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Is it time for Gary Johnson supporters to start their own forum?

This forum is being hi-jacked by another campaign. I don't mind a post once in a while about GJ, but today there's more posts about Gary Johnson than about Ron Paul or even the issues that hold us all together, such as ending the Fed, ending aggressive foreign policy, sanctity of life, ending vote fraud, exposing what the GOP did to our campaign, etc., etc. I understand that some of RP's supporters have decided to back GJ and I respect their choice. I think they should all get to work starting a DailyJohnson forum rather than using DailyPaul to promote their candidate. Please respect the fact that this is a RON PAUL forum...most of us are here to discuss issues that are the most important to us, issues on which GJ differs with us. If this situation continues, I'm afraid this forum will die. I don't come here to read about GJ and if that's all that's being discussed, I and many others will just start avoiding DailyPaul. I wish the mods would step in and do something about this.

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Yes, we will have to agree to dissagree

The Ron Paul rEVOLution was put in the RepubliCAN party BY RON PAUL, who refused to go Indy ot 3RD party.

Those of us who are elected Ron paul Republicans will remain in the GOP KNOWING we can win becasue Ron paul has armed us with the Constitution to FIGHT.

It's the bnest political fight of my life, and I won't leave the GOP becasue 10 fat cats stole a nomination from us, as Palin's peeps are stealing the staets we earned!!!

Ron Paul rEVOlution was evolving grassroots to a LIBERTY TREE within the GOP. LIBERTAS PERTPETUA.

Granger has no credibility.

Granger has no credibility. He lost it when he proudly announced that he would vote for a warmongering socialist.

Yes, I do have credibilty

Just not with the cowards among us who RAN AWAY from the Ron paul rEVOLution to join the GJ "remove the RP factor from the GOP" solution.

I think most people know where Granger stands...

She is openly a Republican team player. She doesn't want to upset any of her newly made cronies in the local/state GOP. She has stated several times that she intends to vote for Romney. I can just imagine that she'll be tooting the Romney horn louder and louder as the desperation builds more and more in the Mittster's campaign.

I credit her support of Mitt

I credit her support of Mitt to Stockholm syndrome.

I am a Ron Paul Republican Team Player

NO one is going to chase me out. I would rather FIGHT than switch parties to vote for a REPUBLICAN dressed in a LP suit to be a red herring designed to give those who won't fight a vote against themselves as they default for Obama.

I'm not voting for Robbed-me, I'm voting FOR elected Ron Paul Republicans and holding onto the seat we ALL got when we voted GOP FOR Ron paul.

It's NOT about Robbed-me. It's about the rEVOLution, which you abandoned.

You don't have my back, but I will be voting NO to unconstitutional laws to have yours anyways.

There are GJ forums

They like this one so they can do what they want, which is insult, harrass, belittle, guilt trip, ridecule, and attempt to make Ron Paul Republicans look selfish, ignorant, immoral, crazy, desperate liars, and unreasonable idiots.

They repeatedly say they don't care becasue they don't.

They are the losers who know they are losers and why they are so mean, they have NOTHING to lose, except losing and they won't lose that.

Let them eat cake, in a few months, they'll be gone.

PS, to be fair, this is no longer the Daily Paul. It's an open forum. I enjoy it because it helps me understand what I am up against as a elected Ron Paul Republican.. my opposition is not just Obama and liberals, but those who really really like Ron Paul even if they don't understand him.

Don't worry Granger!

With your boy Romney's support of the Patriot Act and NDAA, you can just round up and indefinitely detain all those pesky Johnson "losers" that insult, harrass, belittle, guilt trip, ridecule, and make you look like a selfish, ignorant, immoral, crazy, desperate liar, and unreasonable idiot.

He's NOT my boy!

I'm the GOP to fight him from imprisoning the "pesky GJ idiots", while you run away to a REPUBLICAN posing as a LP member, to empower Obama.

I don't worry. Too busy fighting "losers" that insult, harrass, belittle, guilt trip, ridecule, and make in an attempt to make me look like a selfish, ignorant, immoral, crazy, desperate liar, and unreasonable idiot, like them and YOU, to worry.

