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Ron Paul retiring for next two months?


Ron Paul going silent during most important two months of election to help Rand Paul's future with the Republican Party? Why can't he support Gary Johnson 2012 and a vetting of the remaining candidates?
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Silent ?

Why are you talking about?
He just released an audio update on our efforts on audit the fed and said everything he been working for comes down to the next 4 weeks.
This years presidential campaign was all about getting capital to pass the audit bill in the senate.
2016 is when the battle comes to an end with victory.
it took 12 years to win the revolutionary war.
The astrological alignment is exactly the same right now as it was 4 years prior to the end of the revolutionary war.
History is repeating it self.
It was Maine 4 years prior to the end of the war that had the greatest victory by I think capturing a few ships.
Maine began the end of the monarchs rule on America. 4 years later America was free.
That's why Maine has the saying as Maine goes so goes the nation.
We are in the heat of battle right now.
Paul has given us our marching orders cfl needs 1.5 million dollars in the next week or EVERYTHING RON PAUL HAS DONE WILL BE A MOOT POINT!!!

it could be the Presidency

it could be the Presidency for Gary Johnson but you talking about one bill that probably aint getting by Harry Reid. 2016? You think there will be a country left? Or an election?

There def will be a country left in 4 years

They will keep this scam going by borrowing more money for another 4 years.
Things might get worse but your just playing on fear.
We have more important things to do right now then get into the presidency.
Rand Paul said already he thinks he can convince Harry to come on board the audit.
We need to finish the job with the audit then we can worry about politics again.
The next 4 weeks is about the audit Ron Paul has said so.
Ron Paul has always said he is happy the way things are going.
By 2014 we will control the senate. The liberty wing will have a much stronger base.
We will b able to block anything Obama throws our way.
Just wait till the healthcare kicks in 2014 even more of a reason to elect a liberty candidate.
But Ron Paul has to show that we can get legislations passed if we put Enuf pressure on our reps
That will change the landscape.
No more will the government be dictating the actions the people will be.

Dr. Paul Has Practically Given His Entire LIFE to the Cause of

Liberty, and you are bitch'n about the next two months??

For Pete's sake, give the man a break!

How do you know Dr. Paul is going silent for two months?

This is pure speculation.

I prefer to call it opinion

you should vote your conscious

and not doctor pauls. if hes had nearly as much impact on you as he has me, youll obviously vote for the most LIBERTY minded person on all 50 state ballots. Does it really have to be said? you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it if youd at least guess. I believe its Gary Johnson, but thats just my understanding and who Im voting for, vote YOURS

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It's about more than what

It's about more than what hardcore activists would do. The point I made in the video. Media frenzy if Ron Paul were to campaign with Gary Johnson. Many people are not that engaged. Activism, politics today is about fully energizing your base. We have a good base now but it's new and the person that energized the base the most just left the building it seems until he comes back after the election to sell books, do campus paid speeches, and then campaign for Rand's future offices...