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Ron Paul Supporters, You Are Too Naive!

Let's stop being gullible and naive and start being more rational.

It seems as though every time there is a politician/talk show host, for example Palin or Glenn Beck, agreeing with just a minute number of Dr Paul's policies, or when somebody says something positive about Ron Paul, we are quick to throw our support to them. Palin/Beck is a perfect example. Palin...Really? PALIN? BECK?

Also this third party issue has come up far too often. Ron Paul gives the same answer ALL the time. Ron Paul is consistent and has always been that way. From his consistency we should be able to conclude that he is not going to run third party based on the numerous times he has answered the same question. But we should already know that!

This guy below was just telling it as it is, yet the crowd here remained in denial. He was just telling the truth, and received 50 down votes as a result... I know we are more rational/independent thinkers than that.

We down vote this post

And at the sametime we up vote this post?

I think maybe we are clinging on to too much hope which is blinding us from being rational.

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tell them yourself

funny how people, just waking (5 years now for me and still going) up to a wretched mess of a world of hurt are expected to do so many things, including being "rational".....

i can only speak for myself, but perhaps others as well, when i say how difficult it is living out each day as a "rational being" as seemingly the rest of the world does anything but that.

while i understand that Paul has no road moving forward within this election cycle, to ask or beg or demand that all of us not even consider it - to not talk about it - to not discuss any and all possibilities seems to me irrational.

it is as irrational as asking me to discontinue talking about 9/11 or any other lie. i will not. that is to say, i will NOT STOP.

i say these things as someone who is not turned on by Paul running 3rd party or endorsing Johnson/Gray. i met Johnson during the Texas state convention this year and i'm not convinced.

Being rational

is what's supposed to set libertarians apart.

The world's gone mad, and nobody is objective anymore. We must cling to sanity and sharp rationality, lest we let our minds turn to mush like the masses.

what i have noticed since the

what i have noticed since the ron paul campaign kinda threw in the towel around ok/ne coventions. Is dp/rpf have become a closed circle of ron paulers basically having a circle jerk about ron paul.

DP/RPF members are more interested in tearing down a great candidate like Gary Johnson over Obamney(obama/romney) Then moving the movement forward.

The only advice i can tell folks is to focus locally and on your state.

Throw the circle jerkers some towels. They have a huge sticky mess to clean up from themselves.

The actions of the corrupt gop,romney and rnc will be held accountable.

I might stay a republican but i will never endorse or support with my activism or money any candidate that supports obamney.

My goal is to get gary johnson in the debates 15% and encourage every colorado voter to vote for gary johnson and hold the gop accountable for their actions by voting against anyone endorsing,supporting or suggesting we vote or support criminals who lied,cheated and stole from republicans in and before 2008,2012,2014,2016 and forever.

The CIRCLE JERKIN has to stop but knowing ron paul supporters. stock up on tissues.

Ron Paul 2016

The words, circle jerkers

The words, circle jerkers expoused from a Johnson fanboy-that's ironically funny. Thx for the laugh!

>ps info precinct 100% ron

>ps info precinct 100% ron paul, district 100% ron paul, Denver 100% Ron Paul. It wasn't easy , the denver establishment,lied,cheated and stole and we still WON!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all now actively staying republicans but voting against Corruption!!! Romney has already lost colorado by his actions. Vote Gary Johnson!!!

Ron Paul 2016

Ron Paul: Do What You Want to Do

You make a great point: if you have traction in your state or local area, support liberty candidates there, and if they've betrayed our country by ignoring our rights and the Constitution, by all means, punish them by voting for someone better. Nothing says you can't do both at once.

Some of us live in California where the GOP isn't viable, and yet we have John Dennis running against Nancy Pelosi. Now, wouldn't that be a great win?

Pick your battles where you are, and make friends you can call on. Nothing says we all have to do the same thing.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


The GOP isn't viable in CA???? I have Dan Roberts, a liberty candidate, up for replacing Pelousi's congressman comrade Mike Thompson.

Did you see Ron Paul's audiences in Chico, Berkeley, UCLA?

Did you know Santa Cruz had Ron Paul at 25% this last primary and San Francisco had 19%?

NorCal was very strong for Ron Paul despite the MSM censorship.

