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Here is why people are wrong in supporting traitor Flip Flopney and Paul Ryan for President.

My letter to Dixie-Paleocon, after their appropriately downvoted "reasons" for supporting the Romney/Ryan ticket.

You can see their post here:


UPDATE: Here is a reason #5): Anyone who can possibly vote this rigged, fraudulent ticket, including Senator Paul, is sacrificing their principles and bowing down to the throne of Prince Machiavelli.

Remember this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B39W91O-rUg


1) You are voting against your principles...which kind of cancels out your principles....much like when your VP choice whored himself out on the Congressional floor in defense of TARP (!) to the "madame" Speaker, with one of the WORST breaches of logic in recent history:


2) You are choosing the "lesser of two evils" (much like Roosevelt sided with Stalin to defeat Hitler)....although, aside from the millions of unborn children slaughtered (which is bad enough), there are not scores of millions currently being starved to death in gulags and, in a lesser number simultaneously roasted in concentration camps in Germany and Poland.

So, in essence, the lesser of two evils is not applicable here because it all balances out. HEAR ME CAREFULLY HERE: Hayek wrote that socialism brings the natural outgrowth of fascism.

And while Flip-Flopney may (may) slow down the socialism (and really straight up communism and marxism of Obama), Flip-Flopney will be powerless to slow down the FASCISM....as he is bought out by the same corporatist overlords that bought out and paid for Obama in 2008.

{And I don't need to refer you to opensecrets.org so you can see who the donors are/were....as I am sure you probably already know who they are.]

The sheer evils of the presidential-assasination wielding, ULTRA neo-con betrayer named Barak Hussein Obama...are now balanced out by the fact that the Romney campaign is now saying that Obama is too weak on foreign policy(!).



(How does that offend your principles, Dixie-paleocon, with this bastardization of the peace-loving Old Right? Yeah I thought so. It offends mine, too.)

3) Paul Ryan voted for the NDAA, and then voted AGAINST (against! )the repeal of sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA.

He is no Ayn Rand disciple. Nor is he a "conservative". Voted for Medicare Part D, TARP, and the bailouts.


4) Flip Flopney has a similar and equally sordid record.


I am not sure what further incontrovertible evidence you need but for all of the foregoing, you are wrong wrong wrong on this...and DULY downvoted.

For Lady Liberty,

Norfolk, VA

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Romney has to pretend that Obama is "weak" on

foreign policy. It's something the old codgers still stuck in the Cold War expect their Republican to do. When push comes to shove though, there will be enough Constitutionalist Senators and Congressmen to keep Romney from going wild on foreign policy. From what I've heard from Romney on the campaign trail, unlike Obama, he does not believe American troops should be put in harm's way for humanitarian missions if America's "interests" aren't directly at stake.

I know. America has some pretty broad interests, but, unlike John McCain and Barrack Obama, Romney is no straight-up Wilsonian. Remember, Bush was able to take us into Iraq in 2003 because the vast majority of Congress supported it. Romney will be hawkish, but, if he takes us into any wars, it's the American people we'll need to blame because Romney will not do anything that he believes may jeopardize him politically.

I don't agree

1. Because I understood Ron Paul wanted us to become national delegates, and I wanted to be a national delegate for Ron Paul, I worked very hard against a committee that did not want me, to petition as a Ron Paul Republican. I qualified and was seated and became a national delegate. Romney won the election in CA so his delegates went.

I was very dissappointed as I worked hard campaigning for Ron Paul, had my car keyed, shunned, neighbors calling me racist, homophone, right wing wacko...and was even told my campaigning for Ron Paul would land me in a FEMA camp and not too soon. The GOP was as opposed to me as the liberals. That did not stop me. I attended the central committee meetings for a year before I was appointed a seat, as they hoped I would break the by-laws and they could get rid of me.. it'a always been about knocking the Ron Paul people out.

I see this past nomination as a robery and again, I see the GOP nominated Robme, not to win, but to repulse Ron Paul Republicans hand have them RUN, kick them to the streets again, where there is no power. While I am NOT happy about the nomination, I'm NOT going to run, not going to hide, not going to make their day and get lost. If getting lost is your principle, do what you want, but for me, my vote is not for robme, it's for the elected Ron Paul Republicans like myself. I will NOT abandon them so the rats can single them out and eat them alive. I'm going to stand tall and hold them to the oath they took to the constitution. Let's see how much they like being held to oaths. My prinicple is I may lose some battles, but this war for freedom is NOT over and the GOP is MY party, and while I DON'T like who they nominated, I don't like what THEY did, I'm sticking for the opportunity to continue to restore america to constitutional government. Obama will NOT give anyone that chance.. Romney has no choice,, maybe those 10 fat man do, but I'm STANDING against them too. There may not be many of us, but WE are the best Ron Paul has. WE did what he asked and those who didn't, those who are running to "better" candidates are abandoning us, in the name of principle.

