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Richard Gilbert tells us how we will proceed from here to elect Ron Paul as President in 2012

Please listen to Mr. Gilbert's interview on Global Voice 2012 from September 4. He provides his personal contact info at the end of the program. Please help to get out the word!


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for the bump

Call me jaded

I probably am. While I hope going to court is successful, I really don't have much hope in it. When Obama was the nominee in 2007/8, all sorts of fraud occurred in regards to the election. There was an entire documentary (We Will not be Silenced" shot about it and many witnesses but nothing came of any reasonable lawsuit. No one would hear his birth certificate cases. Once a candidate (puppet)is chosen in the smoke filled room of the oligarchy who really run things, that candidate is protected and immunized from any type of prosecution or scandal.

I had hope that the justice in our courts was still intact. But after watching the last 4 years play out....I don't have that hope anymore. We have no recourse to have our grievances addressed. But try. We should always keep trying.

See Part one of "We will not be silenced"


Excellent. I really really liked the part about "you can't tell the delegates sit here, vote this way, you're out, etc. It would be great if it was edited - actually it would be more than great.

To everyone who is suggesting that:

  1. “Richard Gilbert is lying when he stated that his Federal Case has never been dismissed:”
    Well, he's not lying. You see, that's a common mental fallacy, which, like Richard patiently explained to us, is due to you merely being confused and bamboozled by the complicated legalese and lawyer-speak that is used throughout the PACER documents. Since not everyone is is a licensed attorney, it's perfectly normal for that to go right over your heads.
  2. “Richard is doing this to ride Ron Paul's coat-tails for his own gain & glory:
    Pffft. Richard Gilbert holds the official Guinness Book of Records award for the most Twitter followers (1 out of every 12 Americans). He has also starred in 1 2 3 4 hit videos on YouTube that prove to the world that Mitt Romney is a bone-breaking, cigar-chomping crime boss, and a fraudulent nominee. These have gone viral and are seen an average of 530 times per hour every day. He has filed countless cases against Crime Boss Romney and vows to put Mitt in federal prison for moving up the date of his nomination because he was scared of Richard's case. This is a crime, because the Appellate Court is writing a historic ruling for the Supreme Court, which will say that we all have the right to vote our conscience, not just minority voters.
    Also, Dr. Paul hasn't even been on Twitter, like Richard and The Freedom Team have been, furiously assembling a “Pole Shift Rapid-Response Team”.
  3. “Richard showed that he is amazingly, nigh arrogantly incompetent:”
    Yeah right. Like it was his fault that Judge Carter was only playing 3-D chess, while Richard was playing in 4-D. That would be like telling a really talented shoplifter that if he wants a soda, then he should just pay for it. Shoplifters, Richard, and shoplifters named Richard, especially, are allowed to play by a different set of rules.

So in closing, just let me say, on behalf of all Americans who don't want to end up in one of FEMA’s 800+ R.I.C.H.A.R.D. Camps (Reject Internment Compounds Housing Americans Romney Doesn't), I say “thank you Richard Gilbert!!!”

“Ron Paul.
Freedom. Liberty.
He saved The Constitution.

Ron Paul
Freedom. Liberty.
He saved The Constitution.”
Dr. Richard C. Gilbert (circa 2012)


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You are either being

completely sarcastic or you have completely lost your mind, as has anyone else who thinks Richard Gilbert is anything other than a complete idiot or a not-so-very-cunning con man. This entire so-called "lawsuit" that he attempted to incompetently pursue was embarrassing at it's best and an attempt at sabotage at it's worst. If I never see another post with Mr. Gilbert's name attached to it, it will be much too soon!

Denise, if “zsh-ninja” were here …

… I am sure he would point out that being completely sarcastic and completely losing one's mind, are not exactly mutually exclusive
; )


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I must say

that I have missed seeing "zsh-ninja"'s insightful posts...:)

If You See the Buddha On the Road.....

...Sue Him!
-Dr Gilbert 2012

Zsh Ninja was right!
Flick Lives!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I admire his courage

I admire his courage to show his face in public.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

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regardless of what you think about Mr. Gilbert

There is exquisite Romney bashing on this radio show. The best I've heard and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's Richard's Best Interveiw

I love his passion, I like the idea of Ron paul pens, and I have my pen ready when his court order comes through.

GOOD LUCK Richard! Hope you're right.

There's an insane guy that rants on the corner downtown....

....every day at noon when I walk to lunch. Should I listen to him too?


What's he saying?

I think I know (maybe not) but I would like for you to tell everyone here what he's saying and exactly why he's insane!

I am very curious as to your expertise on this matter and this insane man.

Thank you!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

That depends on

what *his* plan is to stop the deadly cosmic rays that will bombard the earth in 2016 when the planet's poles shift, as revealed by space aliens in a secret message. RG wants to use chemtrails for shielding, plus blimps in outer space to gravitationally extract the deadly rays. See his twitter feed for details.

What's your guy's plan?

Oooooooo.... I have to tell ya, it's a toss up.

That Richard Gilbert sure has some compelling arguments. But I'm gonna havta stay with the crazy guy on the corner screaming at everyone at lunch time. You know, he's from my town and all.


