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My Experience at the RNC

I have always been rather skeptical about people who make claims that the "establishment" is cheating Ron Paul delegates. I have always criticized people who make unsubstantiated claims of rigged elections, or other shenanigans without evidence.

But I can tell you all that what happened in Tampa was not a convention. The outcome was pre-determined, and rules were violated to throw Ron Paul supporters out, and to force rules on the Republican Party--rules that strip delegates of power and give the RNC complete control.

I am not saying I know that if the convention were held honestly that Paul would have been nominated, but I can tell you with 100% confidence that had the process been conducted with integrity Ron Paul would have been entered into nomination, given a 15-minute speech and a vote would have been taken. Also, the Maine, Mass, Louisiana, and Oregon challenges would have went our way.

You guys will never know how close we came. If the rules had been followed, things would have played out very differently. But Romney wouldn't let that happen.

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Think about it...

If one spends the time to contemplate the deep implications of voting at this stage in America, does anyone really believe that the establishment would ever allow a legitimate election of the Commander in Chief of the world's most powerful military and intelligence force? Think about it. They print all of the worlds reserve currency and they are going to let the randomness of voting to just step in and remove the primary ace of spades; the military and intelligence apparatus? These people are going to just hand it over to whomever the people decide needs to be there and take the chance of some random president exposing all of the plans? Sorry to be the one to break it to you but I don't think so.

Think about it and put the connections together so it can be real clear about what is happening to us.

The hanging chads election drama played out in 2000 in order to allow 2 SHADY companies to implement all voting machines all across America. Was the 2000 election fiasco real events unfolding or a planned contrived event to solidify their position in the strongest stronghold position there is; control of vote counting? Can't everyone see clearly what is happening? These people had 911 planned for years knowing that it would be the great divide and conquer event that would be the catalysts for people demanding that they have the control they sought. They knew what they were going to do and they knew step 1 in their plan to turn America into a fascist police state was to completely solidify their control over the vote counting so they staged the hanging chads event in Florida made it a close call and then demanded voting "reform". Step 2 have the Reichstag style event and name the enemy as someone other than them, Step 3 establish broad new powers to "protect the citizens" and consolidate all fascists loyalists into an umbrella police and intelligence apparatus tracking the potential "terrorists" (DHS), Step 4 go to war all over the world in order to find the psychopaths in the military forces who are willing to attack their fellow citizens and be loyal to the police state and kill/disable the true believers of the constitution, Step 5 fan the fire of the divide between the brainwashed unaware and those who knew and those who learned the truth, Step 6 crash the eceonomy to weaken the populace, Step 7 Print money in the name of bailouts and money multiply to pay all the fasctists in the loop down for the agenda (media) and pay for all the necessary weaponry to crush the American resisters of the New World Order, Step 8 Authorize assisination and indefinite detentions and forced mandated healthcare, Step 9 Begin restriction of Travel and put petty control freak bureaucrats in the path of the people to foment anger in order to identify dissenters and target for round up,division, Step 10 Begin round up of dissenters and throw into re-education/torture camps and begin the slow mass poisoning of the populace for population control. Isn't it obvious what the establishment is doing? I was warning people as far back as 1998 about all of this but no one would listen and they would all just laugh and call me a freak. Now people listen for a little while but then intentional shut me off in order to bury their head in the sand because the facts are just too painful to face.

Honestly voting corruption seems to be one of the smaller issues at this point because people are simply way too far behind the curve to really do much about it. We have the opportunity to take this whole thing through the PROPER path of revolution but nobody even seems to be aware enough to even know what that means. The proper path of revolution exists in history and is laid out in law but it seems very few are willing to be that studied and hence they turn to voting. Voting is not going to do anything to fix the problem we are in, period!

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Westfall, quit with the

Westfall, quit with the conspiracies about fraud. It doesn't help our cause, you just make us sound crazy. You can't proove anything and are just being a whiny sore looser.


Welcome to the club. Hopefully you felt in reading that top bit there every time some moron says the same crap to me whenever I bring up the massive fraud perpetrated against America in the form of our "free" elections.

to all the naysayers that there's election fraud

There are now videos of the corruption and fraud. Explain that away.

