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"If you want to win the majority, you need to appeal to the majority.


The blame for our staggering loss in NH cannot be concentrated. It's easy to point the finger at fraud, the campaign, dumb voters, or the mainstream media.

But listen. The self-declared Ron Paul r3VOLution is comprised of those with a common mistrust of the establishment, desire for liberty, and anger at the mainstream media. It is an extraordinarily passionate movement. It has said, over and over, that this is about more than just Ron Paul: it's about itself, which is, a movement.

But in order to elect Ron Paul president, we needed a majority.

The fact is, the majority of the population is not mistrustful like we are, either of the establishment or the media. And more importantly, they are not angry. And even more importantly, they don't WANT to be a part of a "revolution."

We in the movement thought, if we are loud enough, if Ron Paul wins enough Straw Polls, enough internet polls, if we write enough letters to the editor, if we are on enough street corners, if we hand out enough slim jims, if we get a blimp, if there's a Ron Paul plane in the sky, if we protest the Fox News forum loudly enough ... then the voters will come. But what happened was, we just looked like a kooky movement.

For Ron Paul to win, we don't need a majority of the population to join the Ron Paul R3VOLution. That will never happen in the next few months. We just need ordinary people with more mainstream views to vote for Ron Paul on basic policy issues. He's the one making sense, the most informed, the most genuine seeming candidate, because he opposes the war, because he's the strongest pro-life candidate, and so on. It needed to be about Ron Paul.

In New Hampshire, though, the Ron Paul r3VOLution itself eclipsed Ron Paul the candidate.

We are passionate, we are angry. So the Union Leader posted a video of us on all four corners of Elm Street, shouting "Fox News Sucks!" (I was there.) But we need to accept responsibility that that anger and passion turned people off.

Our extraordinarily loud presence on Elm Street in Manchester that last week, I believe, was extremely harmful to the public perception. I had to reconvince an old mainstream Reagan conservative to vote for Ron Paul on primary day, because he didn't want to be associated with a fringe, "whacko" movement. My own wife stopped going to the Ron Paul websites after she watched a video in which Ron Paul supporters accosted Frank Luntz and told him to f*k off. I myself was appalled to see another video in which Sean Hannity was swarmed by a horde of angry supporters and told him the same.

The Ron Paul revolution eclipsed the campaign. In future primary states, we need to decide: is this about the revolution, or is it about a campaign for president? If you want a majority, we'll need to be much more mainstream than we were.

You need to choose your battles. This is not a war against the media. This is not a war against the prevailing paradigm. Ron Paul is electable without discussing the CFR, 9/11, and legalizing marijuana. If this is a war against people's prevailing ideas, it will take a lot longer than this election season. If it's about electing Ron Paul, we've got to play by the rules. So let's make some adjustments and try to make Ron Paul look legitimate by current, prevailing standards. And get out of the way. Clean up, folks. Put on some ties. Get out of the internet blogs. Start being nice to national pundits. Stop shouting. If you want to win the majority, you need to appeal to the majority. Period. We blew it.

For many of us, this is our first foray into politics. Last week I learned a big lesson about the politics of persuasion.

I appreciate your time.

Peter Martin

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Gender Bias Needs to be Addressed

If only 4% of Republican women vote for Ron Paul as against 11% for Republican men as happened in New Hampshire it is all over. Ron Paul would have tied for 3rd in N.H. instead of coming in 5th if the women voted the same way as the men.

Elections can't be won with only 4% of half of the electorate voting for Ron Paul.

Logic Flaw

If you want to WIN the majority, you need to have a larger number of voters BELIEVE more in your message than any other candidate's. Catering to irrational desires, prejudices, ignorance, blindness, fears as though they have validity is the true waste of time. Ron Paul will NEVER deliver the sheeple the soothing words they love to hear better than the other, well-coiffed, well-oiled candidates that have made their careers on pandering to the masses.

We are the WOLF in the herd. Educate the sheeple with LOGIC. We can't win by "dressing up" like them.

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

excellent post

I hope it will make it onto the front page.

We cannot indeed focus on every little issue - some of which are so marginal/extreme that they scare more people that they attract. We should indeed change the atmosphere in DC and many other things will follow.

Campaign needs to discuss specific laws that are outrageous

RP's campaign needs to move into phase 2 soon.

Phase 2 will be to specifically go over, in detail, all the laws that John McCain and Hillary Clinton put into effect as buddies in the Senate...that took real civil liberties away from us.

I can name at least a dozen outrages that the MSM never discusses.

And, no, the Patriot Act is not one of them.

