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Ron Paul Revolution: Stopping The Gary Johnson Nonsense

RON PAUL REVOLUTION: Stopping The Gary Johnson Nonsense:

***NOTE***: All Pro-Ron Paul Comments Are Being Voted Down.

That should tell us something. So Obvious.

Very simple:

Go out and ask people who Gary Johnson is.

Good luck out there.

Sure: Gary Johnson is going to defeat both OBAMA and ROMNEY in just a few days.


OBAMA WILL SHRED ROMNEY TO PIECES, and as a consolation prize:



The World Knows This.

They lost THE FUTURE. All The Youth. WE ARE THE FUTURE.



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I don't really understand the hostility to Johnson

Granted - he's got some points I take issue with. Then again, so does Ron Paul.

And let's not forget that after dropping out during the '08 election cycle, Paul had a press conference at the National Press Club essentially endorsing all 3rd parties and their candidates - most if not all of whom I'm sure Paul ALSO had some fundamental disagreements with.

So, at the very least - can we all stop with the bickering and hostility and "Paul or none at all business" since he obviously doesn't agree with that sentiment himself?

Yes, we should not settle for a lesser of two evils. But there's a difference between evil, and someone who simply doesn't seem some things the same way that we do, and Johnson has also shown himself to be willing to revisit and revise some of his views as needed (as Paul himself has on at least two topics).

In short - let's please grow the hell up already, I'm getting sick of it!

EDIT: And OP, 5 years ago - even all too much still today - Ron Paul was in pretty much exactly the same boat as far as name recognition goes. So sod off with that business, already.

SO why are you here? Why

aren't you off starting the Daily Johnson? Why aren't you organizing money bombs and superbrochures for JOHNSON? Why are you bugging the crap out of people who are not interested in voting for Gary Johnson here on DP? This nonsense of hassling people who LEARNED from what was done to Ron Paul and are not interested in having it done all over again to the them for a lesser candidate needs to stop. Now call me a "hater".

What exactly are you on about?

If you'd care to check my posting history, you'll notice that I'm not one of Gary's cheerleaders - at this point, I've actually decided I'm not personally able to support him.

And why am I here? Anymore, that's a good question since I've been seeing too many unpleasant people such as yourself lately - otherwise though, I'm here for the same reasons I've been here for the last four and a half years: I agree with Ron Paul's goals and the vast majority of his policy and personal views.

I attacked no one in my post, I attacked the childish behavior I've seen that disagrees with what Paul himself has shared with us in the past.

Instead of sharing your theatrical hilarities, perhaps you could point out where exactly I ever shilled for Johnson, bugged the crap out of people for Johnson, or done anything else you've accused me of here?

I'll not call you a hater - but I will say you need to cut it out and grow up a bit, and stop with the assumption and ignorant generalizations.

Take care.

Thank You ♥

Thank You so much and I mean it sincerely.

We are being assaulted for supporting Ron Paul.

Nothing new. We always have been.



These Are Forces Beyond Anyone's Control.


Wisdom Strategies

I do not have hostility towards Gary Johnson.

I do not have hostility towards Gary Johnson.

ALL I AM SAYING IS: Can You Make Him President in a matter of weeks?

Good luck with that.

Go out and ask people if they are going to vote fore Gary Johnson.

Try It.

People are going to look at you in a very special way.

You can also try to ask people if they are going to vote for Steven Hauten.

Do your own survey. Do it. Really do it. It's easy.

Go to the supermarket and stay outside and ask people if they will vote for Gary Johnson - or Steven Hauten: A NAME I MADE UP! Lol!

The response will be the same. Guaranteed.

Go out and talk to people. There are only weeks left. Too late.

I rest my case.


Wisdom Strategies

I appreciate your case for Ron Paul!!!!!

Have you seen RonPaul and Obama - Movements and the establishment yet? Watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltxa3dJncT0

Positive support for Ron Paul ideas! Support from the Restoration and Liberty Movement on http://cristianpaduraru.com

Fair enough, and thanks for clarifying

I've just seen so much hostility and bickering the last few weeks (OK, probably longer) and I just don't get it.

I am curious, though - asking in sincerity - as Paul does not seem interested in a 3rd-party run (or even if he was all-in for one), how would you really expect things to fall out with it? Granted, I don't doubt it would be better than Johnson's results, but...in all honesty?

Unfortunately it seem to me the establishment was yet again too successful in burying Paul, for all intents and purposes. It appears about the only redemption to be found in the GOP moving forward is a continued guerrilla takeover from the bottom-up.

Thanks again, and take care. Apologies for my tone previously, the whole thing has just frustrated me given the lack of civility and tone I was taking your posts in.

Paul & Ventura 2012

... that's the ticket


...given his openly-conspiratorial views - fair or no (I remember him chasing Tucker Carlson out of the Rally for the Republic after he brought up 9/11 truth, etc.) - I'm afraid it would be a doomed ticket, however much I might agree. And I've got to say, given his caution on such things, I doubt Dr. Paul would willingly be associated with it, whatever his personal views on the matter might be.

It's a shame, but conspiracy theorizing in the modern realm - however justified it might realistically be - is more or less a black-listing sentence. It would be nice to know a fair analysis of how many in the population actually support such ideas, but regardless, they seem doomed to kill any serious political aspirations.

No Need To Apologize. We Are All In This Together ♥

No Need To Apologize. We Are All In This Together ♥



Wisdom Strategies

The "minus" votes make me laugh because: I know who you are.

The "minus" votes make me laugh because: I know who you are.

You are afraid of us but I have news for you:


Scroll down and you will see who are THE TRUE RON PAUL REVOLUTION and INFILTRATORS.



Wisdom Strategies


Delusional idiot.




Wisdom Strategies


People like you who have been here less than a year, after the primary season began even, need to give a little credit. It took over a year and a half for more than 25% of people to know who Ron Paul was after countless sign wavings, midnight sign-posting, sneak-in radio calls. And there are still people who think he is the "white-supremacist guy"

Go vote for Romney like you plan to and stop talking....

Or, you can do the world a favor and try to spread Gary Johnson's name and our liberty principles.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Sign waves? LOL

In other words you spent tons of time and effort and got zero votes for RP.

Did you not listen to what was needed to win? It was clear since 2007 and Ron Paul spent several millions of dollars to build an organization to help you teach yourself how to do it: become a party officer.

So, you're not one to really criticize anyone here.

You probably still don't get it even after I re-pointed it out to you here.

Yes, Yes, you are so wise.....

Actually, I know for a fact I got votes from sign-wave events - they even showed up at the caucus.

And yes, I got the message, more than most. I was integral in winning my caucus in '08, (and again in 12) we succeeded in getting several people in the local committees. And, this time, we quadrupled the people elected to be committeemen and women. I went to party functions and even got pally with some old-timers. So, you are actually not the one to criticize.

And, since you have trouble following logic or actually reading, I was commenting on the criticism of voting for Gary Johnson from the Romney voter that was the original poster.

And the kicker, for all the work that has gone into "taking over the party", I, unlike you, know it is an impossible task. It is a failed strategy. We could take over 30 states and the fascists will still defeat us. That is because we are actually principled and knowledgeable.

Better yet, let's start something called the "Campaign for Liberty" and do absolutely nothing to educate the public, but instead send out meaningless pettitions for mindless senators and have a convention so we can preach to the choir over and over.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

That's why the C4L discouraged it in 2011-2012

Because it was incredibly effective. I was better and cheaper than MSM ads.

A real person testifying with sign in hand is worth and hour of TV ads. Any schmoes with money can buy and ad.

You can't buy us. We do it for fun and to spread the message of liberty!

Free includes debt-free!

We had 5 years. You have a couple of weeks.

We had 5 years. You have a couple of weeks.

Get really busy now.

Launch a Multi-Million Dollar Money Bomb now.

Start a Daily Johnson.

With the left over money, lease The Largest Blimp On Earth.

Start Gary Johnson Meet-Up Groups Worldwide.

Good luck :) All my best.

Wisdom Strategies

What is with the we and you stuff?

We have been here for the last 5 years (personnaly, I have been here since 2007), some of us much longer than that. We have worked in support of Ron Paul and now some of us have begun supporting Gary Johnson. It is not one or the other, Ron Paul is not running for President, but Gary Johnson is. Why do you revel in the idea that he will fail?

