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Is it time for Gary Johnson supporters to start their own forum?

This forum is being hi-jacked by another campaign. I don't mind a post once in a while about GJ, but today there's more posts about Gary Johnson than about Ron Paul or even the issues that hold us all together, such as ending the Fed, ending aggressive foreign policy, sanctity of life, ending vote fraud, exposing what the GOP did to our campaign, etc., etc. I understand that some of RP's supporters have decided to back GJ and I respect their choice. I think they should all get to work starting a DailyJohnson forum rather than using DailyPaul to promote their candidate. Please respect the fact that this is a RON PAUL forum...most of us are here to discuss issues that are the most important to us, issues on which GJ differs with us. If this situation continues, I'm afraid this forum will die. I don't come here to read about GJ and if that's all that's being discussed, I and many others will just start avoiding DailyPaul. I wish the mods would step in and do something about this.

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not sure if those people

not sure if those people writing here abou GJ are his supporters or some idiots pissing their life away trying to get attention on this forum.


wait, what?

do you even know what a troll is?

someone has to play

second fiddle. who will it be?

Create a "big tent" forum!

I thought this site's purpose was to advance the liberty message that Ron Paul has been dedicating his life to. Now that Paul is retired,it's time to create a "big tent" as he would say. There have been many candidates from all over the nation promoted on the DP. Yes,I say it's time to create a forum for the promotion of liberty candidates from local office to President from here out. This will allow us to educate each other on who is running,where and in what party so we can decide who we want from a central location. This will grow the DP audience beyond one man's candidacy. Call it a "Candidate" forum. Not named after one person.


This has been going on since way before Tampa!

Is it time now? It was time from the beginning!

This is the Daily Paul. Not the Daily Johnson. Any/all of these pro-GJ posts should go on their own website devoted to him. But they don't want to do that because there isn't enough real support for him to make a GJ-dedicated site popular. Instead, they try to hijack this site. Ridiculous.

Ron Paul supporters want to discuss who to vote for in 2012

In fact it's the single most important issue for us to discuss right now, given that Ron "strongly suggests" he's not running anymore.

Gary Johnson seems like the option closest to Ron to many.

If you think that person should be Mitt Romney or Virgil Goode, or someone else, or you want to do a write in, then say so and post your reasoning.

Don't blame Johnson for being the most popular option among DailyPaul members.

He is not popular

He has been consistently downvoted on this site and is not popular but by a few trolls who use this site like a want ad. The Gary Johnson people did not wait till the convention to start campaigning. They have rudely and actively campaigned for him since JUNE. It is a total turn off because they are not intelligent or polite in their tactics. They seem like opportunists that real don't follow Doctor Paul like I do. They did get me to go look at his stand on issues though. I am following Virgil Goode. Don't know if I will vote.


You can't blame them for trying.

I know I must have annoyed hundreds of people on the Internet going on about Ron Paul.

Maybe we can be gracious about it and get the owener/"owners?" of the DP to open a Garry Johnson Forum under the Forums links drop down in the top navigation bar. Maybe they will respect that space.

I don't support him because I am pro life (the basis of the defense of Liberty in my opinion).



I try to change people every day. Do You?


I think that's a great idea. That way the GJ stuff could be kept in one area and those of us who are interested (and I would be interested in checking it out once in a while) can go there...and those who don't care to see it all the time could just avoid that area.

No, at least not yet

While Paul and Johnson are far from identical, they're probably closer philosophically/politically than Ron and Rand. Plus Johnson has real executive experience - as former governor of NM.

Simply put, liberty needs as many people to support GJ as possible, and we need to try to convince RP supporters of this. Thus it makes sense to have the discussions here. At least for now.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


"Simply put, liberty needs as many people to support

GJ as possible" ???

Liberty has no needs. People need liberty, and to think that it will come at the hands of a benevolent executive, and not by our own, individual struggles to attain it, regardless of external circumstance, is a self-limiting notion. Those self-limiting notions undermine liberty more than anything else can.