2. There is no such thing as a lessor of two evils. There is NO presidential candidate I like in any way shpae or form. It was Ron Paul ALL THE WAY for me, so to compromise for anyone, GJ, Goode, anyone but Ron Paul is impoossible, yet I must vote and my Romney vote is not FOR Robme but FOR elected Ron paul Republicans. They need me and I need them tio Restore America. The Neocns and 10 fat men want Obama and I;'m not going to give them Obama, they can have the Robme they forced on us, because at least if affords Ron paul Republicans the opportuny to be in power to restore America. Did you know, so many people joined the GOP for Ron Paul the committee seats in the GOP grew and the committee seats in the Democratic party shrank. It's nearly half and half. Palin's people are now storming the GOP taking those seats so Ron Paul supports won't. We are being gamed, and if that's OK with you, do what you want. But if you're sick of being played, take a seat. Ron paul cured my apathy. It appears you still have yours.

3. It's NOT about the front men Robme and Cryin, it's about empowering elected Ron Paul Republicans PERIOD.

4. Robme SICKS, we all KNOW that, it's WHY the 10 fat cats forced him on us.. they want YOU OUT, back to the street, and what do you do? Exactly what they want and in the name of principle.

This is what your principles are empowering http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFBWnlDgTRk

I get it.

Thank you. There is much to contemplate.

sharkhearted's picture

Your post is bizarre

Does not compute.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I see

1. The ten fat cats forced Romney on us, not to win, but to hand Obama another four years, to enable global corporations to solidify a global government, by, for, and of global corporations.

2. Eliminate Ron Paul Republicans, by chasing the grassroots away by repulsing them, (evoking fear and loathing) and filling the vacuum with another Republican running as a libertarian who will not win, and is not in it to win.

Those who are running away are:

1. Abandoning the elected Ron Paul Republicans
2. Giving up the good fight by willingly defaulting FOR Obama

Ron Paul's campaign grew the GOP so that my committee gained 5 additional seats, that the Democrats lost. It was 21 GOP seats to 40 Democratic. It is now 26 GOP seats to 35 Democratic.

The GOP had empty seats. My first meeeting had 2 seated members both former Democrats. The Democratic Party's seats were full. The Libertarian Party has NO seats in this county and in the majority of counties. It is a toothless party, a spoiler party, for those who vote issues and feelings.

Palin's people appear to be more politically astute, for they are taking OUR seats, as Republicans are NOW registering LP, AFTER the seats were handed out.

We are being PLAYED. Leaving the GOP and going to GJ IS THE FAT CAT PLAN FOR YOU because THEY Don't want YOU to have POWER.

With those seats we have power to CHANGE THE LAWS OF OUR COUNTIES.

You will not achive what you hope to achieve by abandoning your elected Ron Paul Republicans, not getting a committee seat, giving up the good fight because you are repulsed.. THEY REPULSED YOU PURPOSELY, TO MAKE YOU LEAVE.

I'm sorry to see so many good people run away in the name of principle. Principle finds a way to fight a good fight. When you LOVE something, really LOVE something, YOU FIGHT FOR IT, in this case the IT is Ron Paul Republicans who are the heirs to his message in government.

Ron Paul picked the GOP, none of us did. We can not abandon a two year elected committment and rebuke our loyalty oaths because that's what THEY want.

So, I am sorry to see posts like yours, and sorrier that you find mine bizzare and you don't compute, and sorriest of all that I believe that you don't.

Granger is doing a good job explaining his Romney vote.

His reasoning is the correct one for a person to vote Romney. He knows I am not voting that way. However, part of my reasoning is also due to being in the party and will use my reasoning in the future for dealing with party antics.

If anyone were to vote Romney, read Grangers stuff. I consider it valid from another strategic perspective.

ample validity

in helping me reconsider all things, thanks Bro !

Dixie P

Is just snot nosed little brat that that thinks she knows everything at 21 hehe.

sharkhearted's picture

Get your personal attacks off my forum

I don't agree with childish ad homs like this. Everyone sees them for what they are...

It is one thing to attack ideas. That is part of a healthy debate.

But it is unacceptable to personally attack people with insults, and I won't tolerate them.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

How's that glass house working out for you?


Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Response to point one.

I am not voting against my principles. Romney as president will implement legislation which coincide with my principles, such as most of his plans for healthcare, tax-lowering, regulation-slashing, and appointing pro-life and somewhat strict constructionists to the Supreme Court. If Conservatives hadn't voted for the lesser of two evils since Reagan left, Obamacare would have been upheld by a 9-0 decision. Can you imagine how dangerous it would be in this country if every single Justice on the SCITUS believed Obamacare to be Constitutional?

Stand tall

You are not alone!

Bush appointed the Supreme Court Justice...

that cast the deciding vote to uphold ObamaCare. Romney laid the blueprint.

Mitt has said he was pro-choice in the past... believe him now?

There will be no tax lowering from Mitt. He increased "fees" on the MA citizens overwhelmingly while in office.

There will be no regulation slashing from Romney, he's used the government for his own benefit in the past. Ted Kennedy was going to put out this ad in 1994 (went unaired): http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=romney%2C+ted+ke...

Take off the blinders - if you truly believe in libertarianism.

sharkhearted's picture

All great points. Thanks


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

corrected - *pro-choice


Is this Sean Hannity?

