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Better Than Fact-Checking: An Ohio Reporter Speaks Truth to Power

Ben Swann gets noticed by The Atlantic...

By Conor Friedersdorf

Challenging President Obama on extrajudicial assassinations, a broadcast journalist whips out the "Reality Check."


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ExtraJudicial Assasinaiton is Premeditated Murder

One thing that these nimrods in their Ebony and Ivory towers don't understand is that the people will eventually catch on.

Hey, if the Government is doing it, why can't we? How long till someone outside government justifies Extra Judiciously assassinating those who Extra Judiciously assassinates others?

Heck, if 'THEY' can/will operate outside the Law, then I can to.

It's kind of like the Illegal Drug Market, if you take a behavior outside the Law, then you must expect extra-lawful competition. Black Markets are extremely unpredictable.

Our Two Party System is nothing but one massive and complicated Unintended Consequence. Right now all the pain of the consequence rests squarely on the shoulders of the Citizen Class while the Un-intentions are all made by the Political Class.

When the poor decision maker never pays for their poor decision, they will increase the rate at which they make poor decisions.

I may be wrong but

Ben Swann's name is not mentioned once in that article. Curious...

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Guardian on Ben's interview with Obama

In this article, down part, they even posted the reality check video.

"Most Transparent Administration Ever"

I like how they sarcastically refer to Obama's administration as the "Most Transparent Administration Ever."

Of course if you abbreviate this, it comes out to M.T.A.E. Phonetically speaking, the President can be referred to as "M-Tae" or em-teh or the more amusing "EMPTY"

How apropos.

Welcome the conscience of ethical journalism

Rather than look only at the possible motives of the writer, applaud the substance of the article that:
1)Gives kudos to a journalist practicing their craft most deftly
2)and titles the piece "...Speaks Truth to Power"

To the casual reader, this basically means pay attention to how this guy reports the news... he's the real deal.

There is one item in the article that gives me pause however; the introductory line that references Jay Rosen as an "intellectual champion" of American Journalism ergo informs the perspective of Friedersdorf through the entire article. If the name Jay Rosen sounds familiar, that's because you may have watched the handiwork of Project Veritas doing undercover exposes that uncovered noteworthy stories like deceased people voting in the primaries.

In the same vein, Project Veritas recorded Rosen discussing partisan journalistic tactics and saying "We are the one percent." And he is supposed to be the champion of American journalism? To me it matters not which side of the spectrum partisan divide investigative journalism pursues so long as the affairs pertain to public matters and not the paparazzi trash that invades individual privacy and prints in tabloids. In the case of Project Veritas, so far they have pursued public sector agencies, unions, and public institutions and therefore have been labeled right-leaning. Does this matter? Let's have journalists uncover corruption on both sides if it be.

I see this ATLANTIC piece as a fairly sophisticated attempt at

obscuration, damage control. The critical "news" from Ben Swann's report is that there is a "Kill List" that has been acted upon and that at least one absolutely innocent U.S. citizen has been murdered by the GOV going the Unconstitutional KL route to dispose of the enemy/anyone the GOV finds inconvenient. Also, the Ben report notes/highlights the POTUS playing footsie/cutesy w/ this critical matter as it serves his personal political career and his admistration/MIC/PTB as well as the "credible" press essentially not touching a topic of extreme importance to their customers.

The writer of this piece obscures the above w/ a high brow sounding and concerned for Journalistic Ethics seeming article on the topic of "fact checking".

How about doing an article on "fact checking" using a much less critical news item(s) as an example and use a poor example of "fact checking" rather than an excellent one?

Better yet; why not jump on the KILL LIST story with both feet and not let go until it is thoroughly understood by the voting/tax paying public that are the bosses of these employees that clearly see themselves as our Masters. The finer points of "fact checking" in modern "journalism" article can wait or be addressed in J school so we get more Ben Swanns and less KILL LISTS and similar outrages.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Good Article

The only things that I disliked were the facts that "Reality Check" was only mentioned by name once, and Ben Swann was NEVER referred to by name! Seriously, "the reporter"?

Yeah for real. At least give

Yeah for real. At least give him credit by name. Oh well. I guess he says it in the video so anyone who watches that will know, but still.

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Great, Ben deserves wide recognition

for his good work.

Ben Swann is the man