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Grassroots, Raw Milk, Mitt Romney & Liberty

By now, the Tampa Bay Times Forum will have been cleared of all the trappings of the Republican National Convention. Soon, the media will pack its bags for the Democratic National Convention later this month, which, like the Republicans,’ is not even necessary. At least in Obama’s case, there won’t be groups agitating for any other candidate. Whereas, the GOP had to pass underhanded rules ex post facto, in order to stop the liberty delegates’ efforts to nominate Ron Paul. Those rules also included specific language, so that at the next convention, every single delegate there will have been hand picked to support the heir apparent. The dialogue and delegate maneuvering that gave meaning to national conventions in the past, will not be seen again, unless there is a force strong enough to change these draconian rules. Clearly the entire event was scripted, as Ben Swann pointed out.

Thursday night at the forum, prior to Romney’s coronation, a press conference had been called. At a main entrance, hundreds of liberty delegates had gathered to talk to the media about the new rules. Most of the press didn’t have a clue, and this was an opportunity to educate them. A news release was distributed that told what had happened the week before in the Rules Committee meeting, and how efforts would be made to defeat the changes.

Reams of bright yellow paper had been printed with the word, “Grassroots,” and the liberty delegates printed either their state or “I Am” above that word. Television media were conducting interviews, and I saw Ashley Ryan being questioned. From Maine, Ashley’s the youngest National Committeewoman. She wasn’t part of the 50% cut from her delegation, but it still didn’t make the axe any less painful. Several dozen delegates stood silently, holding their “Grassroots” signs in front of them, forming a gauntlet that the rest of the delegation passed through. I didn’t see any real acknowledgment from them. They were going to the coronation, and it was obvious they thought “those Paul people were just a bunch of annoying sore losers.”