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Ron Paul on Jay Leno 9/4/2012

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C'Mon Dr.Paul,why let their

C'Mon Dr.Paul,why let their threats stop us now. Nobody gives a crap about what facade your message arrives through. For the sake of all things good, why not wake up everyone, why half bake this ? It makes no sense. The worse that could happen is the fact that u will win. Ever since you doused the movement at its greatest momentum, that I suspect was the result of a powerful, persuasive, bunch of cowards threatening you and or your loved ones. Now they are threatening our family's and if they succeed in their plans all this will have been for naught. Your an old soul....what the hell are you on your knees looking at retirement! What about your legacy? I say let's run any Damn party and lose the hell out of it then. We can be the trueclear party that brings the simple concept of multi colored carbon copies part of every single ballot. We will smoke them. Please run again and now. This is really bummin out to the point of not acceptable. Snap out of it and let's do this Damn thing!!!

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!