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Ron Paul's Write-in Votes Will Be Counted in California

Between Cali and New York/Eastern seaboard, you have a good chunk of the nation's entire electoral votes. Fly-over country is represented disproportionately per capita, but the monster number of absolute votes is the coasts.

I might move for half a year just to be able to do it. Other high-income Paulers (not me) doing the same might be a nice boost for the state economy.

Napa Valley Register


Ron Paul’s votes will be counted

Dear American voters, You’ve put up with presidents who flirt with impeachable practices and undelivered promises, and you know that “big money” drives most political successes.

If you can avoid the prevailing tendency to confuse Hollywood and Washington, D.C., and the habit of clinging to the outdated two-party system, you still have the choice to elect someone who has proven himself consistent in fighting for individual rights, smaller government, less war, ... i.e. the Constitution.

Ron Paul’s unfamiliarity or “bad press” have been paid for by big business and the political machinery of both parties in their fear of your ability to think and to remember the founding premise of our country.

His write-in votes will be counted. Loyal supporters have registered a declaration of write-in candidacy with the California Secretary of State....

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You are all fools if you think that writing in Ron Paul is going to do anything here in CA. HELLO... winner takes ALL. The Voting fraud machines are in place and Im sure have already gotten the marching orders( new program) CA is only like 35-37% Republican... Gee I wonder who will win the State...

VDEO: Watch & Learn

1st movie of the voter fraud machines


2nd movie


Wake up people THIS is the real problem!

But, The Votes Won't Be Reported

Anybody see how many write-ins he got in 2008? Nope. The media will never report the write-ins which won't be available for months, anyway.

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Can anyone confirm

that 55 electors have submitted their nominating petitions for one set of candidates? I've seen three different names mentioned as VP candidates. In order for the nomination to be valid, they'll need 55 elector petitions with the SAME VP nomination. Thirty for The Judge and thirty for Karen Kiatowsky and thirty for Clyde Coulter won't work.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

i'm going to be a write-in voter for RON PAUL in california !!

i'm very very glad to be in a state where i can still vote for ron paul and have it count.

to all ron paul supporters in CA.: please, let's make sure dr. paul receives enough votes in california to get the GOP's attention.


CA has 52 electoral votes, the most in the nation. A large Ron

a large Ron Paul write-in there will impact the major parties' math and send a strong message that we are not defeated and we are not going anywhere. Ron Paul 2016!

Release the Sandy Hook video.

It's solid Dem. The Repubs

It's solid Dem. The Repubs don't care about Cali at all.

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Yeah write in RP a man who does not want to be president! He didn't even contest the GOP's election fraud and snubbing of his nomination at the convention. He doesn't want to be president get over it! This movement has got to be the stupidest of all time by not uniting behind GJ a man who wants to be pres and is on the ballot almost everywhere, but hey let's split our votes up and fade away, what a joke.

Anyone who WANTS to be President

is unfit for the job. Only a man who abhors political power is fit to wield it. If anyone is.

Ron Paul doesn't want to run your life. He doesn't want to run the US economy. In his heart, he probably has NEVER really wanted to be President.

That works for me.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

How about wanting...

to be President so that you can restore the constitution and save generations to come. Also he would have had to do some things as President, like command the military. He would have to order them to come home or by your logic would he just say I don't want to run the military! Get a life, wanting power is bad wanting to honestly serve is heroic.

Ron Paul could not restore the Constitution.

Only the Supreme Court could do that. (And they won't.) Ron Paul could have done tremendous good ending wars and reforming the Executive Branch of government (which is most of it) by taking a meat axe to it. Still, all the bad old rulings that the Supreme Court has made on all the bad laws that Congress has passed would still have the force of law. President Paul might not enforce such laws, he might even pardon people who have been convicted of breaking laws HE believes are unconstitutional -- but nothing he could do would stop his successors from bringing back the same old bullcrap, should they be so inclined.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Waste of time and effort!

This is a waste of time and effort! Most states will NOT count write in votes so he cannot get enough to win! I really wish we would all work together to get Gary Johnson into the presidential debates! Because if he can get into the debates people will see there IS a good choice this election and he will have a real shot at winning! But we in the liberty movement MUST work together to make this happen. We will get NOTHING done if some of us decide not to vote at all or write in Ron Paul. WE MUST ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR THE SAKE OF LIBERTY! Even Ron Paul will be voting for Gary Johnson this November!