If you vote for him, he's

If you vote for him, he's your boy. Period.

Since GJ won't win

You vote for GJ you default your vote to the incumbant Obama. PERIOD.

Nice try rationalizing your

Nice try rationalizing your active support of a wanna be murderer. A third party doesn't have to "win" to have a long-term effect. The GOP didn't "win" for example in 1856 but look what later happened. Heck, your boy Romney didn't "win" in 2008.

What active support? To stay empowered despte them?

You're not going to have any long term affect that helps you achive liberty.

Calling Romney my boy is a lie, it's not respecting my work or effort, and it's just as bad as what Romney did.

He is your boy. Heck, you

He is your boy. Heck, you even repeated the Shawn Hannity talking point that "a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama" thus implying that your socialist warmongering boy is somehow better than the current warmongering socialist boy in the WH.

I have never listened to Hannity

And while I don't think it was right he was pelted with snowballs in the parking lot, I do think that was his greatest show ever.

You lose credibility when you

You lose credibility when you shift from your mildly defensible claim that you can only keep "your seat" (probably in a small neutered minority) if you vote Romney to the neocon claim that "a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama" thus showing what you really think e.g. your boy Romney is "better" than Obama. Here's a word of advice: stick to your first talking point but because when you use the second one you expose yourself as a Romney fan.

What is your credibility

It takes credibility to give credibilty. What's yours?

Fine....then stop claiming

Fine....then stop claiming that the only reason to support a third party is that it has to "win" in the very next election. Heck, not even aspiring star football coaches believe that they have to win the championship in the first year to be a success. There is such a thing as building for the future and sending a message. To ignore that is, to say the least, being disingenuous.

How are you building for a future?

Ron Paul Republicans helped the GOP gain committee seats in every county in the USA. Those seats represent US, our work.

Are you claiming a seat? No, because you have to sign a loyalty oath.

Palin's peeps don't mind. They are taking OUR seats, OUR POWER, OUR VOICE. It's NOT about Robbed-me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of being part of the GOP and FIGHTING for our gains, you run away to a REPUBLICAN who is posing as a Libertarian to get you OUT of the GOP. Can't you see it for what it is?


I'm reading now that Ron Paul is planning on running in 2016. Will that be GOP? YES. Will they hold him to his loyalty oath? YES,

What's his response? DO WHAT YOU WANT. He's NOT going to tell you how to vote.

GET WITH THE rEVOLution PROGRAM OR REMAIN OUTSIDE attacking those of us FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIBERTY where we know we can win.

"He's NOT my boy!"

You are on the record as proudly supporting and voting for Mitt Romney. You have become the Republican establishment that actively fights against any non-establishment liberty candidate.


As an ELECTED GOP committee member, which is what I had to do in my quest to become a RON PAUL National delegate, that signed loyalty oath to party and the constitution. If I did not, I would have not been able to become a delegate.

The GOP did NOT want me seated. I fight very hard for that seat.

That seat represents thousands of voters, so it is very powerful IN MY COUNTY, and it would be foolish to abandon that seat because 10 fat cats FORCED Romney is us. They can use the loyalty oath to party against me, because I will use the loyalty oath TO THE CONSTITUTION against THEM.

I'm retaining that seat so I can CONTINUE to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for Liberty, Freedom, Justice and Restoring America to Constitutional government.

We can not achieve this OUTSIDE the major parties, I have 33 years of combined Libertarian Party and Indy experience, working multible states and leading teams of petitioners, working as a Prescint inspector for the CA registrar's for FAIR ELECTIONS and OPEN debates.

Instead of RUNNING AWAY, I'm staying and FIGHTING Them.

Fortunately Ron Paul has made my job easy, IF IT'S NOT CONSTITUTIONAL VOTE NO. And that's exactly what I WILL DO.

So many people registered GOP, FOR Ron Paul we have MORE SEATS.. 5 new seats for my committee, and instead of JOINING ME TO FIGHT THEM, you are letting Palin's people steal OUR seats.

