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Roger Villere Elected RNC Vice Chairman

I don't know if many recognise this name. He is the LaGOP leader that would NOT give up his leadership position when the delegates voted him out. He is responsible for the LaGOP Ron Paul supporters to turn their chairs around. He is the leader that called in the police because the Ron Paul delegates may be violent. He is the one responsible for the police injuring two Ron Paul delegates that were voted to be the leaders.

He is the one who lied to the press and ordered new delegates to be sent to Florida, some who were not even in the election. He also served as a member of the RULES COMMITTEE in Tampa. How self serving.

I will never vote for Romney, but now with this man in a leadership position for the RNC, I will not vote Republican, and I have been a Republican for 40 years. If you can't trust your leaders to do what is right, and believe that the ends justify the means, then to hell with them.

If Romney and Obama are supported by banks and essentially the same, that I may as well vote for Obama. At least that gives me 4 years to find a good leader, than 8 years of damage that the crooked Republicans can do.

If Ron Paul recommends someone else, I will listen.

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Then the GOP is FINISHED at

Then the GOP is FINISHED at the national level until both he and Priebus are replaced.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Of course

He was just rewarded for getting rid of us. And you run away instead of fight back. Shame!

Apparently he deserves his new possition because he prooved we are not fighters but run from bullies.

Is this actually true?

Can this be confirmed by a more reputable news source? I was trying to find out who voted and how such a thing could happen, but I can't find evidence that Villere is indeed the co-chair.

The GOP site still ists Sharon Day:
Sharon Day's facebook page still says that she is the co-chair:

And the RNC rules say that the co-chair and the chair have to be different genders. Now I certainly don't want to verify Villere's gender, but he does APPEAR to be male. O_o

Also, it says that they voted Friday, AFTER the convention was supposedly over. Now, it wouldn't be the greatest violation of the rules that the RNC has demonstrated, but it would give us more ammo if they held a secret vote for the position that violated multiple rules. (Not that rules matter anymore- they could just change them. -.-)

I saw that link

but I wasn't sure how much to trust a blog. As I couldn't find a source elsewhere and the official GOP website said otherwise, I wasn't sure about the validity of bayoubuzz.

It is bad enough news to believe, I was just hoping that a reporter jumped the gun and announced the results before the vote.

I received letter from LaGOP Jason Dore

His phone number is included if you need to varify.

Check out the cope of the same letter.

and today LAGOP talks about McMillin A democrat who turned Republican

McMillin went on to praise Governor Romney and draw a clear line between him and the Democratic Party saying, “He [Romney] stands for the values of the middle class. I work for a living and I don't want the government telling me how to spend my money. We have to get small businesses back to work, and I don't see that happening with the Democratic Party.”

“I want to welcome Hal and his friends to the Republican Party,” says LAGOP Chairman and Republican National Committee Vice-Chairman Roger Villere. “Independents and Democrats alike are realizing that President Obama’s record is one of failure and broken promises. Our party is comprised of small-business owners, manufacturing workers, farmers, fishermen and millions of Americans from coast to coast who make up the middle-class, and they are demanding a new direction for our nation.”

When McMillin was asked if he had a message for other Democrats and Independents who could be on the fence about Governor Romney and President Obama he said, “Just look at the facts and follow your heart. Most of us have good common sense and can see through the rhetoric. The values of the Republican Party are where I feel that the future of our country needs to be, and I hope you will agree.”

“The antics seen at the Democratic National Convention last week show that the remaining Conservative Democrats are the last of a dying breed,” said LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré. “The days of John Breaux Democrats are over. It’s time for like-minded Americans to come together under the Republican Party and reward hard work, promote success, defend life and stand strong on traditional marriage. While Democrats are spending their time booing God and increasing the debt, we are going to focus on real solutions and turn our eyes not to the Government for help but to the source of Government and the values upon which our country was founded.”