When you end your screed

with an untruth, you lose all credibility.
There is no way in Heaven or hell gj would be elected. Most people don't even know who he is.
Ron Paul may have gotten plenty of bad press, but at least he got press and therefore plenty of name recognition. And he's still a Republican. Much easier to turn a Republican from Rmoney to Paul than from a Republican candidate to a Libertarian one. There are hundreds of thousands of 'vote GOP only' out there wheras I doubt the number of 'Libertarian only's' numbers even in the hundreds.
AS for myself, my vote is Ron Paul Only.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

i ALWAYS vote for the best candidate

for me that's ron paul, NOT gary johnson.


Ron said he hasn't decided how he'll vote

but regardless, those of us who want to vote for Ron Paul even in states where it will only be counted as 'none of the above', have as much reason to make our statement as Johnson supporters have right to vote for Johnson, imho. Those who WANT to vote for GJ surely will.

And since I am going to vote for Ron Paul regardless of whether it is counted as anything but 'none of the above', I would prefer to have it count. I'm lucky enough that in my state that is doable.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

I checked into this with the Secretary of State's office

who said nothing had been filed for Ron so I got the 'sample forms' made forms up and rented a mail box to get it done. I can be an elector and have several others who say they will be them but we need 55 and I still need more.

Please fill out the form and have it notarized f you are a registered voter in the state of California and are willing to file a declaration (or mail it to the mail box I rented and I will put them together into a filing package and get them filed, assuming I get enough by the deadline, which I count on you to help me to get....)

the form and instructions are below:




should I start a new post on this? Jdayh had suggested it, but I'm not sure under the new policies if that is ok.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

I sent the paperwork off last week to file

for Ron Paul and Karen Kwiatkowski which is the pair Gail Lightfoot has organizing. I mailed it on 9/13/12. They should have it by now.

Are you guys mailing them individuallY?

I was collecting 55 to send in a group. this could be a cluster... mmmmm....

Glad Ron has so many people making sure this gets done, but I think I will collect 55, then check w the SOS if they have RECEIVED 55, and if so, I will not send mine (although I have to check that back to those who are sending that to me. I think our only concern is that our votes for Ron be counted.) But if people are sending off onesies and twosies with different VPs I don't have a feeling of comfort the filing has been completed, and I sure don't want there to be NO filing for Ron.

So I'll just check w/ SOS for status before filing myself. If I had known about Karen K before doing what I did I'd have been happy to circulate those forms, but now mine are already 'out there'....

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Neither of those links worked for me

I went over to Ron Paul Forums and found this one, which does. I don't know who this Clyde Coulter (VP candidate) is, either.

Unfortunately, they advise those of us who are on a Republican Central Committee NOT to sign up -- likely to get us booted out of the CC.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Clyde Coulter is a random Ron Paul supporter we know likes Ron.

I asked for VP suggestions and kept it open 24 hours. But we know he won't endorse someone else and asked to be removed from the ticket...

I couldn't get the links to paste live here, sorry!

I am not sure about central committee but I would wait and see if we get 55 without that, I put that in because I don't know if there is anything in the rules that would cause you guys a problem, and I didn't want to take chances.

I will be updating the Ron Paul forums link with the number of forms I receive, starting tomorrow.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

My Declaration of Candidacy has been received

by the California Secretary of States Office. I updated my original DP post of 9/10/12: California Write-in Paul / Napolitano 2012.

Did you inquire about Declarations of Write-In Candidacy – Presidential Electors for Ron Paul, President and Andrew Napolitaon, Vice-President?

I stood before the man and felt his breath on my face. In his eyes I saw …. A warrior.

I asked about any declarations of write in candidacy re Ron Paul

I got this back:

"Thank you for contacting the Secretary of State's Elections Division
with your recent email.

As of yet, we have not received any Declaration of Write-In Candidacy
forms for Ron Paul.

The 55 write-in candidates for Presidential Electors must file a
Declaration of Write-In Candidacy - Presidential Elector which must be
received by the Secretary of State on or before October 23, 2012.

The Certified List of Write-In Candidates will be posted on October 26,

We hope this information is helpful to you."