Ron Paul told the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, SO HELP ME GOD! We should NOT be running away, as this is NOT about the 10 fat cat's front man criminal Robbedme. It is about US, Ron Paul RepubliCANs TAKING THAT POWER and delivering Liberty, Freedom and Prosperity!!

GJ is a red herring set up by those 10 fat cats for those who did NOT do what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do. Make the GOP ours.

Do what YOU want to do. I don't agree with you or appreciate your harrassment to me, because I've been there done what you are doing. Instead of learning from me, you defy me as if GJ is going to do what? Give your consciencness a break? pphhhht. I NEVER thought I would be a Republican, but now that I am.. I WILL Represent Ron Paul in my county seat.

And believe me, they don't like it one bit. Just yesterday, I was told that the Republican Ladies Luncheon was happening today and they didn't invite me because I am not a Republican but a Libertarian who is not welcome.

Doesn't bother me one bit. I'm an elected Representative and the GOP sends ME NOTHING, no email, no letters, NO NOTHING. Fine by me, I'm NOT running away. I'm staying and FIGHTING YOU and Them.. you both have the same goal to have Obama reelected, instead of representing Ron Paul in the GOP you ran away.

You don't have my back, but I will have yours doing my best to STOP a police state. It's NOT about Robbed-me. It's about THE RON PAUL rEVOLution and I'm not abandoning ship!

I applaud you Granger. You

I applaud you Granger. You are one tough cookie that won't back down. I'd imagine you must get very tired of explaining yourself and explaining the necessity of your position to those who'd rather just give up than dig in. I appreciate you immensely. I've learned so much about the inner workings of the GOP from your posts. Thank you for having the patience to reiterate your position over, and over, and over again.

Blessings )o(

Thank you Maeve

Just when I think I'm the most boring person here, repeating myself adnauseum, a nice person comes along and says something to make me feel it's worth it!

THANK YOU and abundant blessing upon you!

My reason for not wanting Johnson

The man has some very different views than 'us.' I didn't like him in the debates. Do I want to see him in general election debates representing our movement? No - I don't. He is not our man.

You know they would spin him as 'the new Ron Paul' - Well, Ron has worked too long and hard to have Gary Johnson 'grab' the mantle and take over our movement.

Now - if Ron said 'I hope you will vote for Gary Johnson' - I would do it for Ron. Not because I am a drone - but because I trust Ron (If Ron said vote for Romney - I would for the same reason).

In regards to that last

+1, but in regards to that last paragraph, "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!"

End The Fed!
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i dont think the johnson spammers even understand liberty, otherwise they wouldn't rest their entire faith on the executive branch. for some reason these people seem to think only a president can save them. so all their energy is focused on somebody else solving all their problems. since it won't be a paul presidency, then now it must be johnson or bust.

you think these interdependent people are going to make their own website? no way. that actually takes self-reliance, hard work and independence. none of which are characteristics of delusional spammers who never understood liberty in the first place.

Maybe I support

Maybe I support Johnson because I want Tom Smith (R) to beat Bob Casey Jr (D) in Pennsylvania's U.S Senate race.

If Romney is successful at removing Gary Johnson from the Pennsylvania ballot (in a attempt to force Republican voters to vote for Romney by leaving them only one option, Obama) many anti-Romney Republicans will just stay home on election day - particularly in Republican dominated districts such as the CD-9 where incumbent Republican Rep. Bill Shuster is practically unopposed in his re-election bid. Anti-Romney Republicans are less likely to drive to the polls just to vote for Tom Smith. The Presidential contest is practically meaningless but it is what brings voters out to the polls (higher voter turn-outs on Presidential election years) and that is what benefits party candidates running for down ticket offices. That is why "all the energy and focus" is always on the Presidential race.

Do not underestimate the number of Republicans who are upset at Romney for what transpired in Tampa last week. They feel like he was forced down their throat, and now (in states like PA) feel like they are being forced to vote for him.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

I am not against anyone supporting johnson

I don't think anyone here is. It's the distracting spam.

I just saw my first GJ ad not aimed at RP supporters on FB

So maybe there is hope that GPs campaign is starting to look at a larger audience.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.