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Peter Schiff 'Undercover' At The DNC (Video)/ Democrats: Let's Ban Profits!

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Not one of Peter's better

Not one of Peter's better videos. I don't find the outragous profits war profiteering corporations like Haliburton amusing at all.

C'mon, it is a great video.

The look on Schiff's face on some parts is terrific. He was really enjoying himself.


Is Shiff a Corporphile?

what's with the love for corporations? individuals in business is one thing, but 'corporate person' is a scam on all of us. it's fraudulent. it aggregates power from individuals into a single amoral entity.
Liberty works because it's freedom for self regulating ensouled and inspired (enspirited) men and women who at least may choose to be generous and loving and self regulating. Liberty is not for machines — which is what a corporate 'person' is.

perhaps all corporations should be non-profit. or maybe we shouldn't allow corporations. or perhaps the owners of a corporation should all be personally held responsible for all the decisions made by the corporation board. i certainly don't believe they should have any right of a person — life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.

what would it look like if corporations had a profit cap of say 30%? all that extra money would go into lower prices or higher wages or executive bonuses, just not to shareholders? oh hey.. doesn't that already happen? corporations try to have as little profit as possible so as not to pay taxes on it? it sure doesn't go to employees or lower prices... so effectively tax is the profit cap. but why should i care about corporate welfare? let everyone who profits from a business also be personally responsible for its action. let them make as much profit as they can and lose as much and be jailed if the harm others. that's free market thinking, not this corporate love letter Shiff's made.

I wonder

if some one had done something similar to this at the RNC, would they have found as many idiots, or are democrats just that totally misguided?

I am Ron Paul.

Through the nose...

...yeah, OBAMA!

Instant classic!

Instant classic!

I wish this would go viral...

Oh do I wish.

We gotta get this guy in

We gotta get this guy in office. Sucks he lives in Connecticut. Where Linda "airhead" McMahon can but the Republican nomination every time...

Peter Schiff...

...is my hero!

lol epic trolling

lol epic trolling

Im a huge fan of Peter Schiff

But I don't think it's as black and white as he's presenting it. Many of America's most profitable corporations now operate over seas and don't even employ Americans anymore, so shouldn't enjoy the protection of incorporation granted by the US govt. Others receive mountains of corporate welfare paid for by the taxpayers. Others get bailed out when they should go bankrupt. I think it would be helpful if people start making a distinction between businesses that profit under the true model of capitalism and those that profit through cronyism, as Dr. Paul does. The people Peter's interviewing are ignorant and associate all successful businesses with the likes of Goldman Sacks, Ford, GM, etc. If he'd explained the difference to them, many of them might have been swayed to our side.

Granted. However ..

If any of these people had the FIRST clue about economics or anything related to finance, they would have pushed back. Even just a little.

But they didn't bat an eye. Didn't blink. They immediately said "Yes!" and "Whatever Obama does, I support it!"

If he had tried to lead them toward a path of balanced understanding of any of it .. most likely they would have started feeling anxiety and wondering whether he was secretly playing for the 'Other' team.

And they would have shut down all input walked before he could challenge their paradigms. Bank on it.

I agree. If corporations are

I agree. If corporations are honest and produce products honestly that serve peoples needs the people that run them should be justly rewarded.

But all the criminality that is coming from these corporations, I mean they control our government and our political parties. They are patenting living creatures for heavens sake and claiming to own life itself. They gamble and then write themselves bailouts. where does it end.

Sure some of these people are ignorant of economic theories but at least they can see that they are getting ripped off by some of these bad actors.

LMAO.. That was hilarious..

LMAO.. That was hilarious..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Scary stuff.

Scary stuff.

Blessings )o(