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Hey, fellow Arizonans, where are our liberty candidates?

There is only one liberty candidate from the State of Arizona on the recent "Updated List of Liberty Candidates". Do we really suck that badly?

The liberty candidate from my Congressional District lost. If you know of a liberty candidate to vote for in November, please add him/her to the list through the comments section of the page below.


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Seems pretty dismal this year

I'll probably vote for Marc Victor for Senate, since Flake seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to liberty issues.

I'm in the new Congressional District 9, and there is no one to vote for here, as far as I can tell. Sinema is hopeless, and Vernon Parker looks way too neoconish (if that is a word). Powell Gammill, the Libertarian doesn't even seem to know what district he is running in. His website says district 2 and doesn't seem to have been updated much since 2004. I may just not vote in that race.

Arizona Liberty Candidates

[] David Schweikert House Rep Dist 5 (There's repeated debate over this selection)
[] Michael Kielsky Maricopa County Attorney
[] Marc Victor Senate
[] Kim Allen (State) House Rep Dist 1
[] Anthony Powell House Rep Dist 2
[] Blanca Guerra House Rep Dist 3 (Libertarian)
[] Joe Pamelia House Rep Dist 4
[] Jack Anderson House Rep Dist 5
[] Joe Cobb House Rep Dist 7
[] Powell Gammill House Rep Dist 9
[] Dean Dill Senate Dist 8
[] Dennis Grenier Senate Dist 15
[] Damian Trabel Senate Dist 25
[] Chris Will House Rep Dist 26
[] James Iannuzo House Rep Dist 28
[] Bill Barker House Rep dist 29
[] Christopher Campbell Maricopa County Board of Supervisors 4
[] Chris Gohl Corporate Commission
[] Nanette Gordon Constable, Arcadia Biltmore
[] Thane Eichenauer Justice of the Peace, Phoenix
[] Jonathan Paton House Rep Dist 1
[] Gabriela Saucedo Mercer House Rep Dist 3 (Republican)

from: http://www.dailypaul.com/242897/updated-list-of-liberty-cand...

David Schweikert is my

David Schweikert is my congressman. He's another Israel-firster, which pretty much means neocon or teaocon at best as far as I'm concerned.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


I'm not so sure that David Schweikert can be listed as a liberty candidate for AZ anymore. This week he voted in support of the following bill:

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to extend amendments added in 2008 to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act’s Amendments Act (FAA) in essence reduces the Fourth Amendment to a nullity.


Marc Victor

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I hired Marc for a

I hired Marc for a consultation once and was stunned by how shallow he was on a couple of libertarian questions I had. Maybe it's because he is a lawyer and has trained his mind to think like a lawyer first, citizen second.

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