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RP story in Iranian newspaper

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Do you understand Ron Paul's response NOW, Britt Hume?

Did anyone catch the last sentence. (What? Conflicting messages from Huckabee??)

I cringed when

the gates of hell, burkas and virgins comments were made. Way to insult someone's religion. People actually clapped. I was ashamed.


Especially with the "virgins" comment, do people really think that Fred won over that joke? And then McCain tries to one-up him with another stupid "joke" that only he laughed at.....

I said that in the morning after the NH Primary, I was so pissed and asked myself 2 key questions: 1) how smart is America? 2) is America ready for RP?

I love how the article

points out how RACIST McCain really is. Also, it mentions how foreboding some of Huckabee's "Gates of Hell" rhetoric is. Are they so feeble minded that whenever "foreign policy" is discussed, they always equate it to: "How can I appeal more to the war-hawks and use the troops for political reasons?"

It disgusts me.