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Interpreting Dr. Paul's 3rd party run status

I'm trying to understand how to interpret Dr. Paul's views on how serious the situation in our country is, based on whether or not he deems a third-party run worth the risk and effort.

If he truly felt that the writing was on the wall for this country and that it might collapse before 2016, wouldn't he consider the risk of damage to long-term strategy (Rand Paul, gradually transforming GOP, gradually educating people about Liberty, etc.) worth taking for the chance to get into the debates this fall and go down fighting to give us a shot at an alternative to Obamney? If it is do or die time, what sense does it make to not say 'damn the torpedos' and go all-out?

Or perhaps he thinks things are so bad, it's better to get out of the way, let it collapse, and try not to get blamed for it somehow--then help pick up the pieces later?

Or perhaps he thinks things aren't really that bad, and that we have time to be patient and not act rashly in terms of impact on long-term participation in the GOP?

Or maybe he's just worn out and is leaving it to us to spearhead, regardless of the timetable?

How should I interpret how serious Dr. Paul sees things if he does or does not run third-party?

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There are 36 registered third parties

The most popular third parties run Republican or Democratic Party nominees.. for example GJ a life long Republican accepted the LP nomination.. he;s still a Republican.

Ralph Nader, who never belonged to any party made three presidential runs to open debates and ballots. He won multible law suits in multibale states, judges wouldn't hear, MSM would report and they bankrupted his campaign.. and he needed third partier, 7 of them is what it took for him to get on the ballot.

Most of the people who worked for Nader were like me, former inspectors for county registrar's offices who witnessed stolen elections.

So Ron Paul, I believe, knew all this, and decided that to take a major party, like the GOP, that had open seats and needed new blood as the MSM was propping up the old and tired neocons.. that would be our best chance, and he was correct.

See my comment to FBI Exposer

Not sure why this came back up. But it's kind of funny that my original question keeps getting misinterpreted. I must not have stated it well. :)

There's nothing to interpret and there never has been

He's not running 3rd and he has stated over and over that he wouldn't.

read for comprehension exposer

read it slowly.

This thread is a month old...

But I think you misunderstood my question. I wasn't asking how to interpret the likelihood of him doing so. I was asking whether the fact of him not doing so could be an indication of how seriously he views our current predicament -- whether we have time for long-term strategies or need to take desperate measures in the short-term. I was also trying to ponder if there would be any set of circumstances under which a third-party run would make sense, if indeed things were that desperate.

But I moved on from this topic a month ago -- not sure why it came back up just now.

It comes back up because it's a GOOD question

He's VERY serious about Restoring America to constitutional government. It is THE solution. He studied the options and came to the conslusion the way to achieve this was in the GOP.

The message: Restoring America to Constitutional Governemnt, goes to Restoring the Republic, which the GOP is most likely to stand for rather than Democracy in a the Democratic Party. Taking on a major party is no small feat. This is huge. This is rEVOLutionary!

All of us are very lucky to be part of this.

Interpret it as

Ron Paul is aware that Ralph Nader and his team of experienced election workers, angry at the stolen election in 92, putting Bill Clinton in office, motivated them to get an Independent candidate on the ballot in 50 states.

For four elections, these brave patriots faced a hostile environment where the two major parties teamed up to break arms, noses, vadalize their cars, homes, robbed them of petitions, cameras, tore up petitions, harrassed them, false arrests, false imprisonment, spit on, police watched and even helped crimes against Nader's campaigners, forcing them out of areas they had legal right to petition, Nader was arrested for showing up at a debate. They earned dozens of law suits in dozens of states, the judges refused to hear the cases, threw them out, and MSM didn't report one incident. It took the combined help of 7 third parties, Libertarian, Green, Peace and Fredom, socialist, constitution, communist party and Reform party all worked together to put Nader on the ballot as an Indy, and he could not get 50 states, Oklahoma refused, and the best they could get is 15%, and the government refused to pay.

Ron Paul did not, and does not, want to put his supporters through the living HELL Nader's supporters faced.

When they start using physical violence...

you are on the precipice of victory.

It doesn't feel victorius

Ever sit on the curb of a street with a 21 year old young man who was robbed of the petitions he had worked getting for days, while he's crying and screaming rage after being bashed in the face with his nose broken and bleeding all over his beloved Nader campaign shirt, by roque police who threatened there's more where that came from if you didn't get out of town within the hour?

I have. Matter of fact, we had both been Libertarians before we went Indy FOR Nader's campaign to open debates and achieve ballot access.

Great points

Thanks for those insights. I hadn't realized the degree to which Nader and his supporters were persecuted by the establishment, although it doesn't surprise me. So basically, a third-party attempt at this point would have way more downsides than up. And yet Dr. Paul may endorse some other third-party candidate like he did last time. So I guess he sees some value in having that option despite the downsides?

I guess maybe I've been thinking too much along the lines of:

- If we have the time we can gradually transform the GOP
- If there isn't time for that, what else is worth doing/trying no matter how desperate?

Maybe there simply isn't anything else worth an attempt in terms of party politics, no matter what the circumstance

Ron Paul said "Do what you want"

He is not going to endorse anyone. He knows many of us, and that includes former Nader petitioners, volunteers and workers like myself, followed Ron Paul into the GOP where we were AMAZED to see it was empty. So we have elected offices now, and the GOP has pulled a fast one forcing Romney on us, knowing we would be so repulsed and angry we would run away back to our Indy and third party bases... but many of us are not running away.

