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Ron Paul Revolution: Stopping The Gary Johnson Nonsense

RON PAUL REVOLUTION: Stopping The Gary Johnson Nonsense:

***NOTE***: All Pro-Ron Paul Comments Are Being Voted Down.

That should tell us something. So Obvious.

Very simple:

Go out and ask people who Gary Johnson is.

Good luck out there.

Sure: Gary Johnson is going to defeat both OBAMA and ROMNEY in just a few days.


OBAMA WILL SHRED ROMNEY TO PIECES, and as a consolation prize:



The World Knows This.

They lost THE FUTURE. All The Youth. WE ARE THE FUTURE.



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One must scratch beneath the

One must scratch beneath the surface and read the fine print, when it comes to Johnson. Sure he says we should stop sending money to other countries--except for Israel. He says we should stop our meddling--unless it's for "humanitarian intervention". He wants to bring our troops home (at least from Iraq/Afghanistan-those wars are unpopular) but would continue the so called "war on terror". He would keep guantanamo open, agrees with military tribunals, NAFTA/CAFTA etc, need I go on?

LOl- you act as if the man will win

He will not win - we ARE getting a marxist socialist or a big business lawyer toting thug. The vote is merely a way to be counted as "none of the above".

I wouldn't worry too much about the principles- hell I am flat out NEVER going to look at his bio, his policies or anything. It is merely my way of saying NO to the two party system that is failing.

Don't worry about principles?

Don't worry about principles? Isn't that why our country is in this mess!?!

Ok - let's worry about principles

I have three choices - yes -sorry to say after all our hard work Ron isn't one of them - but that is the real world we are living in.

Do I vote for the marxist socialist, the thug, or the guy that is "none of the above".

I vote for none of the above. Because whatever he IS is not as important as what he is NOT. R or D.

Those are *your* choices. My

Those are *your* choices. My choice is a Ron Paul write in.

I think alot of people are missing the boat on this one

When the establishment demonstrates right out in the open that the electoral process is totally rigged, the best response is to withdraw your consent from their rulership, i.e., stay away from the polls. This is what they fear the most, not large numbers voting 3rd party -- they'll just steal the vote like they did to RP. We have a great opportunity to drive the message home by going on vote strike. When the officials and talking heads bitch and moan over low voter turn out and ask "why are people so apathetic?" We can respond with "we're not apathetic, we worked our asses off within the system and found out it was rigged.." and follow up with the mountain of evidence we've accumulated. I urge everyone to get out the DON'T vote!!

"Don't vote"? Thats exactly what they want from you.

Sooner or later, "Why even have elections?"

You think that by not voting things will eventually come around? Do you think a sense of GUILT will overcome them or something?

You make no sense.

You have it backwards. They want you to vote

Let me turn your question around on you: You think that by voting things will eventually come around? We've been trying to change things through the electoral process for decades and have made no headway -- because the electoral process has been rigged to allow no one but establishment puppets to get elected. There's even been discussion by politicians to make voting MANDATORY. That's how much they want you to vote. They just won't allow anyone worth voting for to have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Why would any intelligent person participate in a system that they know is rigged? We know our votes get flipped in the diebold machines. So a vote for any third party candidate is literally a vote for Obama or Romney. Nothing scares them more than an extremely low voter turnout in a presidential election year. It really does expose them as illegitimate and embarasses the hell out of them. The whole world notices and talks about it. It would help us to draw attention to the fact that we have a rigged system and something has to be done about it.

. To remain silent, or to

. To remain silent, or to stay at home is silent complicity, either actively through our vote or inactively through our apathy and silence, we create the government of the United States and approve its actions.

If you do not exercise your right to vote, it makes it easier for them. Vote, make them cheat, call them out on it.


Really? I am no-bodies lap-dog and I only support Ron Paul.

I am not throwing 5 years of hard work away.



Wisdom Strategies

I'll bet good money

the only work you have done is posting on message boards and definitely not for 5 years. Most likely not even 1.

I think this is a fools errand

based upon a sense of morality you fail realize those in power to not possess. Once the illusion of election is gone- they will have no need to maintain the illusion.
Hell- very few people vote now - doesn't seem to bother them does it?
No - they do not want your votes out their.

Listen to the speech in my best Obama voice:
"Hell, not even half the people vote, so what do these elections represent. Are you better off with the bi-partisan bickering, the stale mate in Washington keeping you out of work, keeping you from your healthcare, from your education. What we need is a time to take control and point this country in a new direction, one where the rich pay their fair share and we do not bask in our success when there are those who are hungry."
Etc. etc.

No - a 70 percent turnout with 20% saying eff you to the two parties means they have to worry about 20%. A 40% turnout means most are beaten down and don't care and the time is ripe to strip you of your last bit of liberty and freedom in the name of social change and justice.

I Welcome All Input: Positive Votes and Negative Votes As Well.

I Welcome All Input: Positive Votes and Negative Votes As Well.

We are all in this together.


Those of you who have voted "minus"?

I value your opinions and I thank you for participating in this thread.




Wisdom Strategies



just ordered

2 car magnets for Gary Johnson - Live Free.

I will be voting for liberty and peace in Nov.

Gary Johnson 2012

You're from California?

You're from California? That's cool you should stay there. Colorado( as well as probably any other state) does not want to claim you and your caps locking negativity.

Good to know

you won't be coming here.

CO is a great state, but CO don't surf.

Lived in Cali for a short

Lived in Cali for a short time, no thanks. CO doesn't surf? We do have dune surfing haha but mostly we ski, snowboard, climb 14ers, mountain bike, camp,fish, go to Red Rocks. Some of which California does but just no where near the quality we do.

Im sorry...

But what does her being from California have to do with anything? If you disagree with her posts, then make a damn argument against the post, but don't insult people from an entire state because you have no better counter. That is incredibly childish.

I did not bring that up.

I did not bring "being from any particular state" up.

Someone else attempted to switch the topic of which I wrote about by saying he was from Colorado. I thought that was very stupid and had nothing to do with what I wrote, so I simply replied: "Well: I am from California".

Sure it is childish.

That was a CHEAP ATTEMPT to distract and take away focus from what I wrote.

This place is full of infiltrators.

Wisdom Strategies

My reply

Wasnt directed at you, I didnt see any shenanigans on your part so your good, lol

Sorry but if you look below I

Sorry but if you look below I meant to post this under a post I made where the original poster had said, "I am from California" followed by about a million caps locks about various things.


Doesn't mean you should bring that into the argument. An argument is no more legit if the poster is from CA or CO.

We have everything you have and more

Mammoth, Tahoe.. Shasta.. get real.

We also have dune surfing and bison.

You also have way too many

You also have way too many freaking lefties

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

RP has a huge following in California

Including me! And the lefties out here I know were very supportive of RP, many of them voted for him in the primary...though many of the ones I know made it clear they intended to change back to dem on their voter registration if RP wasn't nominated so they could vote Obama in the general election.

Yes, Missy ♥

Yes, adorable you.

I am an INDEPENDENT with a mind of my own and ZERO-PARTY AFFILIATION.

I am an artist. I only got involved because of Dr. Ron Paul.

RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION UCLA: http://youtu.be/E5TeneSysiw

Wisdom Strategies

Not just any lefties.. the

Not just any lefties.. the really crazy lefties.

We have 54 14ers should I

We have 54 14ers should I type all those out too, and yes we have bison also.

If my ballot lists: - Barack

If my ballot lists:

- Barack Obama
- Mitt Romney
- Gary Johnson

My choice will be easy. People can bash Johnson but if Paul isn't running, then Johnson is my guy for now.