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"Not Much" Means "a Little!" Then Paul Tossed off the Question with a Joke About 2016, or NOT!

Before everyone gets twisted out of shape by all the Johnson-bots who gloat and want you only to hear the perfunctory "no," Paul's response to Jay's question was quite skillfully nuanced. It was NOT a no. He rapidly followed with "not much, after all I have to rest up for 2016." (Applause).

A skilled politician like Ron understands perfectly the weight of every word and construction coming out of his mouth. If he had meant to save everyone their efforts because his mind was completely made up, he would have, firmly and unequivocally. This is good news. He's playing it cute, which is his right until he hears the right offer.


See "Paul-Stein: Unity Peace, Constitution, and Recovery Ticket"

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I'll put in a 110% to Ron Paul 2016!!!!!!!!!!

I put in my 100% in 2012.
I put in my 100% in 2008.

Not only did he say NO to the

Not only did he say NO to the question and that he needs REST, but you left out the key follow up from Leno:

Leno: "I mean, why NOT give it a shot (3rd party)"?

Paul: "third party"

Leno: "Sure"

Paul "I'll tell you why." "The system is very biased. We talk a lot about democracy etc."

Does that sound like a maybe or a yes to running 3rd party??

Why are some of you so freaking dishonest? You are doing what the media did to Paul. Twist and turn a no into a maybe, then a yes...

Keep dreaming!!

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


You can prove this wrong?

"The truth is RON PAUL HAS NOT RULED OUT A THIRD PARTY RUN - DOESNT MEAN HE WILL EITHER. And that cannot be disputed."

ANYTHING can happen!

I believe there is

a vid on the front page of Dr Paul being asked about GJ and he said "he is great, and people should decide for themselves." You know now that you mentioned it, I am getting sick of all the James_Madison_Lives litter.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

James_Madison_Lives wasn't even aware that Ron Paul...

endorsed Chuck Baldwin in 2008. This causes me to doubt "it's" sincerity.


Funny how you're so willing to call names....

when Paul supporters have had to put up with that BS for so long.

Guess you don't mind sinking to their level.

I think we need to focus on...

...infiltrating any or all the companies that are setting up the rigged machines.

This is an excellent idea!

All liberty programmers to Diebold and apply for jobs in your area!

Instead of b*tch about it, DO SOMETHING!

Doug Wead

Already explained why Ron Paul never rules it out when talking to the press. He explained it last week on a front-paged video, so there is not really a need for all of this speculation unless you think that Wead is lying or that it is somehow different this time.

Old joke. Guy says to a girl "What are the chances you will go

out with me?" Girl says "Oh, about one in a million." Guy says "So there IS a CHANCE!"

Ron Paul gave pretty much the same answer the girl did.

We need to get over it.


Has been the most accurate post soo far, all the others have been misleading.

He neither DENIED, nor CONFIRMED!

Simply really.

Too me the trolls are coming out of the wood work trying to discourage a third party run for some reason, they are being VERY VERY quick to discourage and attack, and in force.


Not for some reason.

For a very distinct, defined and clear reason: because RP is not running third party and those who claim he is are LYING.

It's very clearly a GJ op and an LP registration drive.

But rather than just coming out to recruit, they are LYING by implying that if enough RP supporters did it and supported it that he MIGHT do it.

He WILL NOT. And those who imply otherwise or claim some kind of insider knowledge to the contrary ARE LYING.

That's the problem with it. If you call combating lies "some reason", you're right, it's some reason.

It DISGUSTS ME to see libertarians engaging in the VERY SAME behavior that Rince Priebus and John Beener and others just inflicted on Ron Paul and his supporters at the RNC.

GJ op and registration drive?


I think GJ is a Shill like Obama and Romney, I dont trust him, and he wont end the Fed.

If people can come up with a great Idea to get Ron Paul to run somehow, then go ahead, I dont understand why there is so much attacking going on regarding this, even simply the media exposure it might create would be a good thing.

As long as its all about Ron Paul im good, because it is He and his Priniciples that need to be promoted anyway possible.

You are, many are not.

This is nothing more than the ole' bait and switch.

"If you register LP, Ron will run!"

It's a lie.

Oh I Agree with that

I didnt even see that as an angle, surely people are not falling for that?

I support the promotion of Ron Paul in any way possible, people simply need to know the truth about him and his priniciples, and they will learn, as we have.

Any of

the downoters want to prove this wrong?

"The truth is RON PAUL HAS NOT RULED OUT A THIRD PARTY RUN - DOESNT MEAN HE WILL EITHER. And that cannot be disputed."


Now, you're being ridiculous.


Stop distracting the movement from moving on to its next projects.

You do not speak for Ron Paul. He has spoken for himself now on the matter many, many times.

Awesome! There is still a chance!!!


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

No there isn't because he can't get on the ballot anywhere.

Did you work to put him on the ballot in your state?

Then please, tell me about that "chance" he has?

How does one win an election, heck, why even RUN, if no one can VOTE for you?

What ARE YOU DOING to put Ron on the ballot under an indy/3rd party label?


You bet. Obviously Johnson isn''t interested in having

a nice cushy office in the Vice President's wing. Let's turn our lobbying to Jill Stein.

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

Paul & Ventura 2012

gimme some TRUTH !

RP is very humble and he has

RP is very humble and he has explained time and again that he doesn't like to speak in absolutes.

He speaks in absolutes when he speaks of upholding his oath

to the Constitution. This was a very cute answer and he knew perfectly well a million people were going to be listening hard. He is too respectful to allow people to waste their time and energy when he knows his mind is completely made up. It is not completely made up.

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

I totally agree.

That's the way I saw the clip. Dr. Paul knows about the efforts going on behind the scenes. He would not allow others to continue working on his behalf for naught. In my heart of hearts I believe he has way too much integrity for that. We will hear from him or a credible surrogate in the very near coming days is my prediction. I don't what his decision will be, but I believe when he comes to a final decision it won't be equivocal.

He did not ask for it...

....what "James_Madison_lives" is trying to push.

He never even IMPLIED to ANYONE that if you work for this and there's enough support, that he would do it.


This is a Gary Johnson op and LP registration drive and, frankly, it's extremely disrespectful to Ron Paul to imply he means something or intends something that he doesn't.

See it for what it is.

not quite

What he is pushing now is Paul/Stein not Johnson. He gave up on Johnson.