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Rule Changes

A month or so ago someone said to me, "This is going to be the Republican Convention of the Century!"

Let me start by making it completely clear that this has nothing to do with your presidential preference. It affects all Republicans, no matter which subdivision you categorize yourself. And Democrats, you had better pay attention too; if it works for the Republicans, you can bet you're next. Pass it along.


BEFORE --> Presidential preference polls occur. People vote on who they’d like to be the next president. Delegates are elected and sent to vote representing whoever was popular in their respective districts at the time of the preference vote. The safeguard of being elected and unbound is that it enables delegates to vote for someone else if whoever was popular at the time of the primaries falls out of favor, like if a bona fide scandal occurs.

NOW -----> Delegates will be bound to whatever candidate is popular at the time of the preference vote, period. If they try to change their votes because the same candidate is now running through the streets naked and promoting communism, that’s too bad. They’ll forfeit their position and a vote will be cast in favor representing his/her seat.

CONCLUSION ---> There is no need for delegates anymore in the presidential nomination process. We will now know who wins after the presidential preference votes are tallied.


BEFORE --> Delegates gathered at the National Convention every four years to vote on other things too, like the rules for the election and government of the Republican National Committee until the next convention. I think everyone will agree that this is important.

NOW -----> That same Republican National Committee can change the rules whenever they want to. There is a vote, but they vote on it themselves.

CONCLUSION ---> There is no need for delegates to participate anymore in the development of the rules that govern the GOP. There’s also no need whatsoever for a National Convention. You’ll know who your nominee will be much earlier in the year and the GOP doesn’t need you anymore to help it write the rules.

Yes, it was the Convention of the Century. I had no idea that I would witness the birth of a dictatorship in Tampa. I had no idea that I would witness so many people turning over every last drop of their freedom in exchange for Michigan t-shirts and little footballs, chocolate elephants and movie tickets, free alcohol and a full belly.

I didn’t participate in any of the “events” that were planned to fatten the delegates and shower them with trinkets and frivolous things that were most likely made in China. My beliefs were well-represented in the room by others and I just couldn’t stomach being there. The soul-selling, in combination with finding out that the Democratic and Republican National Conventions combined cost taxpayers over $136 million dollars, made me ill. I went back to my little offsite hotel room between sessions and bought my own dinner along the way.

I don’t understand why some folks think this is all fine, or why I’m being told to shut up about it. Millions of people just had their rights trampled on and they don't even know it yet; and there are people struggling to pay their bills and feed their children, yet the same are forced to pay for what boils down to being nothing more than a three-day cocktail party for thousands of people who really don’t need to be there for anything at all.

Sorry, but I'm not shutting up about it anytime soon.

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You're dead on

Keep telling the cold hard truth to those who would choose to live in fantasy land. The rule changes forever ended the delegate strategy that was our only chance of taking over the party. Also, Rand Paul endorsing Romney and not condeming the cheating at the convention is unacceptable to me as I'm sure it is to others here. Ron could save this movement by running third party continuing to spread his message to larger and larger audiences like those college events. He can also campaign for the vote being observed by public monitors and paper ballots only. In our dreams I guess.

I know you are right.

The sad truth is that we are headed down the road of total tyranny. There never has been nor will there ever be a nation of fools that live as free people.

So, all we can do is watch the slow motion train wreck, knowing in advance the outcome. History will repeat and it does not bode well for people who want to live free. We are going down...fighting.

Don't shut up about it,

Don't shut up about it, because you're absolutely right. Long time GOPers should be angered and embarrassed at what went down in Tampa, but I fear that most of these folks are too far gone to realize that what happened was as important as it was.

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