"but now with this man in a

"but now with this man in a leadership position for the RNC, I will not vote Republican, and I have been a Republican for 40 years."

so because of corrupt actions of less than 168 ELECTED people in the Republican party...

Why aren't you getting everyone in grassroots in your county who is upset to band together, run for your November county organizational leadership positions, take over your state central committee, take a large enough majority, and then RECALL YOUR STATE'S CORRUPT RNC MEMBERS (your chair, national committeeman, committeewoman) who allowed this clearly corrupt man anywhere near a position of power?

that is what needs to happen.. comeuppance!

friends are running for republican party as we speak

I have two friends running for congress one as a Libertarian and the other as a Republican. Both have similar platforms, smaller government, audit the Fed, etc.

As a Counselor I believe that you don't reward bad behavior, and I think that anyone who votes for Romney are rewarding the misbehavior and perhaps evil intentions of Reince Priebus and Roger VIllere.

I still not sure what the next 4 years will bring, but I think that the enlightened will take over the Republican party or start a new one. It is very difficult to unlearn the truth, and I am glad that my eyes were opened.


I'm assuming you are in LA.

I'm assuming you are in LA. If so, are your friends running for congress in LA as well, and if so, in what CD? I haven't found anyone decent so far in CD 6.

"The founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Ron Paul

"For the country to get better, it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren't enough. It needs a resurgence through churches, through revivals, through a spiritual

Running in Calcasieu Parish.

Calcasieu Parish. Just got this notice, From Cajun Conservatism Louisiana Political Bombshell: Calcasieu Republicans Endorse Jeff Landry. And no, that is not either of my two friends.

“Jeff Landry is the only proven conservative in this race,” said Bob Dewey, Chairman of the Calcasieu Republican Committee. “The Calcasieu RPEC trusts Congressman Landry to vote in the best interests of the people of Calcasieu Parish and all of SW Louisiana. Jeff will vote people over politics, Louisiana over Washington, and the next generation over his career,” said Dewey."

Nice that Bob Dewey is concerned about family values since his wife who had breast cancer and finished with her treatment went shopping with her sister and found a note on their front door when she returned saying that he is leaving and took some furniture with him to go move in with his girlfriend. They have divorced.


sounds like a deal

was struck between state GOP leaders and RNC/Romney camps. It probably went a little something like this.

RNC/Romney camp: " if you prevent RP campaign from winning we will make sure you get seated at the RNC"

Roger: "just let me know how much of a traitorous tyrant to liberty you need be and like a good little debt slave I will obey"

This probably happened in every state. Just wasn't as easy for LA has they actually have a convention elect delegates instead of voter fraud machines.

None Of The Above?

Back in July, I advocated voting for "None of the Above" or "None" as one of the alternatives to the two-party wrestling matches every two to four years - and I can still feel the bruises from the stoning I got from Ron Paul supporters.

Since that posting in July, the Nevada State GOP, with the help of state Democrats, have LEGALLY removed the word "None" from its ballots as a voter's choice/right.

It's easy to understand why Dr. Paul did not announce a third-party run on the Tonight Show - the two-party system does not want a train wreck with so many candidates, or, at the least, a STRONG third-party candidate on the ballots. So I put the question to all of you - now what is the REAL alternative to voting for two-party candidates in federal elections? Is voting REALLY the answer?

Be seeing you.

What ever AIPAC wants

AIPAC gets. We have two candidates who are both fully ingratiated to AIPAC and there was no way anything was going to stand in the way of their plan. Any one who was willing to blatantly rig an election to favor their candidates is going to be rewarded. There is no longer even the "pretense" of any thing near a fair election. The media are in this up to their neck and unless the majority of Americans wake the hell up and realize how close we are to a totalitarian regime we have lost. I hope, someday, I can replace the "unless" in the previous sentence to "until".

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.


Whoever uses the word leader, ask that person why he or she considers herself subordinate to someone.