There are laws worse than the Patriot Act that will make the general public just as outraged as those boys who chased Sean Hannity.

Most of them involve serious Internet Regulation...which may explain why it sometimes seems that only people who use the Internet are backing Ron Paul

Ron Paul's "problem" so far is that his staff at HQ does not seem to be listening to those of us who know of these specific laws and keep begging Ron Paul to at least mention them by name.

This post needs to be read far and wide.

There are some excellent points here. If our goal is to win the election, we do not need to change the message of Ron Paul but we do need to change our image as supporters.

Here is the bottom line: if we come across as rude, disrespectful, crazy, cultish, unintelligent or "fringe", then we are going to turn people away who actually are RP supporters that don't know it yet!

The beauty of Ron Paul people is that they come from every walk of life. However, we need to get the whole team on the same page: let's do it for the message and for all the sacrifice that Dr. Paul is making to help this misguided country get back on track.

It is not an infringement of your liberty to talk politely, wear a tie or to not act out when you're angry. Do it for the Revolution! Let's get respect back and watch our numbers climb!

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." - Romans 12:18

Brilliant article that explains why we love Dr. Paul:

Yes, the campaign should listen to this

You are exactly correct. This has to be a movement that all people would be comfortable with and want to be involved in. That is what is so damaging about offensive behavior and words. It is a huge turn off and ironically sends people to support a candidate who agrees with fewer of their views.

The campaign has totally missed the boat by never saying what kind of conduct and what actions they would HOPE to see. Dr Paul's speeches are fine but he should have a specific call to action and something a little more substantative than "have fun!"

Are we in this for the win? If so we all better get on the same page. Imagine how others might perceive you. Also stop with the "sheeple" nonsense. Who are you to judge others? That attitude is going to turn off ten for every one you are able to talk to. Where we are nationally is depressing enough, you are not going to get very far insulting people too.

As I have said in numerous posts the campaign needs to give specific direction to chanel the fantastic volunteer effort and record setting financial donations into effective concerted action. We have truth, volunteers, and money all that is needed is some direction. The message will spread better and who knows what could happen with the vote.

Thanks for your post

Well Said!

Just peacefully distribute issues information!

People still know how to read (I think).

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!


Good food for thought.

You Are Correct, But How Do We Accomplish This?

There is much truth in what you say. But the problem is, how do we get any attention when the media are ignoring us, or ridiculing us? I agree, we need to have the moral high ground, and we need to avoid looking like a fringe group. Ron Paul is advocating Constitutional government, which is a radical concept to people who have accepted government intrusion in their lives, and a government that takes half of what they earn as normal. Most Americans seem to think that inflation is a natural occurance, and have no idea about what gold-backed currency means.

How do we get to the majority without looking fringe? I agree, this is what we need to do, but how can we compete with the media who give free publicity to the political prostitutes who are opposing Ron Paul? How can we avoid discussing the obvious connection between the media, the banks, them major corporations and the other candidates?

I am total agreement with you. We need to broaden our base. I just don't know what we have to do. I can't understand how any intelligent American could possibly support one of the other candidates. What do they see in slavery and being robbed?

I could not have said that better....

in elections you are trying to get people to vote for your candidate and you do that through persuasion. That persuasion can be from a thoughtful, honest individual or from a huckster. People are used to hucksters. They expect more of a cheerleading rah-rah to steer them from one candidate to another.

The task of attracting people to Ron Paul is made that much more difficult as Ron is trying to get votes while going beyond feeding people "feel good" fairy tales. That requires us to be even more respectul, more clever and more focused...on the candidate!

Ron Paul performed so well in that South Carolina debate, but he also has now to overcome exactly the problems you addressed.

Thanks and I hope it's not too late. It sure ain't Ron Paul who is kooky.

Sterile, Nice Revolution is

Sterile, Nice Revolution is a total and complete Joke!! When you measure what's at stake, there is no way the Power Elite in both Parties are going to support Ron Paul becuase his supporters are Nice. That's Silly!! Billions of Dollars in No Bid Contracts, Never Ending War, Billion Dollar Weapons Systems, need i go on?? Some of you are so navie to the point of being SILLY!!! Revolution gets your hands Dirty, if you don't have the stomach for it, go prepare to be a Slave and a Serf in your own Country.

The revolution started

The revolution started without bad behavior. Ron Paul's supporters were always enthusiastic but have only recently gone over the line. Just because we are frustrated by all the unfair obstacles doesn't excuse bad behavior.

We should just look at Ron Paul in the last debate for example. He stayed polite and was brilliant. He could have acted like some of the others did. He could have giggled and acted disrespectful when the others talked. Would you still have taken his message as seriously as you do now?

