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Kinsey minions continue child sex abuse Can anyone say MK-Ultra?

Can anyone say MK-Ultra?

Kinsey minions continue child sex abuse
Exclusive: Judith Reisman exposes horrific 'scientific' studies of kids' sexuality

"While Obama and Hillary apologize for the American scientists who conducted vicious sex experiments on Guatemalans, the followers of the American scientist responsible for the rapes of thousands of infants and children continue his child abuse legacy untainted.................................."

READ THE REST HERE: http://www.drjudithreisman.com/archives/2010/10/kinsey_minio...

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Did anybody watch the "Kinsey

Did anybody watch the "Kinsey Coverup"?????

"Kinsey Coverup" - Part 1


What a sham article...

lots of inflaming accusations make for good headlines. However, the only evidence offered for these accusations is that an "internet study" was conducted, by Trojan and Playboy..Oh the horror!~!!!Quite a long shot away from a Scientific Community who abuses children under the guise of research. Seems to be a sad attempt at getting readers and creating a false outrage.

Do some reaserch for yourself... or will you protect Kinseys CIA

Do some research for yourself... or will you protect Kinseys CIA projects at all costs?

At Least Watch "Kinsey Coverup" before your not allowed to by your own government...

"Kinsey Coverup" - Part 1

Kensey is a HUGE part of the takeover of America and the world by the Bankers...

You can get slaves alot easier if they do not have a conscience!

Have an OPEN MIND... Seek Truth... Watch it for yourself...


What a sham article...

Opps, accidental double post.

Can anyone recognize disinformation?

This user is posting WEIRD irrelevant sex propaganda.


Thanks for the post. I don't

Thanks for the post. I don't think it be well received here. To many here are politically correct.