Free man and free woman, it's high time to use correct language. I urge you, Lynn, to use words that describe what someone does and to not use words that influence the mind to accept unfair relationships.

Sloppy terminology either is accidental or deliberate. If it is the former state, fine, correct it and move on. If deliberate -- and I'm talking to everyone -- leave, go away.

As money is half of every transaction, communicative language is half of every experience. Language is the bridge between the mental plane and the physical plane. Accurate language reflects reality. Inaccurate language distorts and perverts reality. Language is the description of movement between the two planes. Don't ruin language, use language.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.


These lowly creatures are our SERVANTS.
And anyone led by them will take the fastest route to hell.

Thanks, Andy. To let you

Thanks, Andy. To let you know, I'm thinking representative government is step one in statism. I'm considering government is best when it doesn't exist. Why do I consider that? Because it makes sense that when a person cedes his thinking and acting, even if only partially, that his enslavement has began.

I'm thinking the Wild West wasn't wild after all. The individual is a defensive being whose offense is in retaliation, a reaction, not really an offense. Therefore, let life live. The individual can and does fine on his own.

For the most part, we see this lifestyle in our lives daily but conversely can see the opposite lifestyle, oppression, because government and businesses are one entity creating life so that the individual, in his abidance of their rules, asks them for permission to do for himself, that is, the individual cannot act on his idea then and there, allowing the individuals he interacts with to regulate themselves therefore him (in that sequence, mind you, always, always an inside-outside-therefore-inside relationship -- the individual's regulation, freedom's regulation).

So, down authoritarianism regardless its name such as government or otherwise and raise freedom.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

I already have decided to vote 3rd party or...

Write in Ron Paul. There's no way I could endorse dictatorship.


I know this may be a silly question

But bear with me because I'm still learning....

If he was elected on Friday, who was he elected by? I thought everything ended on Thursday...

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

good question

Knowing from what they've done in the past, I would guess they told all the Ron Paul delegates it was over Thursday so they wouldn't have to put up with any objections to them doing this. This is just my opinion though

Take back your health by giving your body the nurtients you need.

Download free mp3's of Dr. Wallach's radio show "Dead Doctors don't Lie" here:

Do not vote

For republiclowns or demoncraps. No vote or third party. Please do not vote for a lesser of two evils.

I left the GOP this morning

... I'm not expecting things to ever change no matter how many liberty folks pile on. The tree is rotten from the top down. It reeks of criminal globalist bankster sellouts at the top. Is Zbignew Brzinski back there somewhere? You simply will not prevail inside their tent... and I can't waste another four years for nought. I reckon' not.

You got that right....

An asshat!!

Fear knocked on my door and Faith answered!

We will just have to boot him

We will just have to boot him out when we get rid of Reince. I never thought I would say this, but let's bring back Michael Steele as RNC chairman.

At some point

voting from the rooftops will be our only option.

Live Free Or Die

We Have Work to Do

The whole party is ours for the taking. Our message is sound. We have the numbers and many more will awaken to the corruption. It is just a matter of getting involved and getting all those we can involved.

this quote, upset me

""I look forward to serving Republican voters in this new capacity and helping to grow the Party and win elections across America," Villere said. "Our focus for the next two months is to replace Barack Obama and save our country and way of life," he said."

He was so determined that OUR goal was to replace Obama. It was not to have a fair election. It wasn't to see what the voters wanted. It was not important to be kind and respect people. He wanted to replace Obama and stomped over Ron Paul and his supporters to do that. He doesn't even have enough faith in the system to believe it worked. So how much worse will he be on a national level.



He needs to be exposed at every public appearance this guy makes. What a corrupt asshole.

"None of the above"

I will not vote for ReBLOODlicans or DemoCRIPS

I will see who made my state's ballot like I did in 2008.

I voted for Pastor Chuck Baldwin.

Debbie's picture

I agree "None of the above" - I also voted for Pastor Chuck