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For those who aren't too fond of either Johnson or Goode, there's also Dean Morstad!

Lately there's been a lot of "Johnson Vs. Goode" debate on this site, with some people objecting to Johnson's being pro-choice or Goode's being a foreign policy hawk. Obviously neither of the two is perfect, which explains why folks here differ on which one is better. There's also a smaller contingent who support Stein, too, though her economic philosophy leaves a lot to be desired.

For Minnesotans and Utahns, there may be yet another option, Dean Morstad. He's running as a pure independent and seems to agree with Ron Paul on 90-95% of the issues, including economics, debt, being anti-fractional reserve, foreign policy, etc. He supports a flat tax at first (as long as the debt is still being paid off) but will eventually repeal the 16th Amendment. I especially loved this little bit:

Also, as Corporations are recognized as Persons, Dean believes that the executives of all corporations should receive the same personal conviction and liabilities of the corporations which they serve. If corporations are found guilty of a crime punishable by imprisonment, the sentence shall be carried out by the executives of that corporation.


It's too bad Morstad didn't get ballot access in more states. He did get on the ballot in Minnesota and has write-in status in Utah but that's about it, at least for now (not sure when the deadlines are on these things).

Maybe we should reach out to him and try to get him to run as a liberty candidate for House or something in 2014.

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This is really less logical

This is really less logical than writing in Ron Paul. Same with Virgil Goode who voted for the Patriot Act. These guys aren't on the ballot in all States. So this thread is basically saying "If you want to waste your vote, vote for Dean Morstad".

If the liberty movement can't rally behind Gary Johnson and the Libertarian party, then we are stuck with the 2 party system for a long time. The only option is to do what we can for the Libertarian Party in order to make people know there is more than 2 options.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.


Thanks for the positive review Lana Lee! I am very close to Ron Paul on many issues. The information on my site regarding issues is not as broad or in-depth as I would like, but it's got enough to give people an idea of where I stand. I'd like to add more eventually, but for now ballot access activities are taking up most of my free time.

I did try to get ballot access in Iowa and Utah. I got 750/1500 signatures in Iowa, and I got 1250/1000 signatures in Utah but only 686 were valid.

But more voters have the option to vote for me than just Minnesota and Utah. I am currently a valid write-in candidate in Iowa, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. I am also actively working on registering as a write-in candidate in Alaska, Idaho, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Ultimately, I would like to file as a write-in for the following states, but I need to identify electors for those states: Arizona (11 - I have 2), California (55), Connecticut (7), District of Columbia (3), North Dakota (3), Rhode Island (4), and Virginia (13). Anyone interested in helping my write-in efforts in these states can contact me through here or through my site.

More detail on my ballot access initiatives can be found here: http://morstadforpresident.com/index.php/ballot-petitions/

And to your last point, I have been 'exploring' the idea of a Senate bid in 2014. We'll see what the future brings!

He sounds pretty good!

Good idea, the more Liberty people in there the better!