Do you really have an account on the DP?

You are confusing what Romney says with what Romney will do.

Would you like me to go on YouTube and look up all the videos where gW said he was against military adventurism and nation building?

Turn off Michael savage (real name Michael wiener) and take a good spoonful of reality when you get the chance.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Well, if Romney will do the exact opposite of what he says,

like you say he will I guess we can expect him to lead a humble foreign policy.

"if Romney will do the exact opposite of what he says...

...like you say he will"

Actually I never said that.

I said his words and his actions don't match up. That is nowhere near the same as saying that all his actions will be the exact opposite of his words.

It's revealing that you dont even ATTEMPT to defend his character. Let's hope for the sake of a few hundred thousand innocent Iranian lives that his flip-flopping doesn't stop anytime soon.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

sharkhearted's picture

Right....strict constructionalists like

Samuel Alito....

Who apparently support broad presidential powers..

I'll pass.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


I don't agree with you. But I will not attack you on this thread. Don't bump this thread, let it die. It is in really bad taste to single you out for attack when all you did was express a few quiet opinions here. You haven't been spamming us, you haven't been flaming us, I just don't see the justification for this thread.

No, that's fine. Sharkhead raises some valid

objections. I just happen to disagree with all of them. I just don't have a problem with voting for the lesser of two evils in a general election if I can see a clear, cut distinction between the two that makes the lesser of two evils quite a bit less evil. And I happen to believe that Mitt Romney is quite a bit less evil than Barrack Obama.

sharkhearted's picture

Dixie-Paleocon is a very intelligent individual

And I appreciate her being a good sport on my forum and I respect her opinion to disagree.

We are all individuals here with strong opinions, no doubt.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

* him


sharkhearted's picture

Stop being so touchy feely...this is NOT a personal attack

It is an attack on ideas.

This person boldly proclaimed why they are voting for Rigged/Ryan ticket


And so this is my response.

Fair game.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

"Obama Makes Lincoln Look Like Jefferson"

I remember reading that "Obama makes Lincoln look like Jefferson" near the end of Dixie-Paleocon's so-called case for Romney/Ryan over Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has not murdered over 600,000 people, like Lincoln did when he commanded an invasion of the Southern states for daring to be free from taxation without representation. Obama has not ordered military coups against state governments, like Lincoln did in Southern-border states like Maryland. Obama has not suspended the Bill of Rights, like Lincoln did in the Northern states against pro-peace dissidents and his political rivals. Obama has not illegally instituted unconstitutional taxes, like Lincoln did when he levied an income tax. Obama has not enacted into law the printing of money (the Fed, for which Lincoln laid the groundwork in the National Banking Act of 1864, does that).

Barack Obama is a terrible president, but he is merely imitating the example of far more evil men. Lincoln and others set the precedent for the modern imperial presidency. A man can be killed, but the idea endures. Truly defeating Obama is more than just another equally evil statist defeating him in an election, but vanquishing the ideas for which they both stand.

It is one thing for one misguided libertarian to support Romney/Ryan, but when he professes that he - as a former Ron-Paul supporter - will be encouraging others to do so, the thought of the damage that his shilling for statists will do to the credibility of the Revolution is truly sickening.

"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors, but today we kneel only to truth." - Kahlil Gibran

sharkhearted's picture

Very good points! And I agree with you about Lincoln.

In my personal opinion, he should NEVER be immortalized in American taxpayer dollars.

The banksters were alive and well back then and that is the REAL reason for the so-called "civil" war.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

It's a matter if time and place.

Obama believes the Northern invasion was just and right and had he been in Lincoln's shoes, would have done the same ad Lincoln, only probably a lot more brutally. That's like saying because Obama gasn't done as much NET damage as FDR that he isn't ad bad as FDR. But, Obama doesn't have to because FDR accomplished most of what he set out to do. Obama hasn't been able to accomplish as much as FDR also because the Republican Hiuse gas prevented him from doing much damage over the past two years.

Obama wants to and has built on top of his hero's foundation.

Obama hasn't been able to

Obama hasn't been able to accomplish as much as FDR also because the Republican Hiuse gas prevented him from doing much damage over the past two years.

And right there is the best reason for NOT voting Romney. Imagine what Romney will be able to do to us WITH a GOP house and (horrors!) senate.

Divided government is the only protection we have in a world where the principles of liberty remain unrecognized by the majority.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

The Keynesian stimulus packages ("jobs bills") and tax hikes

that Obama wants to implement that have been thwarted by the House are not on Rommey's agenda.

The question is, what would

The question is, what would Romney and a GOP controlled congress implement if left unchecked?

Expanded militarism and additional wars? Reductions in personal liberties? Expanded crony capitalism?

Nope, gimme a GOP congress and a Dem president and let 'em spend another 4 years fighting and getting nowhere.

If we're REALLY lucky they won't agree an anything and it'll be as if they're not there at all!

What was worse, the 1st 2 years of O's first term (1 party rule), or the last 2 (when the GOP house checked him)?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein