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Many NH activists were Free Staters! Freedom festival in June.

The ultimate tribute to Dr. Paul will be for all of us activists to keep the Ron Paul Revolution running full speed ahead.

Nowhere is that happening faster than in New Hampshire. The success of the Free State Project (www.FreeStateProject.org) has exceeded expectations and is producing tangible results in the Granite State.

You are invited to join the Second American Revolution. Once the dust has settled on Ron Paul’s primary elections, please check out the Free State Project’s website and forums/boards for information and insights on the freedom-loving folks who have already made the move and are working for “Liberty in Our Lifetime.”

You are invited to learn more about the state and this amazing geopolitical movement at this year’s Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka PorcFest 2008), to be held June 9-15 in Gilford, NH. Visit www.PorcFest.com for details.

Regardless of the outcome of this year’s election, Ron Paul has inspired a new generation of liberty lovers across the USA. Let’s channel that inspiration and motivation by supporting pro-liberty organizations like the Free State Project. Come to New Hampshire and be part of something historic!

Please forward this message to other Yahoo! groups and Meetup groups to which you subscribe. We cannot rely on mainstream media to report our successes, so we’re counting on you for viral, grassroots communication.

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