The past primary elections, Ron Pauls campaign added hundreds of thouseand of new registered Republicans, which represent more committees seats, that we take from the Democratic party.. so we have nearly evened the odds, and we understand the power of those seats. Those seats establish the laws in your county.

Unfortunately so does Palin's supporters who are rushing to fill those seats before the Ron Paul Republicans catch on and try to claim what is theirs. Get a committee seat in the GOP, it's fun, you can be like Ron Paul and VOTE NO to unconstitutional laws.

It's not about Robbed-me, it's about the Ron Paul rEVOLution restoring America. This is a good fight, and chances are, there are already Ron Paul Republicans seated on your committee, so you will not be alone as we were. I am no longer alone, and would LOVE to see a Ron Paul Republican join us.

I hear you...

I've been heavily involved in the efforts to fill local precinct committeeperson positions (am one myself) since April, helped achieve a sizable increase in Liberty-minded PCPs in our county, which in turn was a big help in getting our Liberty-minded delegates elected for our state delegation to Tampa, which in turn enabled them to be one of the six states to give Dr. Paul a plurality for the RNC ballot (before the rule change). I organized the delegate candidates from my county, ran as an at-large alternate, was duly elected despite the corrupt state chair and friends trying to shut down the votes for alternates, breaking all kinds of rules and bylaws, appointing their own people as alternates. My work has sidelined my time for politics recently, but I'm ready to rev it back up and keep going in the local GOP.

So I'm on the same page as you. Sometimes, though, you have to get your head out of the weeds and take a look at the big picture, what other options are there, are they worth trying as well, etc. With Tampa done and the third-party rumors ramping up there for a bit, seemed like a good juncture to ask these questions.

Onward and upward...

I applaud you! YOU are AWESOME!!

I admire, respect and appreciate you with ALL my heart and soul.

You ARE Ron Paul to me. My hat is off to you.

Thanks for...

...the encouragement, Granger.

BIG +1 for REAL Activism!

Big +1 bump for you, Micah.

What you said you did here is the REAL activism we need. This is the kind of activism that leads to a WIN. If everyone did what you did beginning in 2008 we would have been celebrating RP's candidacy for President right now.

This is one MILLION times more valuable than cheerleading Richard Gilbert or an LP run or an Indy run or anything else. I mean that - it's more valuable than ANYTHING else in winning the presidential nomination.

Everyone should take the lead from Micah. He's the kind of guy (or gal) who is on his way to a county chairmanship ultimately and a seat on the GOP state central committee.

Those who are quitting the GOP now are only ensuring a NWO win in 2016.


...not meaning to toot my own horn. Others in this area have done as much or more than I. Just wanted to provide some context so it doesn't seem like I'm just sitting on the sidelines, spouting off these things.

Thanks for the encouragement to keep on going. :)

(Am a guy, since you asked -- yeah, there are a few female Micahs around)





stop interpretrolling


. That helped a lot.

He seems to think

That auditing the fed is far more important then running for an office that is controlled by people who are paid off by the fed.
I think Dr Paul knows what he is doing.
I'm pretty sure he Dosnt want to see his son end up like JFK.
Let's get this audit measure passed first then we can worry about Ron or Rand running for office.

Ah, maybe so!


That JFK - FED thing is a myth.

Do some searching on that here on DP or your favorite search engine.


Operation north woods is a myth?
This is what JFK said the same day he signed order 11110.
10 days before his death.

Ten days before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, at Columbia University, Kennedy said: "The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight

So tell me it's a myth again before u go and search some stupid website that feeds you bullshit.

You can't string together unrelated incidents to try to make a


Northwoods being true has nothing to do with EO 11110 or silver certificates.

And I've yet to see any proof of that quote from Kennedy.

Did you bother to read EO 11110? Ever?

Did you read the Act it was issued under the authority of?

Did you read the EO it amends?

Oh for Lord's sake...

He is going to continue working for liberty outside of the confines of politics. He and Carol are going travelling abroad.

Listen to this video, near the end.

For GODS SAKE let's face reality!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Oh those with thier ears to the ground have interpreted it

correctly and there is a lot more going in the background than most know.

Gary Johnson is open to it as is Judge Gray and Ron Paul is also. It is the only way to salvage this mess we are in. It would be Gary Johnson President,Dr.Ron Paul Vice President.If you can live with that and support it you better move on it now because we are running out of time. The perfect storm has been set up that if this happens a Johnson/Paul 2012 ticket would sweep the whole election.



November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

sore loser laws in several

sore loser laws in several states prevents Paul from running third party. Simple as that.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Even if "sore loser" laws applied to presidential campaigns...

Ron Paul would NOT have been excluded from running as Gary Johnson's VP, as that is a DIFFERENT office. HOWEVER, Johnson is right, in that changing VP candidates AFTER the registration deadline could invalidate the entire process.

NOW, don't my suggestions about "hedging our bets" by using Dr. Paul's connections with the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Reform Party, Green Party and Americans Elect make sense? Yet post after post at this website discouraged those efforts and all of my posts suggesting these things were voted down by "skeptics" cautioning us about "boo, hoo, hoo, these are NWO ploys by trolls at the DAILY PAUL".

No, that's definitely not the reason. Those laws don't apply to

presidential campaigns.

Do a search on that term here on DP, you'll find plenty of explanation.