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If Ron Paul Got 18% in This Poll Against Romney and Obama, Why Aren't We Forcing Him to Run 3rd Party?

Link to poll: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/192267-thir...

If Ron Paul could get 15% of the vote, then why aren't we doing something to get him into the debates as a candidate? He has always left the door open, and I feel like he would only do it if his supporters basically dragged him onto the stage for the debates. So what's the plan Daily Paul?

Note: I know Gary Johnson is running, but I don't think he will get into the debates. Ron Paul probably wouldn't even win if he got into the debates, but it would be great for the movement if he was able to get on the stage for those debates.

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This poll is old.

If Ron Paul can get 18% in a recent poll, we should draft him to run third party. But I think it might be a little late in some states.

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Its is Always Wrong to use force, except in self defense.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

If Ron got 18% in that poll, why are you just bringing it up now

and why didn't YOU do something to put him on your state ballot anyway?

That's how this works ya know - you have to get on the ballot.

Because Forcing Someone

to do anything goes against everything we believe in... Someone needs to get back on youtube and start rewatching Ron Paul videos. I think you missed something
(the heart of his message).

Because the Libertarians are too dumb to see the opportunity

and put him at the top of the ticket with Johnson VP and Jim Grey pre-announced for Secretary of State, SecDef, Chief of Staff, or anything he dang well wants.

They just want to play politics and waste people's money, not win.

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It can't be done without sacrificing hard fought ballot access.

Why are you trying to sabotage the LP's ballot access by insisting they do something that will make them lose it?

(And you still won't have Paul on that state's ballot, because they'll kick the LP off)

Why don't you run?

Maybe YOU can get 15%...

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Uhm, because initiating the use of force is immoral maybe?

Just a guess, because, you know, Dr. Paul doesn't actually belong to anyone and doesn't owe us anything.

I hope you're trying to be funny, because your question goes against everything Ron Paul believes in. You may want to study the principles of liberty a bit more...

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libertarians don't use force...