The Tragedy of the Euro, a new book by Professor Bagus of Spain:


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Excellent analysis.


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Great video, well worth watching.

Really explains inflation very well.

Thanks for posting.

Tragedy of the Euro

I read the book he references this summer. The Tragedy of the Euro by Phillip Bagus (read it for FREE at mises... http://mises.org/books/bagus_tragedy_of_euro.pdf )... it's a very quick, very easy read. If you've ever read Rothbard's "The Case Against the Fed"... this is basically the European version. It highlights the nature and origins of money, the history of the European Union, the similarities and differences between the Federal Reserve System and European Central Bank, and the innate flaws of the fiat Euro monetary system. I highly recommend it. I'm glad TW did this video.

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