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Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura Returns to TV!

All New Season Starts In 2 Months!
On Nov. 7 --10P Wednesdays
via his facebook

also please check out http://www.truthpursuers.com/

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Have a feeling he will have

Have a feeling he will have an episode on the 2 party system thats for sure

this will be awesome

bump :)

Perfect idea for a show

The conspiracy against Ron Paul :)

maybe he does have an episode

maybe he does have an episode on Ron Paul ;)

he did have an episode in the past

with a Paul delegate. Not sure what the whole episode was about, but this is a clip from it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=tuAKZ8...

De criminalize Liberty!

Are you sure?

I can't find any Trutv announcement on this!?


off his facebook

I would have liked to see Jesse....

...present as a DELEGATE somewhere, perhaps persuasively getting in someone's face who cheated him - would have liked to see the same out of Alex Jones; but, no matter - let's WASTE another 10 years watching documentaries about conspiracies/cheating/lying government that tell us what we already know(because our founders WARNED us it would come to this if we fell asleep) - also a message that turned people OFF to Ron Paul!

These documentaries, meant to fuel "outrage", woke a lot of people up granted; but as the FACE of our movement they waste time, make us mad, and turn people off to Ron's message of adding virtue and excellence to society.

We need people of CHARACTER in OFFICE - we're not ZEALOTS and INSURRECTIONISTS who want to provoke law enforcement!

We LEARNED Roberts Rules of Order, we read our county/state/national rules, participated, and WON - what Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura do is sensationalism, and fuel anger; it's NOT ME, it's NOT Ron Paul - it's a money-making RUSE for them; and it is a distraction from the WORK we have left to do, and must keep doing!

Sorry gang; these two personalities - nor Charlie Sheen, nor Rosie O'Donnell, nor any "celebrity power" HELPED US on the ground as we brought the fight to executive committees/state conventions and other hypocritical Republican hacks on their turf ... we won't get ANYWHERE righting wrongs until we're in a ELECTED position to so do ourselves - so just watching it on tv, sending them money to make documentaries does nothing!

The WINNERS get to write the history books; we need to WIN more, not WATCH more!

what is he up to?

something doesn't seem right about this....

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul



Are they

actually going to televise these ones?

interesting launch date

... the day after 2012 Presidential election . . . if Obama hasn't declared martial law by then . . .

sign the petition: http://www.RonPaul2012.net/