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The Gary Johnson Debate - Plead to write him in at the polls.

Not going to sit here and try to convince people to vote one way or another, i think that's one of the best things about this site in that we all view each other as individuals and you can provide information to people, but after that they can make up their own minds. What i want to provide an argument for, however, is for people to really consider to voice a preference for Gary in the polls. Why? At least this might allow us the chance to get someone on the stage with the two clowns who are running this year (debates). At least a portion of our message can be heard by the masses, instead of a wasted opportunity to spread the message...we'll get the usual dem/repub debates that offer no substance on anything. We need a 3rd party in there to shake things up, at the very least expose people to a different alternative. If Paul comes out running 3rd party, well that's a pretty easy decision then....but so far he hasn't. You don't have to vote for Johnson during the election, but to put forth his name during polling could allow him a greater opportunity to at least enter the debates and get a broader portion of the population exposed to these different ideas.

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Signs to increase Gary name recognition

2012 election promo time will end soon and Gary Johnson will be the only Liberty Movement candidate on all November ballots.

I suggest weekly sign waves to increase name recognition for Gary.
Recycling Ron Paul signs is cost effective, which is one of the reasons Governor Johnson cited when he vetoed 750 bills, plus line-item vetoes, during his time in office; more than all other governors combined.

2x4-ft Ron Paul waving sign covered with a Gary sign.

4x8-ft Ron Paul sign covered with Gary signs.

Car sign

Take the presidential election quiz and see which candidate sides with you.


I agree.

Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul. So let's look at the options. Obama a true socialist, nanny state, war mongering liberal. Romney a back stabbing lying cheating socialist, big business, war mongering, flip flopper. Johnson liberal in his own views, willing to learn and is talking our talk, for states rights, against government control over our lives. Goode, a Santorum conservative, war monger, pro government intervention into our lives. Write- in Ron Paul. the best man to run for the office since ????
Well - Obama gets and no way, Romney gets a no way, Goode in my book no way. That leaves Johnson and writing in Ron Paul. Johnson can make a difference in the outcome and voice our views. Ron Paul will continue to do as Ron Paul does. In my view a write-in though honorable will not help us out. Again a vote and backing Johnson might help the movement in showing our numbers and getting and keeping our concerns in the light. I seen a post today where it is already hitting the news. Where the youth vote is showing up 10% for Johnson. This has to turn the establishments heads. Our getting behind Johnson could send shock waves.
Thank You. Now down vote this or up vote it. :)

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

I agree

at least voting for him when polled (i'm not even talking election) would allow him to potentially participate in the debates to get some different people up on stage to debate the issues....instead of the same old pointless debates we've seen in the past. Provide more exposure for some of our beliefs here...cause lets face it most people don't sit around watching youtube video's all day on ron paul and his messages like we do. Most people didn't watch the repub primaries either.

NOT interested---Sorry

GJ does not espouse the values I am looking for. ONLY Ron Paul did that. Ron Paul made sense. Ron Paul was brilliant intellectually & historically. GJ is not. GJ hasn't even read the Austrian economic books out there. GJ is too loose around the anti-war stance. Finally, GJ is just too loose around the pro-life issues, as well.

GJ is just not my cup of tea, and I would bet the majority of RP supporters are not enthralled enough with him to even vote for him.

I'm a RP write-in like all the rest!

That's fine

your decision. So would you say Romney and Obama have more of an anti-war stance than gary johnson? Would you say obama or Romney have more of a handle on austrian economics than GJ does? Don't know why anyone wouldn't want a third party in the debates. You're not voting for the guy in the election...i'm just asking you to say you would if polled....this would allow him into the debates to shake things up. Or we can have the usual dem vs. repub debates where noone in america is exposed to anything but the washington machine that is already in place.

You took the words right out of my mouth :-)

Ron Paul 2012 - by write-in.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

+ 1

GJ can go viral like Ross Perot.

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