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POV from a NEW voter

My vote doesn't count. I'm just one person. It wouldn't matter anyway since I'm in a democratic state. I used to echo those words and defend them proudly in personal debates. While "apathy" is defined as the lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern, it is also a disease. A disease which symptoms include ignorance, pessimism, and impotence.

Without knowing, for years, I've been ignorant of the state our nation is in. For years, I've been skeptical about the cynical politicians; my vote doesn't count anyways right? For years, I stand idly as the price of a bag of chips skyrocket to $3.00 per bag! For two bags I could get a combo meal!

A couple of months ago, the name "Ron Paul" starting popping up online. Like a cat, out of pure curiosity, I googled "Ron Paul" and found a blimp telling me to google Ron Paul. And to my surprise, it was a presidential candidate. Primary? Elections already? What The Frank?

My only real source of news/entertainment has been the new media the past couple of years, and I was shock by my discovery via digg/youtube/google. The more I researched, the more I read, the more the watched, the more I listen to that antidotal voice, the more my apathy was cured. So what took me so long? Like many, I've heard the message, but like any medication, it needed time to work. Dr. Paul's message is a real paradigm shifter.

After reading a supporter's comment in regards to voting on values rather than with the herd, I've come to a realization... an "aha!" moment... where I just needed another voice to tell me what I always believed; my values. My principles. I'm not voting for the person! I'm voting for the values that person stands for; my values!

Dr. Paul knew it... it wasn't him, it was his message! It was my message. It was our message that we all desperately wanted to cry out all of these years. And the time is now for us to shed these tears because we can't wait another four more years.


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Well said...

And like you I didn't know or understand the shape our country was truly in until Ron Paul. I then started to dig for more and more information, horrified at what I found.

Our founding fathers gave us a huge gift in the constitution. And God gave us our liberty. It is now that we all stand up and say "No, you will not take it from me!"

Now is the time to fight.

I guess I was one of those

I guess I was one of those that believed what was on TV and that the magical liquid would make the toughest stain disappear.

Maybe it was because I believed in the "freedom of the press" and that they wouldn't stray, but now that I am paying closer attention to how they handle the issues, it's becoming clear. While I do still look at the news for news, I always do so with an open mind and if any is of interest to me, I would go to an outside source for another view point.

the idea of a "free press"

In other countries, they KNOW their press is not free. So they know to be distrustful.

But in America, the difference is we've been brainwashed to believe we have a "free press" - so we don't question it! That's why our situation is far more insidious, more dangerous.

We are fortunate to have the "new media" - the internet!
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