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Gov. Mark Sanford R-SC, Agrees With RP (C-Span)

That the rest of the Republican candidates are out of step with the fiscal policies. However, he is still not ready to endorse anyone.

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He will not endorse RP

He fears the stampede of RINOs to gore him.

I Am Disappointed in Mark Sanford

I don't know why he does not endorse his mentor Ron Paul. After watching "The Free At Last" video, MLK said "Silence is betrayal". A Mark Sanford endorsement could be the catalyst for the Ron Paul Revolution. I guess he does not want to upset the Republican establishment. What Sanford does not realize is if Ron Paul is not nominated the Republican Party is going to look like Pickett's Division after Gettysburg.
When Lee told Pickett to rally his division for the defense, Pickett allegedly replied, "General Lee, I have no division now."


Their was a radio interview with Ron Paul, talking about Sanford, and how he helped Sanford see the light. It was pretty funny. It sure feels good knowing Ron has the support of the Gov. of a huge primary state.

Ah, but you see he DOESN'T have the PUBLIC support

And private "behind the scenes" support is pointless.

I HAD hoped that Sanford would have the GUTS to step out and publicly ENDORSE Ron Paul in the days right before the SC primary.

That would be HUGE -- and in my opinion, would be a VERY shrewd move politically. (Who is going to benefit from this movement? ONLY those who are perceived as having the GUTS to step forward early.) If we fail this year, then Sanford could gain the support of the WHOLE movement four years from now.

But not if he continues to hold his cards close to his chest. (Then he is no different than all of the rest of the Republican Governors and Pols...)