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Top 10 Reasons Why Writing in "Ron Paul" for the 2012 Pres. sElection is BEST

10 - It's a SCAM for the STUPID. Your vote won't count and the media will call it and make up the results with excuses. The popular vote is the easiest thing to SCAM, and it is SCAMMED every time (at least in the last 50 years).

9 - In a Republic the popular vote is an obscenity and a charade. Not voting helps you educate the ignorant about the Electoral College and the delegate system, and WHY it is SUPERIOR. This is especially important when you have disinfo agents like Gore and Evelyn de Rothschilde trying to destroy our Republican System of Government.

8 - The lesser of X Numbers of Evil is still Evil. If someone offered you a meal of CAT CRAP or DOG CRAP, would you feel smart for choosing and then woofing down BIRD CRAP? Would you then try to force others to and ostracize them for not making your desperate decision? CRAP is still CRAP.

7 - It's a major intellectual and emotional TIME WASTER. Instead of DELUDING yourself into thinking you will obtain some measure of victory through a SCAM you could be doing ANYTHING. Literally. Or better yet, aim your rage and frustration at the system to spread the rEVOLution locally.

6 - Ron Paul is a RARITY. Adopting a figurehead this soon instead of MAKING THEM PROVE THEIR SALT stinks of compromise and desperation. The RON PAUL rEVOLution needs to keep their standards high to win over future fence sitters IN EVERY PARTY. That means NO COMPROMISES and A STRICT VETTING PROCESS--especially for someone who thinks he can fill Ron Paul's shoes as President.

5 - The rEVOLution need LEADERS, NOT FOLLOWERS. Stop fantasizing about who's going to be in the White House and take a sober look in the mirror. Is a Ron Paul rEVOLutionary staring back? Have you replaced your local chairman yet? How about at the state convention? Don't you want to send Boehner, McConnel, and all these weasels packing?!

4 - Ron Paul already WON and BEAT the 2012 s[E]lection SCAM by proving it's a SCAM all over the internet, MSM TV/radio, and LIVE AT THE RNC! The least you could do is spend some time working on his whole 'take over the GOP LOCALLY plan'.

3 - LIBERTY CANDIDATES for governor, congress, and all the way down to your local chair are what you SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT. Politics starts locally, not nationally. This is rEVOLution 101. Last year we failed to field people like Peter Schiff who SHOULD have kicked ass and won. What's the plan? Are you seriously too busy with GJ bumper stickers?

2 - The Ron Paul rEVOLution was never about a one shot Presidential run. One shot Presidential runs can end with one shot (see Kennedy). It's about an ongoing and active rEVOLution--targeting the GOP--FROM THE GROUND UP. That's why they call it 'GRASSROOTS'. This is explained clearly OVER and OVER in many of Ron Paul's interviews, speeches, and books. To be a RON PAUL SUPPORTER you need to SUPPORT RON PAUL. Not with empty words and rhetoric, but action.

1 - It SCARES the SH*T out of the establishment. Not voting and writing him in worries these people. Not because they count it, but because they DON'T. They know they're missing participants at their 4 year Koolaid Fest.

Participants that OWN GUNS, see through their scam, and are out spreading rEVOLution.

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What about the Constitution Party?

I really am trying to figure out what to do come November. If you have the time and inclination, I would appreciate any insite you have here: http://www.dailypaul.com/253758/is-goode-any-good-requesting...

0 - It will keep Gary Johnson from Winning

0 - It will keep Gary Johnson from Winning! And we'd much rather have Obamney win, right?

Give me a break! The majority of states don't allow write-ins, so there will be no way to even write in Ron Paul's name (very hard to do on a computer touch-screen) and if you are able to write it in, they won't count it or display it in any way. You may feel better about it yourself, but it doesn't help America and the cause of Liberty, which would greatly be helped if Gary Johnson became President (instead of the other 2 bankster-puppets).


We ARE winning, let's not waste time on distractions and traps!

11 - No RP 3rd Party run or Endorsement

It's great to hear RP is following his plan like we all knew he would.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:


#12 - Because it makes me feel good.

Even if I have to write Dr. Paul in again this year, at least I know there is/was a paper trail.