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URGENT!! - South Florida People Help!

Dr. Paul has stated that it is insane that we still have a trade and travel embargo on Cuba and that he would lift that. We need that run and proliferated in all spanish media pronto. Those that are able to vote need to know how that will change the relations with their families still on the island.

The rest of Florida that has youthful voters is pretty much behind Paul. The seniors are going to be a tough demographic but, if you have an overwhelming response from the spanish community (it is huge in south florida) that might offset the votes that McCain and Guilliani will get.

It is very possible that between the youth and the hispanic demographic that Ron Paul could sweep Florida which would pretty much end Guilliani's campaign.

I don't live in that community I am in northern florida if one of the meetup groups down there can take the lead here that would be great.

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You can't be serious?

South Florida Cubans hate anything even hinting at removing the embargo.
It doesn't matter if it's in their best interest or not, they are only interested in anti-Castro spin

Spread the Truth

RP Office in Miami

There is a campaign office down there. Think its a mix of RP and Dean Santoro for congress, a dude that decided to run

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