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Apparently I voted for Romney

During the roll call of states, I was informed by my delegation chairman that I voted for Romney.

This is despite the fact that I never actually voted for Romney. I would have point of ordered this nonsense, but by this time, the draconian rules had been adopted over the will of the delegates, which allows them to count my vote for the person they think I should vote for (I was bound).

Now I know how those people in communist countries feel like, where the leader wins by 99% of the vote.

In the end we did not win, but we did force them to violate their own rules and compromise the integrity of the process to keep us out. We got 6 states to nominate Ron Paul (7 had Maine been included). Had they conducted the process honestly, we would have had a vote between Paul and Romney--but they didn't let this happen.

If Romney can't stand up to a fair vote between him and Dr Paul, how can he stand up to Obama?

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How could any informed person trust Romney

and his campaign after what they've pulled.

Are you Susan Westfall?

If so, I look forward to your writeup on LRC.

Romney is supposed to lose

to Obama. Ron Paul would have won so the bosses refused to be honest and have a valid convention. The GOP convention was documented to be fraudulent and therefore was invalid. Romney was illegally and immorally declared the "winner" of a rigged fake convention by thugs.
This is the current state of American "government". There IS no "government", just thugs running the rest of us and Priebus, Romney and the rest have removed their masks and are rubbing our faces in it. I have seen this on the local level but now a message is being sent to all Americans by the upper level thugs.

Of this?

I AM certain.
Mitt is a fall-guy and GOP was far too oblivious to catch on to this FACT.

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

If they had conducted the process honestly,

it would have been no contest. Remember how Ron Paul was doing back in Iowa? If the government and its puppets ever conducted such a process honestly, they'd be sunk in a heartbeat. Think of the media, the other candidates, the rnc members, the whole lot of them, actually conducting the process honestly. Paul would win by a landslide.


Who in the world posted that Paul Woud Have Announcement

on Leno's show? Just a general, softball talk.

I like

The idea of *. Baseball did that wrongly to Roger Maris when he broke the homerun record for a single season. Let us do justice by doing it to Romney.


Maybe there should be an asterisk next to Romney's name wherever it is written, like someone who cheated to set a record in baseball.

R*mney: holds nomination of the GOP for 2012*

* not technically legitimate

But on a lighter note, remember when Obama won the Nobel* Peace Prize? That was hilarious.

* not technically believable

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum...

...can cheat each other all they want. They should just sword fight for the position.

It's so unfortunate what happened to you and others. At least the eyes are open even more.

Hey, that would be

Hey, that would be entertaining and more people might pay attention. Plus if we are lucky, we get the bonus of one of them not being here anymore.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

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See I know exactly how he

See I know exactly how he will stand up to Obama, he's going to lie and cheat. Easy. He doesn't care what he did to the delegates, some delegates that actually wanted to vote for him have now changed their mind. Romney doesn't care, because he is going to do what he has been doing this whole election. Election fraud election fraud and then some more election fraud. He doesn't care about you, me, delegates, he only cares about himself. He does not need our votes. just a lot of dead peoples votes. I am amazed at how much I despise this man. In the beginning of the election, I was torn between him and Ron Paul. it didn't take long to see I was leaning towards RP, but I would never have imagined to despise Romney the way I do. To the point where I gotta wonder....who would I rather my president? Romney or Obama? This is scary to me. I have been counting the days to get Obama out of office and now here I am wondering to myself should I just deal with 4 more years of Obama or 8 of Romney? People say Romney is Obama light. I'm not so sure. At least Obama had the sense to lie and make promises and act like he was for the people. Romney can't even do that. Not even for just the length of the campaign. So what does this tell you about his upcoming presidency? When he actually has real power? He isn't even president yet and it is so evident that he cares NOTHING about the people. I don't see him as a potential Obama light...he is the same as Obama, maybe worse. I think we the people are in big trouble.

Read this article . . .

I think you'll find it enlightening:


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That was good- thanks

That was good- thanks

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

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I just read it. I have read

I just read it. I have read before that they are actually trying to keep Obama in power. I go back and forth on this idea, I can see it and on the other hand I can't see it...I'm pretty sure those republicans want their power back. I think they are just to egotistical to let a democrat run the country. On the other hand, truth be told, they really are the same. Maybe they are finding that they are personally gaining so much with Obama anyway that the republican presidency is actually something they just don't need anymore. But on the other hand, Romney will probably do the same for all of them. See, I go back and forth. I geuss the only thing I can say for sure is that I can't say that I disagree...
I knew about the rule changes before. That is one of the things that confirms to me all the more that Romney doesn't care about anything but himself. he is not a man trying to win the votes of the people, cause he knows he doesn't need our vote. he's just going to take what he wants by cheating. The people, when they had the chance at the convetion, not enough of them fought for what they should have fought for and lost I beleive rule 12. That states Romney can change the rules when he wants...it's just insane. Why would anyone agree to this? i just don't get it. It's like basic 101, go back to when you were umm like 5 years old?? You say to your friends...lets play cards, but first you need to know I get to change the rules whenever I want, when we play in my house. That child would soon find that freinds wouldn't come to play anymore. So Romney is like a large child that has a lot of money and if he doesn't win he will stomp his feet and pout and cry until he gets his way.