Yep, and in five years we still didn't get Ron Paul

elected, not even close, not even if the votes are counted fairly and the rules are followed. What we did do is make millions of people more aware of the issues of liberty and we changed the minds of tens of thousands of them. This is the goal in continuing with Gary Johnson, not some vain hope of winning the Presidency.

Any other course we take, no one will notice, but if we can make even a 7-10% difference in this election, we will be the kingmakers or kingbreakers and everyone will be hearing about us and why we did what we did. The only way that people will see ALL of us, the only way they will account for us, is if we act together and if our votes are counted.

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both

Wake up people there is still a chance to send Dr Paul to

Washington and change the course of history.

If you haven't listened to the 2 conference calls you are missing putting Ron Paul into the Whitehouse. Two weeks to put this together. Shame on all of you for not being at least open to listening to the calls and seeing that this is entirely feasible and giving this it's due.

The shit that I've seen on the front page when we are struggling to make this happen and all it would take to turn the tide is a front page and a little encouragement. Seems like some here have lost their courage. Very disheartening.

Me I'm going to keep pressing on because I'd rather do everything I can to get Dr Paul into the Whitehouse than die in a very uncivil war or FEMA Camp when the dollar collapses which is something Dr.Paul could turn around guiding Gary to take the right measures.


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

To The "Divide and Conquer" Crowd: RON PAUL REVOLUTION!

To The "Divide and Conquer" Crowd: RON PAUL REVOLUTION!

Go ahead and create a WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT for Gary Johnson as WE - The Ron Paul REVOLUTION - did over five years.

You have a couple of weeks so you better hurry.

Don't forget Multi-Million Dollar Moneybombs.

With the left over money, lease The Largest Blimp On Earth.

Good luck. Thanks for the laughs.


Wisdom Strategies

No kidding! Johnson should

No kidding! Johnson should stop trying to hitch a free ride from Paul's coat tails. Want to carry this movement forward Mr. Johnson? Stop riding and start inspiring!

Go back

a while ago or even today and ask someone who Ron Paul is. What will you get; "oh he is that crazy guy who wants to end social security" or "that guy who will never win" or "who is Ron Paul". People didn't know about Ron Paul because he was covered so much in the media; he got known by people talking about him and liberty. So maybe instead of saying "Good luck out there" maybe you should talk about Gary Johnson like we did with Ron Paul. Maybe your just too caught up with this cult of personality to even think that if we talk about Gary Johnson, then he will be known as the grassroots had to do with Ron Paul. So what are you going to do write-in Ron Paul every time you vote? Or are you going help push the movement forward? Just remember a movement isn't a movement once its stops moving. So good luck out there slowing the movement down by just saying "no one but Ron Paul". If you don't want to vote for Gary Johnson then fine that's your business, but at least help him get into the debates against Obamney, so that we can actually get real issues injected into the mainstream.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

You'd have to go back several decades

Ron Paul has been pretty well known among the liberty movement for a long, long time. I first found out about him around 1992 during the Perot campaign. RP got most of his congressional campaign donations from individual liberty lovers outside Texas. I don't know of any other politician who could boast such widespread support. Truth is, I'd never heard of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney before they ran for president and I doubt many people outside Ill or Mass had either. Name recognition isn't necessarily the key, it's being an establishment puppet and having the electoral process rigged in your favor.

For some it might be

For some it might be considered a "cult of personality", but for me it's the fact that only Ron Paul can be expected to stand one hundred percent with the principles of liberty.

DJP333's picture

The way I see it

They're going to rig the elections to show whatever results they see fit. They will not let any 3rd party candidate have a significant percentage of votes because they have the power. You voting one way or the other is not going to matter, they will probably just flip your vote, and you will never know. Because of this I am going to write in Ron Paul. I just don't want to explain myself after the fact. My politics have changed because of one man, and that is who I will be voting for.

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW





Wisdom Strategies


I looked at Gary Johnson,I just can not vote for this man.Look at all issues.NAFTA,WTO???

Has Gary Johnson EVER serve in our armed forces???



Now compare the two.Can't do it!

Did you read your link?

His views on Foreign policy look very reasonable to me. I don't understand why you posted that link. It doesn't seem to support your argument.

He says:
-We shouldn't be sending money to other countries to build their infrastructure.
- We should start trading with Cuba.
- We shouldn't meddle in others affairs, or we will suffer unintended consequences.

That's all the points from your link. I'm not sure what you think the negatives are.