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Vote Gary Johnson and not Obama,Romney or write in Ron Paul


Ron Paul supporters please hear me out on this. Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters (also Liberty minded people) have worked hard this election cycle. We fought the media, statue Quo, and different people through out the country. We worked to hard to let the Republicans and Mitt Romney campaign take it all away from us.

So here is what I think we should all do to show how angry we are towards the Republican party and Romney. We should all rally together and vote Gary Johnson. That way we can boost him up on the polls. See a Libertarian party has not gotten more then 1% of the vote in any election. Even when Ron Paul ran in 1988. So if we can get them anywhere from 5-10% voting that would show how angry we are with the two party system and especially Republican party! Since all the polls show only a 1-7% difference in every state are vote to Gary Johnson this election cycle could be big. Also since Gary Johnson has no chance to win why not use your vote as a protest vote to show how angry we are. Also to show that Ron Paul supporters are a tight niche group of people of that will not compromise are values to support a candidate in the same party.


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Go talk to you friends over at the Daily Johnson.

Or not.

"HAHAHAHAHA you sure told

"HAHAHAHAHA you sure told them! lol OMG BURN! High five braw!"

:: roll eyes ::

Useless fucking people...

Can the Johnson detractors

Can the Johnson detractors step off their white horse of political purity for just a moment and tell me who is running for president in 2012 that is better than Gary Johnson?

What is your actual realistic plan?

I do not understand the voting fetish.

How many quarters should I put into an empty Coke machine?

Free includes debt-free!

Philosophically I agree with

Philosophically I agree with you. However we don't live in a world where most people would so to achieve an awaking where people would agree to live without leaders and kings what do you propose?

I suggest we further the message of liberty, this is why I supported Ron Paul, I did not do it because I wanted Ron Paul to be my leader and control me.. but to awaken others.

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There, I've jumped off.

Go tell them about it at the Daily Johnson, please.

Ah so your idea to further

Ah so your idea to further the cause of liberty is to... what? Alienate people?

Did you have to work on this amazing plan or did it just pop in there?

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And your idea to further the cause of liberty is to...

go to the Daily Paul and shove Johnson down our throats? GAG!

Not voting for President.

The Office doesn't not pass Constitutional muster.

I do not consent!

Free includes debt-free!

lets all rally for Gary Johnson

Dont write in ron Paul people. Us rallying to boost one guy up more they ever have been would be epic.

Let's not and say we did or not.

The votes tally is already scripted. The vote itself is meaningless.

Free includes debt-free!

The point should not be to vote for GJ

It matters who you vote for, but it matters little whether it is RP, GJ, or some other liberty candidate. The point is to not be afraid to vote your conscience, but be sure your vote is counted.

With that said, voting GJ, if he is on the ballot in your state and if he is, in your judgement, better than the other candidates, is a message to the two major parties that they do not measure up. But in some states (Wisconsin is one), they count 'write-in' votes, so a vote for Ron Paul registers the same preference/objection.

Boil it down to this: if you have ANYONE on the ballot you prefer more than Obamney, then you should vote for him/her. Without having to do any political gymnastics, you will have expressed your preferences and announced your rejection of Obamney at the same time.

Don't play politics with your vote. Vote for the person you consider best, regardless of party, and your message will be loud and clear.

Support one guy rather then different people

I get your point and your right, but supporting three or 4 different people will not have the same message. If we all rally together throughout the country supporting 1 guy it can show the GOP that we are such a big group of people that could of help Romney win the election cycle. Since you guys screwed us and tried to kill the Liberty people we will not sit back and allow it. So getting the Libertarian party from 1% to hopefully 5-10% would be huge. There are not enough states that accept write-in so Ron Paul would not achieve even 1% of the vote.

I believe the Republicans and Democrats can add

They will know, if they lose an election, who voted outside of the two major parties, and why. It doesn't really matter if half the votes go to Ron Paul and the other half to GJ, because it will still register in their reptilian minds that X number of voters have strayed off the reservation and cost them the election.

Vote your conscience, even if you're the only one who does so.

I agree. Vote Gary Johnson

This is about making our voice heard


Vote Virgil Goode.

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

I don't want to sound 'collectivist'

but the RNC/GOP's real objective was to scatter us. That would render any way we vote or anything we try to organize ineffective. Dare I say, we need to all get behind something as a group, if only to make a clear statement.

Join a collective and use collective power to kill collective.


All the government wants us to do is Vote or they lose legitimacy.

Make government legitimate if you must. I won't.

Free includes debt-free!

Rally together and vote Gary Johnson

That is why I say we all vote for Gary Johnson and show them a thing or two!! They are scared of what could happen if enough Ron Paul supporters vote Gary Johnson. That is why in my state of PA they are trying to get him off the ballot. So why not show the GOP and thing or to and vote Gary Johnson.

I support Johnson but

I support Johnson but non-voting and writing in Ron are also morally legitimate. A vote for Obama and Romney, however, is a vote for war, bailouts, and the military-industrial complex. Such a vote cannot be defended in moral terms.