Well, since Gilbert was able to accomplish soooo much what that little debacle of a complaint where he couldn't decide whether to amend his complaint or file another one so the judge threw it out.

"We're now in the appellate court..." That's because the judge already shot down your complaint as a poorly worded piece of garbage. C'mon, folks. This guy is a wannabe. He's simply trying to ride Dr. Paul's name to his own notoriety.

He's Still Fighting

Please, why don't you give this a listen and then comment!

He's really passionate in what he is talking about, and he is talking exactly about what we here on DP all care about!


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Hey FBI Exposer - I caught a live one for ya right here

Holbrook, it's that sort of attitude and lack of rational thought process that is dooming this country.

It isn't about "feeling." It's about "doing."

He can be passionate all he wants. If he's off his rocker, it doesn't matter.

The effort doesn't count if it's the wrong effort.

"I fear a world run by people who were never spanked and who got trophies just for participating."

Sam, I read ya...

....holbrook is too obvious, but harmless. Obvious follower.

The people that scare me are posters like Lars who employ obvious psychological manipulation techniques to influence people like holbrook.

It's scary. There are obvious agents here at DP and our "passionate" fo

With all due respect

I do not follow Mr. Gilbert, nor Ron Paul, nor anyone but Jesus Christ, knowing that He alone is Truth!

I agree with just about everything Ron has said and done, and I supported him 100%.

I love him, and continue to pray for him and his family and our nation. I stand with him and beside him in the fight for liberty and with everyone here like-minded, but I do not "follow" him nor anyone else.

We all have our mind and reasons and often differ with each other on many things. God made us all very different.

I respect others and those who stay with what they truly believe in, and back it with actions, regardless of public opinion.

Truth is NEVER defined by consensus!

I keep Mr. Gilbert in prayer and his fight for truth and justice.

This case has not been thrown out, but is in appellate court as I understand.

When this case is finalized, then the vultures can either come and feast on him as vultures do, or fly away and go after some other prey.

Regardless, I salute him and all he is attempting to accomplish.

Why don't we at least give him the decency of awaiting the outcome in this matter!

Peace everyone!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


dup response by accident... sorry

You sarcasim of Richard is very unkind

He IS doing something, and he is doing his best, and much more than most!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

What makes you think he's on our side?

You seem to think it's clear that he's on our side. Are you aware of *why* the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice? Do you know what the judge instructed RG to do in the amended complaint, what RG did instead, and how RG explained why he ignored the judges very clear attempts to help?

Is it even possible for someone to both hear and read the judge's clear instructions about what would be necessary to avoid dismissal with prejudice, and then do the opposite, if they're genuinely trying to win the case? He even had people (see the rpf thread) providing him with the kind of details the judge said must be in the amended complaint in order to avoid dismissal with prejudice, and he not only didn't use that information, on his twitter feed he blocked some of the people who were trying to help him comply with the judge's instructions. How do you explain that, if he's really on our side?

It's actually even worse than that, because there was one point in the original complaint that was (partially, not completely) the kind of thing the judge said would be required to avoid dismissal. The amended complaint didn't make the changes on that point that the judge very clearly and very specifically demanded. Instead even the part that the judge said was partially useful was removed. Is that the behavior of someone who is trying to win? Or is doing the *exact opposite* of the judge's clear instructions more likely the behavior of someone who is doing their best to make sure the lawsuit fails?


Every effort counts, EVERY. It is only fear that stops people from doing something and fear makes statists out of scared people. We know that effort is wrong only after we see the results, and sometimes results came much later. That is how we collect our experience and grow as a persons, groups, movements.

Instead of bashing Gilbert activities, why someone didn't offer a help to him in preparing everything. I personaly think that he is not qualified enought (knowledge, experience) for efforts he took but admire his heart. His activities are extremely helpfull for any movement against establishment and there is a lot to learn from it, now as well as in the near future.



" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Some well-meaning people have offered to help him.

He responded by banning them from his Twitter account (LOL).
You're right about every effort counting, that's for sure.
Kind of like, if you're a runner, say, and on the morning of a big marathon you make the effort to finally master that “spinning gun” move that you're always seeing tough-guys do in old-westerns, like after they shoot a man dead in a show-down, out in front of some corral.
Now, after you blow a nice dime-sized hole in your foot with your loaded .22LR revolver, let's recap:
Did you make the effort?: YES!
Did it count?: YES!
In a positive way?: NO!
Great timing, right?: NO!
Overall, was it a smart thing to do?: NO!


Hmmm ...

Will you do it again? NO
Did you learn something? YES
Are you more experienced now? YES
Will you be more clever in the future? YES

Some people learn from others experience, but most are learning from own.

And then there's Richard Carl Gilbert,

who ‘learns’ from neither of the above.


Maybe it is because

he already knows everything? LOL

Actually, it all remainds me of the closing song/scene in Monty Pytons Life of Brian: "Always look on the bright side of Life". Maybe it is something in Gilberts eyes that remainds me of Pytons ... or it was just one too many beer I drinked this evening ...

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Uh oh... Here we go again....