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Rand Paul 2016

I'm speaking for only myself here, but I will be supporting Rand Paul in 2016. I think the Rand Paul hatred with some here has gone a little overboard. Yes, it hurt most when he endorsed Mitt, but I feel like he did it for us and he didn't have to. Some of you may understand this in due time and it's ok to be upset, but it seems like some people hate Rand more than Obama on this site which is truly sad.

Rand has a flawless constitutional voting record and I don't feel he violated his principles, I mean cmon the man fought against the patriot act reauthorization when no one would, he fought "consumer protections" when it came to toilets and light bulbs, he produced a damn good budget even though it was not as good as Rons. How could we endorse Gary Johnson (who is a great man with certain flaws) over Rand? Some of you will never vote for or trust Rand because you feel betrayed by an endorsement that held little to zero weight and had no influence on the outcome of an election.

We can infight till 2016, or we can unite behind the man we know can for sure carry the torch whether you want to believe it or not. Uniting behind Rand now will solidify our movement once again. We are talking about a man that grew up talking to the greatest patriot of our time at the dinner table. Ask yourself, would Ron Paul support Rand in 2016? Would he vote for him? Would he donate to his campaign? The answer is unequivocally yes! If Rand is good enough for the good doctor, he's good enough for me and you can count on my undying support until he proves through his record, principles, or character that he is unworthy.

If you are with me please up vote this thread. If you are not ready to support Rand, or have a better option in mind then comment below with your remarks as to who and why. And remember, what would Dr. Ron Paul do?

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re; would Ron Paul support

re; would Ron Paul support Rand in 2016? Would he vote for him? Would he donate to his campaign? The answer is unequivocally yes!

I do not agree, Rand did not support Ron's full run! these are very independent thinkers.

There is always Dr. Robert Paul too!

If you hadn't seen Robert before - this is from a campaign event in 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdVxAwWFR0k . Note that, in the beginning of his speech, he mentions that Rand is the smartest Paul he knows (and this is an event for RON 2008).

I believe Robert was considering a run for the senate... but backed out for some reason. Not sure if he decided that politics was not his game or if there was a political reason to not run.

Anyway, besides a very small handful of folks (The Judge as mentioned below) - it is hard to trust/'follow' anyone... that is the only reason I am currently stuck on the Paul family.

RON Paul 2016

I will also be supporting Rand in any race he enters!

Rand works very hard in the Senate for issues that lineup with how I view them. In my opinion, he is best positioned [The Judge should run for office and I would support him as well] to carry our torch forward. Most of Ron Paul's supporters will support Rand; furthermore, there will be many more who support Rand that do not support Ron, thus making up for some of those on this board who will not support Rand. I view this fight for Liberty as a war and that 2012 was but a battle. We now have one of our own [Rand] able to speak at the Republican Convention and imo, that is a good thing.

I think

It would be better for him to stay in the Senate. Napolitano 2016!