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How are the Senate races shaping up?

Here is a map (From Rasmussen) that shows how the senate races are going. Are the republicans going to take control? A tough road ahead. Who are the Liberty candidates running this election? Time to start to pay attention.


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Why would anyone trust a

Why would anyone trust a Rasmussen poll? They are part of the system. Haven't we learned anything yet?

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MA Primary

There's a pretty heated race going on in MA between Brown & Warren (not that either of them have their party's nomination yet, but running unopposed in primary).

The MA primary is today. Tell all your friends to VOTE!

Scott Rupert for Senate in Ohio

He is an Independent candidate who respects the Constitution and states' rights.

Unfortunately he is in the most expensive/worst race in the country. Incumbent Sherrod Brown is arguably the most statist Senator and Mandel was handpicked by GOP powerbrokers for his unwavering devotion to Israel.

Ohio politics seems to be a nasty place.

I'd be more concerned about

I'd be more concerned about the number of states applying electronic voting machines. Predict all you want but this is the reality check about voting in America and being installed in Canada as we write.

Did any Liberty candidates

Did any Liberty candidates besides Kurt Bills get major party US Senate nominations? Unfortunately, Kurt's chances aren't great as he lives in Minnesota. Is there anyone else out there with a good shot at victory?

Senate Races 2014 - 13 Republicans can be replaced

Alabama - Jeff Sessions
Georgia - Saxby Chandliss
Idaho - Jim Risch
Kansas - Pat Roberts
Kentucky - Mitch McConnell
Maine - Susan Collins
Mississippi - Thad Cochran
Nebraska - Mike Johannes
Oaklahoma - Jim Inhofe
South Carolina - Lindsey Graham
Tennessee - Lamar Alexander
Texas - John Cornyn
Wyoming - Mike Enzi

Bob Corker is up for

Bob Corker is up for re-election, not Lamar Alexander. The democratic party has rejected their own candidate so the only competition is with the libertarian Sean Crowell... who is a mirror image of ron paul on the issues.

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I would be pleased as punch

I would be pleased as punch to see Graham exiting stage left. Remember that clip about NDAA "if they tell you they want to see an attorney, tell them too bad!" Not verbatim, but something along those lines. Tom Davis should challenge him from the right. Watch his speech at Paul fest, it's awesome. He calls out the Federal Reserve something fierce :)

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I hope your not

assuming or insinuating that the "liberty" candidates are the gop candidates ONLY.

Jackson County Georgia

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I don't think I said that at all.

I'm asking who the Liberty candidates are in the race so everyone has an idea on who to vote for. As for the Republicrats. The Socialists from the dems and the RINO's from the pubs will join to stop any overthrow of their policies. They have set it up that way. You should know that by now. It's in the book Liberty 101. :)

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

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In California the US Senate is a progressive

Convaleascent care home; Boxer is 71 and Feinstein is 79 for 20 years. One of them is up for term against GOP Emken who is as clueless as they come...kind of like a sacrificial lamb for slaughter.

Not a single incumbent is a liberty candidate.

Most are ardent oath breakers ad are demanding replacements.

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Indiana may be lost to Dems.

Richard Mourdock (FreedomWorks) beat Dick Lugar (36 Years) in the GOP primary. He is currently running even with the Dem challenger, Joe Donnelly because the Libertarian candidate is pulling about 10%.

Some of us Hoosiers will vote for 100% Liberty over 70% Liberty. Mourdock supports many of the liberty issues, but has taken a hard stance for the war on drugs and the war on civil liberties.