Wanting Power BACK*?

By essentially forcing votes against Mitt (a lot of GOP had no idea what was happening, until they got home, and saw that their votes can now *Legally* be vetoed), RNC has held onto power.
Not removing Obama is a play. It's the one play I've seen GOP and RNC working up to, with each and every lie they have told, since Iowa. People have to comprehend this.

Mitt is a fall guy and the RNC gets paid off.. still, via Mitt.

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

They are holding power by a thread

They are gonna run Jeb Bush. We need the Democrats to run Kucinich and hope Dr Paul runs too.

What state...

What state delegation?

Were you originally a delegate or moved up as alternate?

If you did not vote for Romney, did you attempt to abstain? (There were abstentions) If so did you place this on the voting form according to the rules?

Did you attempt to vote for Paul? If so did you place this on a form according to the rules?

I ask questions because your post begs them. It would be great to have the details as it went down.

It is assumed that as a delegate, and especially a Ron Paul delegate, you would not only have the rules at your disposal but have researched them ahead of time. Doing so you would have attempted to vote your conscience.

Your delegation chair can do anything he/she wishes... but only if the delegate leaves the matter unaddressed or unchallenged ahead of time... and therefore under the assumed jurisdiction of the delegation chair!

The chair for a Robomny nomination not only will do nothing to shepherd or nurture your wishes, they will do all for their man and that crookedly, especially if unchallenged ahead of time! They assume jurisdiction when a delegate fails to take affirmative action to force the issue ahead of time!

Mind you, this is all after the fact Monday morning quarterbacking. It is time to take this fight to the next level... Dr. Paul has not stopped changing history, neither have we.

Having previously participated in two state conventions

I'd just like to say, some chairs have a way of controlling the mic and not listening or even to be slightly inclined to listen. The establishment type of chairs have been pre-programed, the direction of the agenda has been scripted, and they are off and running. I've seen RP people properly bring the point of order, questions, whatever is warranted and they are simply being ignored. Sounds easy to know the rules and use them, but in practice the party is in control and it can be the doggonedest frustration and (must be controlled) anger you can imagine. I have seen RP delegates able to use Rules of Order, the RNC rules with a real flare and accuracy, only to be ignored or have the old rules now become the new rules to accomodate the direction needed for establishmen control.

Yes, indeed~~what pos garbages they are!

But, maybe, since we all & the delegates saw it through to the Convention, well, it certainly showed their true colors WITHOUT A DOUBT~~

Hopefully, *some* of the Media noticed it, and *some* or *more* of the masses found out about it!

The media are owned . . .

most of the masses are asleep while sucking their thumbs.

But we can tell them about it face-to-face . . . and challenge them on whether this seems fair or democratic.

Yeah. The GOP really showed

Yeah. The GOP really showed its true colors this election.
The debate and media bias in the 2008 campaign were eye-opening.
The blatant corruption and bias this time around was deafening.

They had to cheat to win

In my congressional district of Washington state ron Paul would have taken the delegates had it not been for the cheating in Benton county and a lot of districts were the same way in Washington state. Then there was Oklahoma and Arizona just to name a few. Nobody seems to think Ron Paul could have won (except us) but without the cheating we would have had a massive amount of delegates it would have been close but Paul might have won on the first vote even without a speech. With the speech I'm thinking he would have made it easy. Just think about it


Sorry to hear they robbed you of your voice.

Get your info out there

Call your local news channels and paper and see if they are interested. Youtube is a good place to share it also. Sorry about your vote, it makes me sick what these cowards have been doing!

Here are some good quotes

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.
- Joseph Stalin, What is this guy... The one behind the curtain?? haha...

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

What Kind Of Fool Would Admit He Had To Vote For Romney!!

Only a fool would post such nonesense. What the hell is the matter with you?

Were you that uninformed. You are supposed to vote their conscience..

Your fellow state delegates should have organized an effort to vote your conscience. The law gives you that right to do just that.

You and your fellow delegates didn't do your homework. You don't deserve to be a delegate for Ron Paul. You didn't put up a fight for your right to vote for yourself. You allowed yourself to be deceived, ignorant and stupid.

You have no sympathies from me sir..Get on your knees and pray for wisdom..Apparently, you could use a little...

Wow what a rude comment emalvini!

What is wrong with you? Do you know how to read? He said his vote was changed to Romney and he voted for Paul! No sense at all in your comment at all! I'm sure it will be voted off!

Yea, It May Have Sounded Like It, But I'm Pissed Off Right Now

In retrospect, I should have read the post thoroughly. Sometimes i let my emotions get the best of me..

I apologize for my error...

Go vote me down to -1,000..I deserve it..

Technically, I didn't vote

Technically, I didn't vote for anyone, because they never gave me a chance or asked me who I wanted to vote for.

It's like getting a letter in the mail in November saying "Congratulations, you voted for Obama!"

grounds for lawsuit?

I hope you talk to the RP lawyer group, and I'm sure your state RP'ers can raise funds to hire a lawyer locally. That's fraud, anyone know what the penalty would be for the chairman of the delegates if found guilty?

RP R3VOLution