I forgot you supreme message board gurus. I thought this site was for free thinkers. My thought is that all posters who think they rule this site find thier own site that you can dictate the rules Romney want a bees !!!! Gary Johnson 2012


FOR THIS THREAD! its not the DJ its the DP!


Hi -jacked lol. What kind of liberty minded individual would want to prohibit people from openly discussing options? Yes Gary Johnson is an option, if you don't want to read the Gary Johnson posts then don't. In my opinion your way of thinking is backwards and a little whiney.

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

The kind that Gary People are rude ...so we whine...lol

Daily Paul has put Christians in a forum of their own so as not to irritate the religiously intolerant. I think the special forum is a great solution. It doesn't deter speech and we can click the titles if we want.

Where did they put the

Where did they put the Christians?

If This site just talked

If This site just talked about Ron Paul from here on out, you will be discussing his lunch menu and bowel movements. These hardcore RP supporters like Thelma and Louise or the Titanic band the campaign for president is over, the campaign for Liberty begins.

GJ 2012 or dont vote either way this site is a forum for Liberty minded individuals to keep in networking and communication

We want Paulitics

Not campaign posts.

And what Paulitics mean?

And what Paulitics mean? Besides a man crush that you guys cant get over.

Do you know what philosophy Paul subscribes to?

Their actions are rude.

Their actions are rude. Their spam is driving people away from Gary. Not from Ron.

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Daily P.Au.L

My thoughts:
* I did not jump on the Gary Johnson train until Romney got the nomination, and also until the GOP blatant fraud and corruption became completely apparent.

* The Liberty Movement is beyond one person or candidate

* If the Daily Paul is only confined to news about Ron Paul, well it's going to wither since Ron Paul is not running anymore

* The owner of the Daily Paul specifically changed the purpose of the site to expand the scope, hence changing the name Paul to the acronym P.Au.L - Peace, Gold, Love (but I'd prefer Liberty). Gary Johnson posts, I offer, fall squarely under this new scope

* There are lots of posts right now on Gary Johnson because we're so close to the November election, and lots of thoughts on how we can best proceed.

* Ron Paul has spoken well of Gary Johnson in the past, so it is natural for Ron Paul supporters to discuss Johnson and whether they will support him (and why)

* Continued posts about a diversity of Liberty candidates ensures that the Daily P.Au.L will have a healthy future. I'm seeing posts now about Virgil Goode, for example.

My thought is that having a single site for Liberty minded discussions is far better than having each candidate try to gain traction through individual sites.

Oh, did I mention: vote Johnson in 2012 to continue the Liberty Movement forward! :) Oops sorry to let that slip in!

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Rather, It's Probably a Good Time For the Daily Paul

to change its name to something more generic if Michael intends to continue with this project. Ron's POLITICAL future is basically a footnote in history unless he has a change of heart in the next couple of days.

At this point, we're left with concentrating on other individuals seeking POLITICAL office with the message of restoring constitutional liberty.

Maybe, it's time for a contest ... IF Michael wants to continue the DP at all.


Estamos hartos de ellos.

Dailygary.com Good : ARgon:


Good : ARgon: Yes

Southern Agrarian


and it's just my opinion, that would be great if GJ supporters started their own forum. I believe in free speech...but...when does it cross the line into rudeness and beating people over the head with one's agenda???? It certainly seems like that line has been crossed to me!
I personally believe that a lot of the alleged GJ support is nothing more than an attempt to divide the freedom movement...which just makes me dig my heels in further...but that's just me!!

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Why don't you start a new Ron Paul site?

..you wait until december 21?

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don't I start a new Ron Paul site?
1. I have little computer savvy.
2. Sites require money to keep viable--marketing/selling ads/requesting funding is NOT my style.
3. I am very ill--beginning any new MAJOR endeavors would be foolish, imo, until further health-test results are ascertained.
4. My spare time is spent trying to get a recent invention of mine on the market. (Thank goodness for Invent Help!)
5. et cetera

I wait until December 21?
1. Huh? I don't have a clue as to what you're asking with that question!!

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