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You will never believe who just said this

You will never believe who just said this

"You cannot expect people to believe in the promise of a better future when they are jailed for peacefully petitioning their government," ; "And you cannot stand up a modern, confident nation when you do not allow people to voice their legitimate criticisms."
- George Bush


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He wasn't talking about the people HE JAILS...

Clearly, the rules aren't meant to be followed by him, his administration, or those who's interests he's advancing.

I'm so sick of the immoral behavior of GW Bush, I could almost puke. What he said flies in the face of so many of his EO's, the UN-Patriot Act, and so many others...

You can't expect 'em to believe

in the promise of a better future if you TORTURE people, either, or ship people away to be tortured, or hide torture behind another name, or nab "suspects" and throw them in the klink indefinitely with NO charges...

Sigh...the list goes on...

He does not want to hear

Bush does not mind people voicing their criticisms he just does not want to have to hear them.

Keith Halderman


You know, I think Bush was never in control in the White House.
The way he spoke before he got in, like Greenspan, seemed so much different.

One would wonder what Bush's actions into Iraq would be if Congress put a vote to it and not pass the buck to his administration.

I don't know if even Cheney is the culprit.

Nahh Bush is a family man,

Nahh Bush is a family man, and by family I mean the CIA.

Maybe Daddy Bush

But junior just wants to play baseball

I thought they called it...

I thought they called it "the company"

Though I understand they've been known to hire the families, as in their efforts to get rid of Castro.

The Good Dr. What's to trade with them

Wait just a min. I think someone eles smell's more oil for war!