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Audit the Fed VIDEO update

Here is an event worthy of our energy and enthusiasm:


Ron Paul started all this and we are now on the brink of part victory (then we will move on to end the Fed). Ron Paul's audit the fed bill has passed the House with a large majority, now we have to continue this fight in the Senate.

This could be one of the most important things we could rally behind to make lasting change and to wake up even more people to the fraud that goes on in Government.

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Why is this post not taking off?

Maybe this site has been abandoned by the true Ron Paul supporters, leaving only a few, while the rest a simply trying to get our attention to distract, divide, and conquer.

And its still not working! Hah.

Ron Paul till I die!

Ron Paul and End the Fed, ARE NOW BATTLE CRIES!

The name will live on forever!


Needs more support!

This is the IMPORTANT Stuff People!

End the Fed

First Audit it, and then it will crumble in upon its self once the corruption is exposed!


This needs more bumps and comments.

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Thanks for the 12 up votes

But we need some bumps and comments as well to get this out there as much as possible.