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Continuing Liberty Show with TMOT, Josh Tolley, Tracy Diaz and others! Friday 8PM EST

Friday at RonPaulTribune we will have the first episode of the Continuing Liberty Show. Each episode will feature different guests who will discuss how to continue the Liberty Movement. I

Watch the show Live on Friday at 8PM EST at http://show.ronpaultribune.com

Hour 1: intro/Individual Guest Speakers
1. John Yowan and video by Tom Woods
2. TMOT - Ground Wars
3. Daniel Johnson – People Against NDAA
4. Steve Parent – RonPaulRadio
5. Joe Blaze – RidesForRonPaul
6. Josh Tolley – The Josh Tolley Show
7. Chowhound – AfterPaul
8. Tracy Diaz – Talking Liberty
Hour 2: Round Table Discussion

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I bookmarked this

and look forward to hearing their thoughts and ideas.