CA LOVES Ron Paul and MY committee just took 5 seats from the Democrats!!! Now if we could just get some Ron Paul Republicans to take those seats as WE EARNED THEM Robney didn't!.


we know where your mind goes, at the very least.

you can chant ron paul 24 hrs

you can chant ron paul 24 hrs a day. He will not run in 2012. Reality Bites so why continue the ron paul circle jerk ,move on and start doing something like support a candidate on a ballot in your state and vote against romney sellouts!

Ron Paul 2016

i guess if you knew me

then you wouldn't feel so inclined to suggest that i do things that i already do. Paul DID run in 2012, btw. pssssshh. you might consider using another term other than circle jerk, or at least diversify your writing by including it only a few times per month.

Ron Paul told us to make up our own minds!

Be it naivety or rationality or neither or both (God does not forbid it!), you choose to be who you want to be!

So if we like what Beck or Palin has said, then go ahead, like what they have said! If you dislike what they have done, go ahead, dislike what they have done! And if you think they can change, or cannot change, then think that way! But let them choose what they choose to be—for they alone bear the responsibilty.

As for the third party run, the same—if you think he ought to run 3rd party, then go ahead, think it! If you oppose, then oppose! If you dislike the opposition, then go ahead, dislike then, and if you think that the hope is naive, then go ahead, rebuke that hope! But Ron Paul shall decide for himself in the road that stretches ahead of him, just as each and every one of us shall decide for ourselves what we shall do, say, and be!

I do not fully agree with you, but I like that you chose!

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

Good Luck With That One!

There are naive people everywhere. Maybe you get the democrats to create another government mandate making it illegal to be naive..


Poor little Gary Johnson shill

Those darn Ron Paul supporters aren't doing what you want. They must be naive.

Circle jerkin, defines you

Circle jerkin, defines you pretty well and many here in dp.

Ron Paul 2016

I think that guy got downvoted

for looking like he just crawled out of bed. Shave that head, Israel.

I actually like his hair

It's cool.
Reminds me of Bob Marley.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


I believe Dr. Paul made several things clear as water late last night on Leno-

*No endorsement of Romney or possibly anybody else
*No run as third-party candidate (with good reasons why)
*Time to stop the wars

With that in mind, I suggest everyone (including myself, one of the most critical of Paulites)do some serious soul searching, reflecting on what has happened to all of us corporately and individually this past year - then move forward as each of us choose to do so. Remember the words of another political activist-

"Don't follow leaders...watch yer parking meters".

Be seeing you.

We are more than rational

Human beings are comprised of more than just rationale thought processes. We have a subjective nature. We are creative beings. We are inspired, we have drive. We are seeking an outlet for our energy of enthusiasm for something that resonates at a really deep level.
I hear your reasoning loud and clear. You are right.
That being said, I am personally delighted to see that continued enthusiasm. I am of the opinion that if we think we can, then in deed we can! Who knows what form it will take.
I wholeheartedly applaud continued thought and energy towards a the noble and worthy cause. Hope and enthusiasm is positive energy. If we employ strictly logical thinking, and see the impossibility of it all, we might never have bothered with this campaign in the first place :-)

I love all the respondents here totally missing the point

Thereby totally proving his point lol.

Just sayin ...



Beck probably not, but Palin

Beck probably not, but Palin is a friend.

She is one of the only mainline Republicans to have defended Ron Paul's foreign policy and his views towards Israel. She definitely deserves praise for that.

Ron Paul built alliances with Kucinich and Nader on civil liberties and bringing the troops home, and with Palin and DeMint on the Fed and greater fiscal responsibility, why shouldn't we?

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Friend? FRIEND?

Did I just hear you call Sarah Palin a FRIEND??? She co-opted the grassroots Tea Party movement and turned it into a cottage industry - she may be the ONLY person in this country besides the bankers and Obama who are better off now than they were four years ago.

Sarah Palin is what old-school guys used to call "a golddigger" - I can think of a few other things to call her, but I try to keep my posts clean on the DP.

Be seeing you.

Yes, we can

Palin attracts those that are established. Those who rebuke the establishment reject Palin. But Palin and her Earthquake DO what Ron Paul has asked us to do, as her supporters are now taking those committee seats, since we refused, as many insist we remain grassroots and apart from the establishment.