That was on September 13.

There have to be 55 electors. Did you file 55?

Because I did check first specifically because of that Napa valley letter to the editor. I wasn't trying to step on anyone's toes.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

It's all cool.

No Toes are being stepped on here.

The Declaration of Write-In Candidacy – Presidential Elector form can be sent in individually or in bulk. The main thing is to be consistent with regards to the names for President AND Vice-President. I chose to start a drive to collect Candidates for Electors for a Paul/Napolitano Ticket. That’s the one I’m putting my energies into. In my conversations with the SOS, as soon as (55) Candidates for Presidential Electors are filed that particular President/Vice-President combination, the candidates will be notified and asked if they wish to be a Write-In Candidate.

That request is moot, until the (55) Electors are on file.

I have created a packet of information that I have given to people. It includes:

• a little introduction to the write-in process
• the Qualifications and Requirements from the SOS office
• a Declaration of Write-In Candidacy – Presidential Elector form, filled out with Ron Paul, President and Andrew Napolitano, Vice-President
• an article of Judge Napolitano answering several questions
• an envelope addressed to the California SOS office.

Interestingly, people, to whom I have spoken and to whom I have given the Write-In packet, seem to fail to grasp the importance of the 55 Electors. They are really excited about having their write-in vote for Dr. Paul and Judge Napolitano count for something, but seem to be delaying in getting their forms sent in. Go figure.

So there ya go. I, personally, like a Paul/ Napolitano 2012 Ticket and will continue to elicit support and Candidates for Presidential Electors pledged to that ticket.

That being said, October 23 is looming large for any effort to get Write-in votes for Ron Paul counted.

I stood before the man and felt his breath on my face. In his eyes I saw …. A warrior.

could you let me know if yours comes in w 55?

From my info the SS won't even need to get in touch with the people to whom the electors are pledged. But mine was just with a forum member at RPF, I asked people who they wanted, and I didn't want to be it, and someone nominated her father, and so Clyde Coulter is on my form. I've already sent out the links, so I can't change VP now, but one reason I didn't choose a celebrity was I thought the celebrity might ask to not be on it because they support a named candidate on the ballot.

On the other hand, I wouldn't have started this if I hadn't been unable to confirm yours with the SOS, and I don't want to split the 'Ron Paul' vote between VPs, that makes no sense to me. At this point, I have several forms and am waiting on others. I'll let you know if I have 55. I'm bookmarking this page. You can find my main page at RPF here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?389828-We-need-5... in case you want to get in touch with me.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Celebrity not an issue...

When ask about a possible running mate, Dr. Paul said that Judge Napolitano was on his short list. Then added, "Have you heard of him?" at which point the crowd erupted in thunderous applause and cheers.

I agree with the Judge's position on areas of interest to me, he has name recognition and a following. Those things and Dr. Paul's comment caused me to make the association. Should you agree with that line of thinking and want to hedge your desire to have a write-in vote for Ron Paul count, then you can send in another Declaration pledging your vote for the Paul/Napolitano ticket.

As far as splitting THE vote, I don't see that as an issue, at this time. There may be a diluting of resources. but not votes.

I stood before the man and felt his breath on my face. In his eyes I saw …. A warrior.

but some would go to the Ron/Judge ticket and some to the

Ron / Clyde ticket.

In any event, I'll let you know if/when I have 55.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

bump. updates?


Release the Sandy Hook video.

Tough call in Arizona

Not only do we have the deibold machines to deal with, there's outright ballot stealing going on. Auditing and observation systems are in tatters. Very difficult to determine what if anything makes a "difference" here.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Maybe someone should sue in a federal court

to allow redundant observers.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

This is more constructive than voting for Gary Johnson.

Ron Paul has said that he would acquiesce if he were to be nominated as a Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. In other words if the People vote for him to be President then he will accept the office. He has always said that it is up to the People. He doesn't particularly want to be President but would accept if the People were to vote for him.

If indeed it can be arranged in a number of States for a write in campaign to be organised and for that option to be presented to the people then that is a route that many Ron Paul supporters would be willing to follow. He would be just as likely to win as Gary Johnson and who knows he might even be invited onto a debate. At the very least it would give many RP supporters one last kick at the can and energise the grassroots again many of whom I believe have simply given up.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)