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My Experience at the RNC

I have always been rather skeptical about people who make claims that the "establishment" is cheating Ron Paul delegates. I have always criticized people who make unsubstantiated claims of rigged elections, or other shenanigans without evidence.

But I can tell you all that what happened in Tampa was not a convention. The outcome was pre-determined, and rules were violated to throw Ron Paul supporters out, and to force rules on the Republican Party--rules that strip delegates of power and give the RNC complete control.

I am not saying I know that if the convention were held honestly that Paul would have been nominated, but I can tell you with 100% confidence that had the process been conducted with integrity Ron Paul would have been entered into nomination, given a 15-minute speech and a vote would have been taken. Also, the Maine, Mass, Louisiana, and Oregon challenges would have went our way.

You guys will never know how close we came. If the rules had been followed, things would have played out very differently. But Romney wouldn't let that happen.

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Why are there 2 posts on

Why are there 2 posts on this?

Thank You !

For your honesty.


There is an old saying:

When you hit a piece of glass with a hammer, it shatters.

When you hit a piece of steel with a hammer, it hardens.

We will prevail.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul