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The striking similarities between Barry Goldwater and Gary Johnson

(This is by no means a form of support, or endorsement of Gary Johnson. I do not agree with GJ's socially liberal views. This article is both positive and negative towards Johnson depending on the point.)

When I heard about Gary Johnson and found out his positions on the issues, he reminded me immensely of former Senator Barry Goldwater. Here are a few reasons why:

- Both held office in the Southwest, and were elected statewide: Goldwater a Senator from Arizona, Johnson the Governor of New Mexico

- Both were successful businessmen prior to holding office, Goldwater running the department store "Goldwater's" and Johnson running Big J Enterprises

- Both had their campaigns supported by William F. Buckley - Buckley was one of Goldwater's biggest supporters in the 1960s and also praised Johnson's 1998 presidential campaign

- Both were raised Protestant Christians (Goldwater an Episcopalian, Johnson a Lutheran), both were not particularly religious and both stopped attending Church

- Both loved the rural Western United States, Goldwater often went boating through the Grand Canyon and Johnson climbed many mountains in the Rockies

- Both were fans of Ayn Rand, with Goldwater writing Rand a personal letter and Johnson telling his wife that if she was to understand

- Both were strongly pro-choice and pro-gay marriage and voiced their opposition to social conservatism in the Republican Party

- Both supported the legalization of marijuana, but made no mention of legalizing any other drugs

- Both were not strict non-interventionists like Senator Taft or Congressman Paul, and favored military intervention in some cases

There are of course a lot of differences, mainly that Goldwater was a lot more fiscally conservative, a lot more pro states rights and a lot more knowledgeable. But I think the similarities certainly are striking, did anyone else notice them?

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Supported by Bill

Supported by Bill Buckley?

Wow, figured he would have supported Rockefeller. National Review is a globalist neo-con pamphlet these days and the only reason anyone on this website might want to subscribe is to see their book reviews but I think you can find those for free.

Southern Agrarian