Forget the Republicans!

I had always known that the Republican Party is corrupt. I became a registered republican in 2010 to vote for Debra Madina in the Texas primary. This year I voted for Ron Paul in the 2012 primary. Now I know my votes don't count as a republican.

After the events of the RNC, I have decided to join the Libertarian Party! It is my belief that all Ron Paul people are already Libertarian at heart. Why try to swing the corrupt and lawless republican party to the Libertarian wing when you know they will cheat to prevent the platform from changing?

There is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans! Instead of fighting to change a rock hard Republican party, fight to make Libertarians and the Libertarian party mainstream! It's time to come home!

sharkhearted's picture

Great post!

And to you and all the other liberty delegates... thanks for your HEROIC efforts despite all the obstacles thrown in your way at the RNC (the"Reich National Convention").

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

and Ron Paul is well

aware of all that (plus 30 years of the same) and is tired.

thanks for sharing...it is satisfying to have one's suspicions confirmed...the primaries, caucuses, etc. all make sense now.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Spread your story

and not just to members of this site. Try to have letters to the editor published with your information to as many papers that you can. Romney must be exposed as the fake he is. Maintain your credibility and they must respond, the more they respond the more they lie and the easier it is to show them for the evil they are. Thanks for your perspective and keep the faith.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

The RP delegates tried

shouting Point of Order for 10 minutes but that neocon Priebus scornfully dismissed them, and tried to move on by bringing on the Puerto Rican speaker. He tried to make it look like they were being rude to her, rather than them trying to make him follow the rules! Total farce - he should be criminally investigated for being an accomplice in hijacking the delegation due process!

RP R3VOLution

I was there too, and I agree

.. I was a Florida alternate delegate.
RNC is blatant hypocrisy.

Mirand Sharma



End The Fed!
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>But Romney wouldn't let that happen.

No... the neoconservatives wouldn't let that happen. Did you hear all the cheers for Condoleezza Rice when she went on her warmongering tirade? The delegates and alternates who were there wanted the Paul movement squashed at all costs because their primary goal is more endless war. The Paul movement threatens their belief in an interventionist foreign policy and therefore they will stop it by any means necessary.

Quit blaming the corruption on Romney. The corruption was carried out by every establishment delegate and alternate there, and they and the media continue to cover it up.

I was there Wednes. as a guest

and I couldn't believe AIPAC owned McInsane was still peddling his bomb, bomb bomb Iran agenda. The neocons lapped it up of course, being the blood thirsty islamophobes they are.

RP R3VOLution

thanks for your strory....

I assume you were a delegate/alternate? For Dr Paul? (or stealth for Dr Paul)

I as curious what other Romney delegates around you thought of the shenanigans there? (at least those you came in contact with)

After All Of The Lying, Conniving and Cheating

the the Republican Party have done to the Ron Paul Supporters, it's going to be absolutely Wonderful to see their Liberal Candidate go down in flames...Serves them right.

Forgot his name

but the RP guy who was supposed to lead the charge on the rules committee got stuck on a *lost* bus, - convenient timing, eh?, when he was supposed to give his report to them. The bus got lost for an hour I heard.

RP R3VOLution

Not stuck on a lost bus.

Not stuck on a lost bus. Sitting on a bus that was either parked or circling the stadium with an armed guard keeping them on board. The man's name was Morton Blackwell.

Yeh - great - and after the flames die down

and you realize we are now ruled by a marxist dictator and are in the largest police state EVER - you best hope you have the boots for the shit we will be standing in.

Not that I am voting for Romney or Obama - but just know that either way we are pretty effed and you should just go at it with eyes wide open.

I think we should start

I think we should start watching when we call someone a "liberal" or use other such words. They mean different things to different people and can be divisive even for people who otherwise agree.


End The Fed!
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Glad you saw it with your own eyes

Once you see it you know it.

This is however only scratching the surface. The establishment has it all under full control. Enjoy the journey further down the rabbit hole.

