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I Don't Care Who the Candidates are in 2028, I'm Voting For Ron Paul

Ron Paul is no longer a candidate.

Why stop with 2012? Let's vote for him in every future election too.

And then when he has passed away, we can start a petition drive to bring him back to life.

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No need to stop post 2028 either

As long as there is no viable choice, as long as all other choices support the same ruling elite, as long as they aren't principled, as long as they want to control prices, as long as they think they should decide for you, as long as they decide on your personal rights by weighing cost vs benefit.

Perhaps it happens next election, perhaps it happens never, but until it does... Ron Paul.

A Never-Ending Write-In Movement

Ron Paul is the only politician we should ever vote for. When he is long gone, let us continue to write in his name.

I am voting for him for

Governor in my primary that is coming up next week. He has my vote for everything that doesn't have a liberty candidate running against him. LOL!