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Roger Villere Elected RNC Vice Chairman

I don't know if many recognise this name. He is the LaGOP leader that would NOT give up his leadership position when the delegates voted him out. He is responsible for the LaGOP Ron Paul supporters to turn their chairs around. He is the leader that called in the police because the Ron Paul delegates may be violent. He is the one responsible for the police injuring two Ron Paul delegates that were voted to be the leaders.

He is the one who lied to the press and ordered new delegates to be sent to Florida, some who were not even in the election. He also served as a member of the RULES COMMITTEE in Tampa. How self serving.

I will never vote for Romney, but now with this man in a leadership position for the RNC, I will not vote Republican, and I have been a Republican for 40 years. If you can't trust your leaders to do what is right, and believe that the ends justify the means, then to hell with them.

If Romney and Obama are supported by banks and essentially the same, that I may as well vote for Obama. At least that gives me 4 years to find a good leader, than 8 years of damage that the crooked Republicans can do.

If Ron Paul recommends someone else, I will listen.

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he sure did get his payoff.

I can't think of anything to say without being taken away.

Can't We Simply Replace The RNC

in two years? Or have the RNC rules been changed in such a way that the RNC can simply invalidate the elections for RNC and appoint whomever they want? (Oops, hope I didn't give them any ideas.)

No worries

They would have thought of that on their own. It is telling to me that these "moderate" clowns I am in a political science class with think the GOP should be allowed to kick out "extreme" candidates. We still have work to do, America is a nation of sheep and by and large, most would be indifferent or agree with the actions of the clown now the ViceChairman.

The RNC rules have been changed such that they could abolish the

RNC and declare Romney Supreme Commander of the GOP.

(or declare Villere such a dictator for that matter)

There is NOTHING anyone can do.

They will simply change the rules to something else entirely, specifically to prevent you from succeeding.

It might be as blatant as: "no, you didn't win that seat - because I say so, and I declare you to be disturbing the peace and I'm having you arrested."

It IS that bad now folks.

Keep your powder dry.

If you think this sucks, wait till these jackbooted asshats get into the cabinet and other appointed positions.

Can you say Secretary of DHS Roger Villere? Do you want him in charge of the TSA?