Once You Wake Up

You can never go back to sleep. More and more things will start to show up in front of your eyes about what is really going on. Not just campaign fraud. It's like those computer image posters that you stare at to try to see the 3D picture within the picture. Once you figure out how to see it, it gets easier to see it in ALL the posters. Go back and research what are "conspiracy theories" and you will see them from a new perspective. Welcome to OUR world here at DP.


Hi Westfall, You just got a first-hand lesson in Conspiracy...

...which is something that many of us had to learn slowly and painstakingly through a lot of study (while people pooh poohed us as "out there" - it's amazing how publicly available real information can remain hidden through the power of discredit). Now that you are onto it I can tell you that the people who own the Federal Reserve Bank are the same people who own and control both political parties. They will not have Ron Paul anything, period. Take it from someone who became best buddies with one of the private shareholders of the Fed and who, later, broke his relationship for moral reasons. He told a lot about the agenda of the Fed (that was not for public consumption) in an interview. He died a few short months after that interview. Watch it here and get the rest of the story:



the political process..

Is a complete sham. I am disgusted in the way things were done. Thank you for all your hard work.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I don't believe it's Romney

That is not to defend Romney, it's just Romney is a front man. It's those 10 fat men Doug Wead refered to who are behind Romney that have rigged the nomination, the primary election and BOTH parties.

I became clued in at a committee meeting when a proposition was placed on new business that should have been placed under agenda, then gone to new business, been discussed and voted on. It was skipped to new Business with a demand to support. Because I know Roberts Rules of Order, I made it an issue, put it on the agenda for the next meeting, and that bought me time to research. I wondered, who in the GOP is forcing this? It wasn't the GOP. It was a council, Bay Area Council, which is a private club for political elites and CEOs of global corporations. The proposition we were being handed is not the first.

This council has all their meetings TBA, their recruiting new members is "an inside job". These are the people who are running things.

Romney's campaign was based in CA, so these were Romney's guys, the 10 fat men.

I found, that by knowing Robert's Rules of Order, and the Constitution, we can vote their issues OFF our agendas.

This is the POWER Ron Paul has given us to achieve FREEDOM.

When you blame Romney, your focus goes to a front man, and not the real problem, those 10 fat men (and women). They are TPTB, which is POWERFUL, and they are not kidding around.

So, being on a committee is very important when it comes to us taking control of our own laws. It's the only way I know (if someone knows better, please educate me). A presidential election is voting for a front man.

Thank you for your service, your report, your commitment and dedication as a Ron Paul RepubliCAN. THANK YOU and God Bless YOU!

Hey Granger

Greetings from Clearwater.
Oh Yes! I remember you posting that link to the Bay Area Council, and it was a veritable "who's who" in corporate America...WOW!

..Those people are scary.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Tell me about it

Now you know who Robme's ten fat cats are. (((((((((Danton)))))))))


I'm sure what you're saying is the truth. However, Romney cannot be trusted nor voted into office because he did nothing to stop what was taking place at the convention. That means he condones it! And so do the Romney delegates. There may be a few who are caught up in the fervor and don't actually know what is going on, but it's more likely the Romney delegates were part of the fraud and theft. Considering this country is basically a two-party system, the parties and legal procedure should not & cannot be separate. Just because it is within a party, does not protect the people in the party from being guilty of voter fraud! Now, what can we do about that?

OK Romney can't be trusted

Meanwhile we have all these Ron Paul Republicans elected into county and state offices and we're going to abandon them because ten fat cats want them purged and the unelected Ron Paul Republicans could care less. FORGET RON PAUL REPUBLICANS!

Focus on MSM and the ten fat cats who foreced Robme on us to chase Ron Paul Repoublicans back to the streets.

Thank you.

Romney and the oliGOP wouldn't let it be since day 1 of IOWA

And continued to New Hampshire and every other state.

Don't forget that.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

They were right.

And they have very right to say: "I told you so."

I told you so

... did I just say that? What I mean to say is this: I love you ... all of you who doubted and resisted the truth. The GOP is not our path. Our journey is a more difficult path. None of us know the truth, nothing is certain, time is an illusion, love is the answer ... and there's no such thing as "humanitarian war"

Expose the UN Invasion Army

"It's Going Hot"