The people who support those others and don't mind that their candidate is less than admirable says something about them. They obviously aren't inspired by their candidate's message and intellect. It must be that they are only influenced by the media.

We have this great candidate and his great message and they don't. So there is no need to act childish like their candidates do.

Not the power elite

He didn't say 'power elite', they will never accept Ron Paul. He is talking about appealing to rank and file Republicans. And they are leery of revolutionary talk I think - they don't see what's so wrong that you would need a revolution.

"What does conservatism today stand for? It stands for war. It stands for power. It stands for spying, jailing without trial, torture, counterfeiting without limit, and lying from morning to night."

Lew Rockwell

Enthusiasm is a great thing.

Enthusiasm is a great thing. But bullying, obscenities, and bad manners will turn off almost everyone.

This is so obviously true

I don't even like the R3volution sign; it's cool if you 'get it'. If you don't it looks John Lennonish and people think they know what it's about. They don't understand it is a valiant effort to get rid of socialism and govt control. Trying to explain this to people quickly is almost impossible. It's all branding and perceptions.

I think Dr. Paul's conservative immigration ad which sent a lot of RP supporters off, shows he knows which voters he needs and what image to portray.

"What does conservatism today stand for? It stands for war. It stands for power. It stands for spying, jailing without trial, torture, counterfeiting without limit, and lying from morning to night."

Lew Rockwell

Sorry, your ideas won't work

The reason why your ideas won't work boils down to a simple fact: there are two kinds of voters: people and sheeple.

People study the issues, know where the candidates stand, know where the candidates stood in the past, and make a decision based on that. A person is not easily decieved because he uses his brain to actually think.

Sheeple vote for the candidate that Hannity tells them to vote for. They get all of their information from Fox or CNN or maybe even the evening news. Some sheeple actually make up their mind who to vote for when they enter the voting booth. Most sheeple don't even start thinking about who to vote for until a day or two before election day.

Your ideas are good for herding sheeple. The problem with that is that the only way to herd sheeple is by taking over the airwaves. Only Fox, NBC, CNN, etc. have the ability to herd sheeple. You're kidding yourself if you think there is another effective method. And we have no hope of getting any "sheeple herding assistance" from the MSM. Not gonna happen.

The only way Ron Paul can win is by changing sheeple into people. To do that takes extreme measures. You have to get people out of their comfort zone, you have to get them to actually think.

The video with protesters chasing Hannity? For the most part, that is great propaganda for the sheeple herders, it will turn off most sheeple and keep them from supporting Ron Paul. But for some, for a few of the sheeple, it will make them think. They will wonder about why the protest happened. They will consider that maybe Hannity and Fox are biased and will research the question. And if they look into it, they will come to the conclusion that Faux is biased and then they might begin to ignore the MSM and consider Ron Paul.

I'll second that....

John Doe has hit on the truth here IMHO. I strongly believe that time is incredibly short to effect change in this country if we are to avert disaster. Having said that, I just cannot see Ron Paul appealing to any majority of sheeple, no matter what he says.

How can he even compete on the playing field of "issues"? Ron Paul would be the FIRST person to tell you that he represents a PHILOSOPHY, not a simple tweaking of policy. There is no way to "spin" Ron Paul's LIBERTY into acceptable/"digestible" policy, programs, etc for the sheeple. He HAS NONE that would satisfy as "numbingly" as those offered by Obama, etc. What he offers is the freedom to every American/all Americans to REBUILD the institutions in a more sustainable way. To rethink exactly WHAT government should be. To recreate a NEW economy.

Ron Paul does NOT have the "answers", as ALL other candidates would have us believe of themselves. He offers the opportunity for ALL OF US to figure them out. To compete on that level is folly.

I sincerely wish, hope, and will continue to WORK for Ron Paul's election THIS TIME. But I absolutely KNOW that we must educate the sheeple, not talk to them as thought their misguided fears and desires represent governable LOGIC.

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

Not trying to insult you but what your saying makes no sense

Juvenile and ignorant statements ....we have to win an election that means winning the majority. There was no benefit to all the snow ball throwing and it didnt speak for Ron Paul in a way that educated anyone. MSM, Zionist, Faux News blah blah blah...its all sounding pretty tired right now. Bottom line is that Presidents dont get elected because they make sense. They get the job because a majority vote for that person. As supporters we have 2 seconds to make a good or bad impression on hi behalf.

Ron Paul has a hard enough time educating people because he sometimes glosses over very intellectual issues as though everyone understands where he's coming from. Lets not make his life harder having to try and explain away who his "whack job" followers are...

lets help him to stick to the issues....

-----------------DO YOU REALLY WANT RON TO WIN------------------
Ron needs more than just money. Send this strategy to mail@ronpaul2008.com and also to press@ronpaul2008.com if these ideas make sense to you

-----------------DO YOU REALLY WANT RON TO WIN------------------
Ron needs more than just money. Send this strategy to mail@ronpaul2008.com and also to press@ronpaul2008.com if these ideas make sense to you

We don't have time to

We don't have time to educate everyone at this point in time; we do have time to win an election. While we all know where RP is coming from when he talks about how the country is going bankrupt, a lot of people don't want to hear that.

Once in a while I'd like to hear Ron Paul talk like a politician. A few "I'll produce jobs.", "I bring a message of hope." and some other BS lines may sound hollow to us, but they go along way with the people you call "sheeple".

It'll be years before enough Americans are ready for the real message. Until then maybe we should give them what they want to hear.


can you imagine how four years of President Ron Paul would change the political paradigm in the US? That sure appeals to me alot more than publicly cursing at pollsters, dredging up every conspiracy since the Dutch Tulip craze and shouting people down...for God's sake, shouting people down is a totalitarian tactic.

The voters must want to embrace some part of Ron Paul or this effort will just devolve in a 5% vote and impressions of the angry mob represernting libertarian thinking.


This is spot on and something I think the campaign has received a lot of criticism for. The hardcore supporters attracted a solid base stronger than any other candidate has. Now it is time to branch out to a more mainstream audience.

These are great points. If you change the title people won't have to bump it. This should be front page.


that is a good idea

Thanks a lot, Peter. This

Thanks a lot, Peter. This info should definitely be taken seriously.

I hope you are heard

The masses have come to know of a vociferous, independent revolution that has the power to fundamentally change the world around them.

Unfortunately, in the home of liberty, the masses have been kept away from it for decades. So much so that our revolution and its message of liberty is going to be perceived as new or even alien by the masses. And when anyone perceives anything new, the first question their unconscious mind automatically answers is: Is it threatening or not? In my opinion, the answer to this question is going to determine if our movement is going to reach the next level or not. If the masses perceive it is as threatening, we will not grow much after this day. If the masses perceive it as inviting..we will have broken through!

The job for the grassroots is to make this new message as appealing as possible, and avoid doing anything that makes it appear threatening.The key to that is keeping in mind the following:

1. We need more people to join.

2. People join a movement that appeals to them, and:

a. The most appealing aspect of our movement is Dr Paul's message.
b. The second most appealing aspect is Dr Paul’s integrity.

We have the opportunity to maneuver and guide the attention of our friends and the media to these two aspects of our movement. We also have the opportunity to extend an invitation to people to learn about Dr Paul and his message.Everyone appreciates an invitation… yes everyone.

3. We are going to get a good share of hostile media. But we must realize that our strategy against hostile media has to change from ‘fight back’ to ‘ignore’. Anything that we do or say that is aggressive is going to be spinned by the media as ‘threatening’.

Bottom line is that, if we have to attract the majority, then we have to be strong but avoid being 'loud'.

"You must be the change that you want to see in the world"
- Mahatma Gandhi

retitle this topic "If you want to win the majority, you need to

"If you want to win the majority, you need to appeal to the majority. Period." Is a more catchy title


Bump that high.

"The self-declared Ron Paul r3VOLution is comprised of those with a common mistrust of the establishment, desire for liberty, and anger at the mainstream media. It is an extraordinarily passionate movement. It has said, over and over, that this is about more than just Ron Paul: it's about itself, which is, a movement."

3% to effect a revolution

There is a saying that it takes something like 3% of the population to effect a revolution. During the Revolutionary war, only a small percentage were active in the war effort, the rest hid thier heads in the sand. It always amazes me when you try to teach someone about the Federal Reserve or the CFR or the North American Union and they don't want to know; the moral courage it takes to face the truth is too much for them. Universal sufferage is a joke; why should people who won't bother to learn or get informed be armed with the power to vote?

Anyway, the good news for us is that, while we may make some mistakes along the way, if we keep at it (even after the election) we CAN and we WILL effect a revolution.

As Whiston Churchill said - Never Ever Give Up!

Very well said

It is exremely frustrating to find yourself and your candidate totally ignored by the press, so I can totally appreciate the frustration vented that day.

Okay then...

the young supporters have stepped up and done the impossible- they have taken OVER the entire internet- its time for the older more mature, professsional supporters to conquer THEIR battlefields.

I agree

This old fart signed up to be a precinct captain and am starting this week to make a difference in my neighborhood.