So if you are against the establishment, Palin may appear as not being a friend, but if the constitution is important to you, and you want to keep the republic, she has more supporters who are willing to do the work to achieve that than Ron paul.

It's not Palin's fault that Ron Paul supporters refuse to become republicans, refuse to join central committees, refuse to become the establishment, all these are our to lose and we lose them, as we did the tea party, by refusing to become mainstream/ establishment.

I agree totally about Palin

She has been tarred with a media tainted brush. Any one who spends a bit of time researching her history will realize just how rabid the press has become towards her. She is by no means a Ron Paul but she does have the best interest of this nation at heart. I'd have more faith that my ownership of fire arms would be protected under her Presidency than under either of the two NWO candidates we now have. Once they have our guns all is lost. Anyone think the current policy of locking up multitudes of Veterans for mental health issues is accidental? Once you are in the system you can't escape even if you are declared competent and your ability to own firearms is forfeited.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

AFP report on Palin

Dunno if you ever saw this. Some very interesting things mentioned within this....her ties to Kissinger, her ties to Scientology through her chief fundraiser who is Greta Van Susterns husband. (now I know how Greta always got those 'exclusives' from Palins kitchen! lol) I gave up on Palin when she teamed up with Beck and the RNC/teaparty to ruin Deb Medina and promote that idiot Rick Perry. That to me is very hard to forgive and I have never heard an explanation from her. http://www.americanfreepress.net/Supplements/52_PalinInsert.pdf

For a Johnson shill to call us "naive"

is the epitome of hypocrisy. You have over looked the strides we have made in waking up many individuals who were in their mass media induced slumber as well as exposing the corruption in the GOP. Four years ago the majority of the nation didn't have a clue about the Federal Reserve and now many are clued in that something is amiss. I am under no illusions that either of the establishment candidates will follow through with any thing near being called a reform but we have cast light upon an organization who does it's business best in the shadows. It is obvious by the actions of the RNC that we also have raised concerns upon their masters in AIPAC, whose main and sole purpose is to promote instability in the Mideast and to drain money from the U.S. middle class to finance their adventures.
If you are looking for some one to allow you to rub salt into their wounds I'd suggest you find a site where their aren't as many intelligent individuals as are here and find one where there has been no success....wait a moment, I have an idea, go to any Johnson site and look for Paul supporters wasting their time there.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Never give up

What do you achieve by indicating that something cant be done?

“Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.” James Arthur Baldwin

Can we apply that quote to

The RNC and their attempt to out us from the GOP by forcing Romney on us and making the GOP a repulsive party?

Of course never give up

But please do something productive and for the future of the movement, like getting involved in your local Republican Liberty Caucus and going to your county Republican executive committee meetings - or going to your local town hall meetings, organizing a neighborhood garden, promoting independent liberty media, meeting with local preppers, getting involved with your local Libertarian Party if you're not a Ron Paul Republican, whatever...but trying to push Dr. Paul to do something he 1. doesn't want to do 2. isn't going to do ...is a waste of your time and energy.

I am!

It's about NEVER giving up.

Simple as that. As lovers of liberty, we always strive to see the light at the end of the tunnel (the strives we've made) and try to see the "positives" and the "glasses" as half full as opposed to half empty. Even Ron Paul, in interview after interview doesn't manage to trash Romney, even when goaded. Yet we all know he deserves to be trashed BIG TIME.

When all "hope" is lost, who here among us will yell out "Give me liberty or give me death"? In your opinion, would that be the naive ones?

We, ALL OF US, have not come so far in changing hearts and minds, just to throw in the towel. The presidency would have been nice, but this was and ALWAYS has been about the "message". Once people have been awakened, the presidential election pales in comparison to that message which holds more power.

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come."

There is something to be said for spiritual well-being as well.

Agreed I am not a quitter.

Agreed I am not a quitter. But If Ron Paul is saying that he has no plans to run third party countless of times to me that is evident. I refuse to give into the rumors that Ron Paul will be running third party when I know it is not true. Its just looking at the facts for what they are, just like how we look at the issues of each of the candidates running and were able to derive that Ron Paul addressed the issues that concerned us moreso. Hell no I'm not giving up, I'm going to continue, without bashing fellow rp supporters who are only speaking the truth.